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Tied Mom 6

I doubt Mom had seen me long enough to see what was in my hand. I wondered if she would have made a fuss if she had seen the scissors. Well, what was that I had said before? In for a penny, in for a dollar.

I opened the scissors and slid the lower part under the center of Mom’s bra. Mom’s eyes fluttered open, then snapped shut. The scissors sliced the material easily but I couldn’t get it to cut completely through. I struggled for a minute, then looked closer. A wire, a fucking wire, for Christ’s sake.

I had to get a pair of wire cutters from the garage. The bra came apart easily and a couple of snips on the shoulder straps let me remove it completely. I gave the damned thing a once over before tossing it on the floor. That’s when I saw the hooks holding it together. They were in the back for Christ’s sake.

Ah, what a sight. Mom’s tits hung down on her chest, then swept out, pulled up by the arch of her back. I tightened the backstay from her neck to her ankles, making her breasts thrust out a little more. Now her nipples were proudly displayed. How that bra, even thick as it was, managed to camouflage these beauties was beyond me. Standing up proudly, they begged to be sucked.

But not yet. First, I needed to get Mom worked up some more. I fetched the pussy whip, and dragged its tassels around Mom’s neck and shoulders, down her arms and then back, and then, only then, let them spread over her upper chest. It was several minutes before I tickled her nipples with it and longer still until the first light slap on the side of her swells.

I looped a rope around and around Mom’s waist, wrapping it under the sag of her breasts and criss-crossing between them, over her shoulder and around her neck, until her tits were trussed up and brazenly jutting out. “The Walton’s” was over by then and “Lassie” had started. I couldn’t believe how the time was flying.

I tickled and lightly slapped Mom’s tits with the paddle on the pussy whip for a good ten minutes or so before tugging her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. I had to pull hard to get it over her hips and ass with the ropes in the way but finally managed it. The vibrator was having a greater effect with the skirt completely out of the way and I snugged up the loop holding it against Mom’s panties. The throb button made Mom’s eyes fly open and, with me standing behind her, she kept them open. I throbbed Mom until she didn’t close her eyes even when I stopped, and returned to squat in front of her.

Her eyes were so glazed over with lust I doubt she could see me anyway. I brushed my fingers around the swollen edges of her breasts before grasping a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. I rolled them back and forth and Mom closed her eyes, until I pinched them. Her eyes flew open, startled, but soon glazed over again. I rolled and pinched her nipples until “Lassie” was done. They were mine now. I knew could touch them whenever I wanted to.

I reached under the tip of the vibrator and cupped it in my palm, then lifted it up tight against Mom’s panties, rubbing it around on her mound. I was so close to handling her pussy. I kissed Mom’s throat, then slid up to kiss her face and a moment later, covered her lips with mine. Ducking my head, I latched onto a nipple and sucked while grinding the tip of the vibrator into her panties. A long suck on the other nipple and then I stopped. Mom’s eyes parted but slowly closed. My hand was still on the vibrator, moving it around.

I don’t think she heard me pick up the scissors again. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know I had them until the first garter was snipped away. Her eyes flew open then and she stared at me. I gazed into her eyes as I snipped the second garter, then moved the scissors to Mom’s panty leg. She froze but didn’t protest, though she held her breath, as I carefully slipped it underneath and threaded the point across the gusset to the other leg. I snipped through the cotton until the yellow panties parted. Sneaking the points under the panties proper, I snipped up to the waistband and tossed the scissors aside, then grabbed the panties and yanked them off Mom’s body.

The vibrator bumped onto Mom’s bare pussy, perfectly centered underneath her neatly trimmed bush, and I pressed the knob up between her lips, my fingers splaying around to tickle Mom’s labia. Bare pussy. I was touching Mom’s, slick, bare pussy.

I slipped my hand around behind Mom’s back and pulled her forward. The fingers of my other hand stretched to reach around the vibrator’s knob, sliding back to the shaft where they could reach farther, past the edge of Mom’s lips, and into her slit. Mom closed her eyes.

I was in heaven. I pushed the vibrator back far enough that I could slip my fingers into Mom’s pussy. Soon, I had three of them deep in her cunt. I found her lips again and covered it with my mouth, sinking my tongue in deep. Mom started humping my fingers and moved faster and faster. I didn’t pull my mouth off hers the whole time her restrained hips bucked on my hand. She was like a terrier, raging so furiously I thought the ropes would break.

