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Thougt i could fool the staff

Realized this day would go on so decided to go buy lightbeers an two packs of ciggarettes..

Uppon arival i smoothly asked two female store attendants where i could find makeup.. yeah sure over here, they where holding back giggles i swear and as suave as james bond i just flat out lied someone is gonna look really pretty for his birthday! (u know im just getting supplies) then i asked them about what i thoght was foundation and they wher like yeah u use it to blabla and i said yeah just wanna make sure i got this note with me im not al so sure of what everything is…
So far so good..
wheres lipstick? They pointed to a box of them mixed! nice nice i replyed and jokingly said i hope i can find a pink one for him so he will look real cute! (didnt find a pink wtf!) anyway didnt se those eyeöleyner pens. the attendats where still close by so i asked about it but they didnt have it! i was like ah hes proabobly gonna be really cute either way! at that point i felt as smooth as ever no way they think its for me.
Little did i know my charade was about to crack, but i blame it on sl**pdeprevation and not nervousnes i had some calming agent inside of me didnt think about the cognitive side effects with those to combined so i went on head strong(im not native english speaker is this a good synonym for feeling confident? i use it as that here anyways–)
But little did i know that at the register my charade started to crackle. I divided my beer and the makeup to get diffrenct receipts. Me:yeah i want a receipt for that the beers are mine.. and up untill that point it was proabobly fine but then i bought a bag and this is where the charade obviously started to crumble then i forgot to get my exacnche money! In a witty tone i said: oops abit early for me still!(at 13 hours lol) smal laughter exchanged but i made sure to pick up the receipt for the makeup, five meters away from where i loaded upp my storebought bag, with my empty backpack hanging on me! (idiot) then they called me back to the counter and waived a lipstick in the air you forgot this! Luckily there where mostly older ppl around and i must have started to bluch as i went back and threw it in my bag. Woops thanks im a bit spacey today! and gave her a smile, Its no big deal!

And after that wich started so calmly and colected it must have been obvious that inspite or maybe because of my cheeryness i was seen right trhu!

TRied to act calm and bought me to packs prince 100’s adn went out to the bikeride home..
Fun fact, bicycle gears can get frozen into place. had to ride there and home in first gear but noww im back in my sanctuary moms not home for a couple of hours and i cant see sl**p coming too soon.. so i guess ill go practice makeup again hopefully my steady camdaddy is awake again so we can have a long nice facecam chatt in my panties letting him know when he makes his camgirl drip from just nice chatting.. ofc i expose my bum and clitty for him if he wishes but he really likes my cute face in makeup and that makes me feel sissy and happie 🙂

then again im abit tired but i have some stuff to work with now atleast:)

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:14 pm

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