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Thunderstorm (an erotic dream)

We are in the middle of a heat wave, so hot and humid that my skin starts to bead with dew before I am even finished drying myself from the shower. My mind is in a haze like the shifting, melting road as you drive down the highway. Perhaps that is why I had that dream about you again, where it feels so real, your hands so hot, I am sure you are here. But, this is just an excuse; the dream comes at will, and I am a willing victim, complicit in my ruin.

It’s been raining hard here, the thunder cracking, the lightening lighting up the room in flashes and still shots. My heart beats furiously in my chest to the pounding rhythm of the water, like your manhood pulsing inside me, like the rising flood waters within me that threaten to crash and overflow at the very thought of you. My skin burns in torment, and I yearn to walk naked into the rain and let it wash over me like a thousand kisses covering and soothing my body, neglecting not a single inch of my flesh. I want to lay in the wet grass and open my legs, letting the rain run in rivulets between my thighs, licking the lips of my flower.

As I toss in my bed, I feel your presence as you come in behind me, your body pressed along the length of my back, curving to fit around my hips, one arm sliding under my head and the other reaching around to palm my belly with your wide, open hand. Your hot brand thrusts up against my cheeks, nudging insistently at my rounded peach, and I feel your teeth on my lobes as your hot breath tickles the nape of my neck. You never say anything; you never have to—I know why you are here and not here.

My body responds instantly to yours, speaking the same wordless language…my hips pressing back hard against your thickness buried between my hemispheres producing a surge of glistening nectar that allows you to brazenly slip between my folds where my own moisture betrays my lust for you, easing your way. Your grip on me strengthens, your arms constricting to pull me tighter to you, claiming me as one hand cups my breast roughly and the other lifts my leg for you to insert your thickly muscled thigh, your pelvis pushing forward, your arrowhead already penetrating me. Thunder booms and the sound of my gasp is lost at the sudden, swift thrust that brings you home, and my body rushes to welcome you within, gripping tightly to prevent your departure, needing you desperately. In a flash of lightening, I see it all, our bodies fused and frozen in a passionate embrace. The moment lasts for a heartbeat before you begin anew.

Buck together furiously, we push and pull at each other, demanding more…deeper, harder, faster. There is no conscious thought, only a****l instinct as you dive into me and I lunge down on you in a tireless onslaught of raw, unadulterated hunger. Your vicious mouth devours my throat like a wolf taking down its prey and your rough hands command my body, allowing no breach between us. I am equally driven to possess you as one hand holds tightly to your forearm around my chest, biting into you with nails and teeth, the other reaches back to your hips and thighs to propel you into me with a fierceness to match your own demanding need. This is what I want, tonight and forever, to be owned and possessed madly and passionately by you.

I can feel your body tighten, the intensity building as your muscles strain, your seed gathering within you, and my body answers in kind. I long for that rushing tidal wave, to feel my climax collide with yours like a holy sacrament uniting and marrying our souls in this moment of pure ecstasy. My head thrown back, my mouth latches onto yours for a kiss so deep and true, and it hits us like a tsunami, threatening to overwhelm and carry us away. My body shudders helplessly in your arms, and I feel you convulsing within and around me, flooding me with your essence as my waters pour over you. We are frozen like this, in a moment so pure and perfect. When the tension drains away, I curl into your arms, so safe and secure, and drift into oblivion.

Waking, I find you gone, never having been. I have never felt your kiss, never dared to touch you, but in my dreams you are inside me, body and soul.

“To sl**p, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub” (Hamlet III. i. 65-68).

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