Her second orgasm was so far beyond the first it taught me a lifelong lesson: Machines cannot match human touch no matter how useful they are.

I loosened the ropes to let Mom stretch out on the floor but kept her hands and legs tied together. I went upstairs to clean myself up and to put on another condom. I returned with a wash bowl of hot water and soap. I cleaned Mom with a wash cloth and dried her. She lay quietly all through this, not once opening her eyes, at least that I witnessed.

When I was done, I turned Mom around on the floor so she was laying with her head toward the TV. I placed a pillow under her neck and then retied her hands to each ankle and restrapped her thighs to her calves. I stood and surveyed my work. Mom was lying on her back, hands tied to the side of her ankles and knees draw way up, lewdly displaying her pussy which was itself parted and showing the pinkness of her cunt. I placed a loop around each foot and tied it off to the side, around the foot of the couch for one and Dad’s chair for the other, to keep Mom’s legs apart.

I put the orange dildo on the floor beside the pillow and started the vibrator. Mom’s eyes opened just as I lay it on top of her bare pussy but they soon strayed to the side when she glimpsed the flash of orange there. She stared at it for a long moment, then fixed me with an equally long look. I operated the vibrator for a few minutes, avoiding her eyes. Mom didn’t close them and I couldn’t look her in the face until after I turned the vibrator up a notch and gave her a few throbs. When I finally got my nerve up, Mom had closed her eyes.

I shifted around to kneel beside Mom and began dragging the tassels over her body, occasionally using my hand to rub the vibrator more firmly on her mound. It was quite a treat to slap her with the paddle on her bare pussy. Sometimes I missed, striking her in the hollow at the top of her thigh, just to tease her. I don’t know which she liked better. Well, I guess I do, but the misses made her enjoy the hits all the more.

At one point, I stood and dropped my pants. Mom looked toward me but didn’t open her eyes. She knew what I was doing. I removed my undershorts and socks too, leaving myself dressed in only a condom.

I teased Mom for a long time. Before I knew it, “Dennis the Menace” was on. We were on the slide to “Leave It To Beaver”, time move on to the next phase.

I think Mom knew when it was coming, perhaps because I hadn’t tickled or paddled her for almost a minute, but maybe just because she sensed it. Anyway, she hardly flinched when the dildo first nosed between her lower lips to explore her slit. I loved the way her body tensed as the dildo f***ed its way through the resistance of her tunnel and the way she tried to lift her pussy to meet it.

After working the dildo into Mom and establishing a slow rhythm, I started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. To reach both, I shuffled around until I was above Mom’s head, leaning over so I could reach around her right thigh to manipulate the dildo while I sucked one tit and then the other.

I didn’t mean for my sheathed cock to bump over Mom’s face but it did. If felt wonderful, sometimes tapping and others sliding over her skin. What surprised me was Mom stretching back, tilting her head so her face could enjoy longer sc****s as my cock brushed over cheeks. Soon, I realized Mom was kissing my shaft, licking and nibbling at it as it slid past. I could hardly breathe, I was so excited. It had never occurred to me to try touching Mom with my cock because I firmly believed, despite all we had been doing, that she would absolutely freak out if I did. It would be so wrong!

But now, Mom was kissing the underside of my shaft as it slid across her lips and I was gasping for air, blown away not just by the feel but the sight of her face straining to make contact with my erection. She was tipping her head even farther back, arching, tilting her chin up, opening her mouth. Opening her mouth! Oh God, could I? Is that what she meant? Was she offering to…suck me?

I slid back. Mom groaned, and threw her chin upward. I slid forward, and in, into her mouth, her warm, wet, lovely, awesome mouth. I withdrew, slid forward again, deeper, just a bit, a little farther into Mom’s mouth, back, all the way out, and forward again, fucking Mom’s mouth, fucking her face.

Oh no, oh shit. I was coming already, filling the condom. Moaning. Had that been me all along? I thought it was Mom. It was me. Almost wailing. Ahh shit, that felt so good, so fucking good.

I pulled back and moved forward again but couldn’t get back in because Mom closed her mouth. My spent cock sk**ded over her lips, dragging the drenched condom with it. I should pull back and take my mess away, but it still felt so good. Mom was still nibbling at my cock. I pulled it up.

