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Time Share Three-Way Part 1

Time Share Three-Way Part 1


I have to admit that one of the things that kept me driving was the thought of the hot tub at the time share that was waiting ahead of me. My wife was flying in a couple of days later since she had to work on a project before joining me, so I had had enough of driving by the time I pulled into the welcome center and collected my key.

I only lugged my bag into the single bedroom unit and immediately fished out the swimsuit. As I had requested, the refrigerator was well stocked with booze so I grabbed a couple of beers and the bottle of whiskey, a glass and headed down to the hot tub.

It was 10:15 and most of the units had lights on behind the blinds. There are six units arranged around the communal hot tub in our pod. From my back porch I could hear it churning but it appeared vacant, so I scrambled down the winding path.

As I pulled up on the lock to the gate I saw that the fairly well secluded tub was already inhabited by a young couple (21 to 25 or so) that were giggling. The empty bottle of wine and partial second bottle as well as filled glasses let me know that they were neither sticklers for the rules nor were they probably staying much longer, so I smiled and stepped down into the frothy pool and we all exchanged pleasantries.

Victor and Nikki had a thick accent and told me they were from Kiev and were travelling America to see if what they had learned growing up in Russia was true, that Americans were all hedonists. I laughed and said that many were very uptight but there were plenty that enjoyed life as well. Victor drank the rest of his wine, stood up and turned to pour himself a little more wine.

That was when I noticed that there were two small piles of clothes just beyond the wine bottles; his and hers piles, it looked like! I poured my own shot glass of whiskey and opened a beer and sank down into the seat across from Nikki.

I was no more seated than I felt Nikki’s feet run up my calf. Victor was still standing and obviously naked as he looked back up the hill toward a cabin. “I think I am going to call it a night.” He said as he looked down at Nikki. He set down his drink, grabbed his shorts, then picked up his shorts and walked out of the Jacuzzi over to a table where he put down his things and then put on his swim trunks before heading out into the dark.

“Victor is such a show off but he is a good man too. Personally I like older men though.”

“You two aren’t married?”

Nikki laughed. “No. He is a friend of the f****y and while we taught each other more about sex than most married people in Russia know, we would probably kill each other if we had to live together for more than a few weeks at a time! Our parents insisted we travel together, that is all.” She smiled at me with full red lips and I felt a stirring below the water as her feet continued to play on my bare legs.

After a few minutes of small talk Nikki asked me to come and sit beside her. The fact that I knew I was 28 years her senior did not matter a bit and in fact she insisted she liked the challenge of older men and the time it took for love making done right with them! Yeah, I got my ass up and started to sit down next to her. “If you are going to sit next to me, you must be naked, like I am.” She said.

I am not certain what stopped me more quickly: the realization that she really was nude or that she wanted me to get naked!!! I shoved the wet suit over my hips and down my legs and was putting them up on the concrete around the tub in under 10 seconds!

I was no more sitting down than I felt her long fingers on my thigh and sliding up my leg. I could see her beautiful brown eyes and high cheekbones.. the sweep of her graceful neck and the curve of her chest as it descended into the foamy water. She smiled at me and then leaned forward and we kissed. After being faithfully married for 26 years, tasting the passionate lips of a different woman was as thrilling as it had been at 13and kissing my first girlfriend! Even had her fingers not found my straightening cock at that moment I would have gotten hard, just from the taste of her lips and the flicker of her tongue on my lips!

“So many men find it difficult to get hard in hot tub. Not you! You must want pleasure badly, no?” She asked with a mocking smile. I nodded and said something completely stupid. She laughed. “Usually I have to resort to showing American men these before I get them stiff.” She rose up part way out of the water without releasing my cock. The water cascade over the curves snd swells of her body as I feasted my eyes on her free swinging breasts that lacked any type of tan lines! Her tight round nipples poked out of puckered and darker flesh only slightly larger in circumference than the nipple themselves. I came fully erect in seconds as she smiled at me.

At that moment she slipped. I will never know if it was intentional or accidental… and to be honest I will not ever really care. She landed with a knee on either side of me, her tits in my face and her arms on the edge of the tub to either side of my face. She laughed and I wiped the spray of water from my face in time to see her face bending down and re-engaging for another fantastic kiss. I felt her grab my cock and she began slapping it on her pubic mound under the water and then rubbing the fat head of my cock against her lower flesh….. I wanted to be inside her so badly.

“Fucking in hot tub is no good. All of my good pussy juice and your wonderful spermy goo gets washed away. Fuck me on the side. Then I suck your cock like you never have it sucked before.” Nikki said breathlessly as she was grinding her body against me. Her boobs were now being pressed to my face as she grabbed a fist of my hair and pulled me to her soft big tits. I was not about to disagree!

Climbing out of the tub, Nikki laid back on a towel she spread on the rough concrete and then told me to eat her to get her wet. Her lovely slit was freshly shaven and little more than two delicate pink lips peeking out of a crease below her pubic mound. I dove face first into her and was determined to show her how an older American man can please a woman!

It probably took me less than two minutes before she was pushing her ass up off of the concrete and with both hands smashing my face into her pussy. God she tasted incredible as she creamed and I licked, sucked and drank as much of her nectar as I could. “Give me it! Give me your cock now, while I am still tight like virgin!” She commanded quietly. I complied.

I stood in the seat of the hot tub and aimed my now swollen crown of my cock at her glistening pussy and even as I sank the helmet into her, I could feel the greedy gripping of her sex attempting to pull me deep into her core! She was hot, tight and the walls of her pussy absolutely pulsed with desire and lust as I pushed deeper into her.

Again, when you are used to doing the same woman you have been with for decades, things grow… stale. In fact, I rarely actually fucked with my wife anymore because, well the thrill had left years ago and fucking a woman that was doing her grocery list mentally just sucks. Nikki and her little pussy were right there in the moment! Her fingernails were raking my shoulders and arms. I was sunk balls deep when she said, “I feel your cock clear up here!” and she pressed on her navel! I was a stud! And watching her wet tits bounce and jump with every thrust of my hips into her was just unbelievable.

She was pulling on her nipples and telling me to fill her with my cum! She wanted to feel it pouring into her! So when I finally could not hold it back any more, I slammed into those perfect hips of hers and leaned over her before my back arched and I raised my eyes to the moon! I could feel my dick swell and then expel wave after wave of semen into her as her pussy lecherously milked my balls for every last drop of cum! On and on I pumped into her until I was completely spent and I pulled back out and sank backward into the tub.

That was when the moon moved. Victor stepped out of the shadows with the video camera still rolling as he zoomed in on my cum pouring out of the very wet and slick looking lips of Nikki who was smiling at me in the water. Slowly Victor turned the camera toward me and my deer in the head lights look. “You have impregnated Nikki well. I think you need to come to our cabin. We talk now. Victor turned and walked back up the hill.

I looked with a growing comprehension and rage at Nikki as she reached for a towel on a chair. “Do not be angry. Come. Bring your drink and we talk. This is not as bad as you think. If you like fucking me, this will not be bad at all!”

What choice did I have? I grabbed my swim suit, slid it on. Gathered up my alcohol and towel and followed the unbelievably sexy sway of my Russian lover up the stone path to a small cabin that was not mine!


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