“No,” Mom cried.

I glanced down at Mom’s demanding eyes. Uncertain, I lowered my cock again. It sk**ded across Mom’s mouth and she nibbled at it again. Bit, really. She was biting, gnashing her teeth, like a beaver trying to peel the bark from a tree. Oh shit. I looked at the TV. “The Beav” was on. Dad would be home soon after that.

That’s it, Mom was trying to peel me, trying to get the condom off. I looked down in wonder. Mom had finally captured the plastic sheath. I pulled back but she retained her prize and the condom slowly tugged off my softened cock. It came off with a snap, flinging a few droplets of cum across Mom’s face. She pushed her chin up again, and opened her mouth.

I filled it, pushing my bare cock into Mom’s lovely mouth, groaning as her tongue sk**ded over the helmet and her teeth sc****d along the underside. Mom tilted her head more and the teeth disappeared. She shook her head sideways and I pushed in deep, really deep. Mom shook her head again and I started to withdraw but she shook again, violently this time. I pushed back in, felt resistance, but kept pushing. Pop, I was through something, her throat. I was in Mom’s fucking throat!

I started fucking Mom’s face slowly, all the way out and all the way in to the root. Deep, really deep. Mom moaned around my shaft and I started plunging the dildo in her cunt in concert with my cock’s movements in and out of her mouth. Gradually, we moved faster and faster until we were moving like we were having a regular fuck. How could she take me so deep in her mouth like this, so fast? I was amazed and part of my mind struggled to understand but my cock was otherwise occupied as it mined Mom’s face.

I filled Mom’s mouth with the first two spurts and pulled out, afraid of choking her. The next two spurts spilled across her face and onto her neck and tits before I pushed it back into her mouth but a gurgle after the next spurt made me yank it out again and I dropped the rest of my load all over Mom’s eyes and nose.

It blew me away that she laughed with my spunk all over her face. There was a lot, given I had already come once. I grabbed the wash cloth and cleaned her face, mumbling about how sorry I was but she only laughed more. She didn’t close her eyes once. The sparkle in her eyes warmed me and I eventually calmed down. She wasn’t mad.

When Mom’s face was clean and dry, she kissed my cock, still bare, hard, and dangling over her face. Briefly, she sucked it in, then pushed it out.

“You better untie me before your father gets home.”

The credits were running on “Leave It To Beaver.”

When Dad came home, all the doors and windows were open.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Spring cleaning,” Mom answered.

“But it’s not spring,” Dad replied, puzzled.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I fell asl**p quickly that night but woke up with a start. What was that noise? I sat up in the complete darkness and listened. I couldn’t hear anything. I was about to turn on the lamp when Mom whispered.

“Leave the light off.”



“Where are you?”

“Where do you think?” she giggled.

I threw the covers off and stood up. I was naked. Where was my robe? Why was I worrying about my robe?

“Come here,” Mom whispered.

Confused, with mind still full of cobwebs, I walked toward her voice, hands waving in the darkness in front of me. My fingertips found Mom. She was standing in the corner, apparently naked, holding her arms up. No, not holding up; they were held up. Mom had tied her hands together and pulled them up with a rope through the ring in the ceiling and was standing on the rope to keep them up.

“Tie it off,” she said, wiggling her leg.

I picked up the rope and wound it around the cleat on the wall.

“Did you prepare yourself?”

“Prepare myself?”

“You know.”

Oh, the condom. I stumbled getting back to the drawer in my bedside table and swore twice when my eagerness to put it on set me back. I was almost back to Mom when I remembered the vibrator and other accessories hidden under my bed. I went back to retrieve them. Mom heard me rummaging around under the bed.

“Forget that stuff,” Mom hissed. “Come here.”

The intensity and need in her voice brought me quickly back, without stumbling, by the way. I ran my hands along her upstretched arms, then down her sides following her waist but pausing to feel the weight of her breasts, then continued over her hips and along her thighs. I pressed my chest into her back and nestled my cock between the crack of her ass. If only she would let me inside her. One day, maybe, but for now her mouth was just fine. I needed her to kneel or lay down.

“Put it in,” Mom hissed.


“Put it in,” she repeated.

“Then kneel down.”

“I don’t need to. Put it in.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do you want me to change my mind?”

So that was the first time I fucked Mom. Not after careful preparation until she was too horny to know what she was doing, but rather by her invitation when I was the one totally unprepared.

The squeeze of her pussy enveloping my cock on its first maternal thrust was almost too much to bear and I just about fell on my ass. My legs crumbled and I had to clasp my arms around Mom to keep from falling down.

“Like it, hey?” she teased, wiggling her butt and almost making me come.

“Fuck yeah.”

“Fuck yeah,” Mom mimicked, wiggling her butt again.

“Fuck yeah,” I cried, straightening my legs and lifting her right off her feet.

“Fuck yeah,” Mom groaned.

I lowered Mom to the floor and her hips churned around my cock as I slowly withdrew it from her hole, then pushed back in until she was back up on her tippy-toes.

“Oh yeah, baby. Make me feel good enough to get through to Thursday.”

“Like this,” I suddenly thrust up hard, lifting Mom off her feet again. Holding her aloft, I found her tits and pinched her nipples, then tugged up, holding them off her chest.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” she mewled, spiraling around my shaft, toes still off the floor.

“I’m going to tease you all day Thursday. No mercy.”

“No mercy,” she parroted.

Enough talk. I started fucking Mom in earnest and only released her tits to play with her clit with my left hand, then using my right to stroke her throat and stick my fingers in her mouth. The whole time I fucked her, standing behind her, I always had one hand on her tits. When I came, I tore the condom off and flung it onto the floor. Eyes now acclimatized, I easily found my way back to the drawer to get another. Mom giggled as my already hardening cock probed the entrance to her slick tunnel, ready for a second go.

“Can’t get enough?”

“I’ll never get enough of you.”

“Promises, promises,” Mom teased.

I cut her off with a hard thrust.


“That’s better.”

“Shut up.”

“Stop moaning.”

“Make me.”

“Take that.”


“And that.”


No, I didn’t want her to stop moaning. I loved it and I vowed to make her moan all day long on Thursday and every fucking day after that I got to have her for a few hours to myself. After tossing a second load into Mom, or into the condom buried deep within her, I released her and carried her to the bed. I lay down beside her but within a minute she said, “Put on another one.”


“You’re not up to it?”

“Fucking right I am.”

“Watch your language.”

I grabbed another rubber from the drawer and put it on, then turned toward Mom. She was on her back with her legs wide open.

“Get in,” she said.

I did as I was told and started pumping right away but she stopped me.

“Slow down. I want this one to last.”

Mom traced the edges of my face with her fingertips and rubbed the back of my legs with her feet as she repeatedly strained and relaxed against me as she whispered in my ear. Her words were almost nonsensical and I slowly realized they weren’t meant to be understood. Mom was using the feminine lilt of her voice as a sexual stimulant, urging me forward and then pulling me back, similar to the press and release of her flesh. Her lips and tongue, when finally applied, sent my mind and cock racing ahead. Thankfully, she didn’t try as hard to slow me down and soon we were coupling furiously. It was hard to believe that Dad couldn’t hear us but right then, I couldn’t care less if he did. It was a noisy climax for us both.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On Wednesday, Mom treated me the way she always had, as a regular son. No flirts, no looks, no poses, nothing. The only tip of the hat was the June Cleaver outfit she wore. Even Dad noticed, asking her if she and her friends were doing some kind of retro fashion show benefit.

“No,” she replied. “I just like dressing this way. Some people like it.”

She didn’t even smile or look my way.

I cleaned up after dinner and joined Mom and Dad in the living room. Mom was sewing. When I sat down on the other end of the couch and saw what she was sewing, I almost fell over. Mom was sewing buttons onto her blouse, the buttons I had popped off the week before. That was the only time that Mom rewarded me with one of her quirky smiles, but she didn’t look toward me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I won`t bore you with all the details of what happened between Mom and I the next day or the many days we had over the years after that. Suffice it to say that I became expert at tying Mom up and teasing the shit out of her. Over the years, I obtained a lot more equipment from Mrs. D****r and became more sophisticated in its use.

Toward the end of each long day of teasing I would slip behind Mom. She would usually be on her back or on her knees, calves and thighs tied together, since that was her favorite constraint. Either way, I would crouch over her and pound away until we both came for the final time that day. We had learned to spread a sheet over the rug and to keep the windows open. It made for a rapid cleanup, allowing us to test fate by holding off our climax the last minute.

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