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Today’s the day! J76

Three months ago my b*****r went to college and he decided he’d live in a dorm room. Well we haven’t seen him since then and a lot of stuff has happened since he has been away. Like I’ve came out and I turned 18. Tomorrow my b*****r will be coming home for a visit. I’m so excited. He’s one of the b*****rs everyone wishes they could have. He’s funny, sweet, nice, EVERYTHING. I already had everything planned out we were going to go. Well enough of me, here’s the story: today’s the day! I thought to myself as I woke up. Ready to see my b*****r. I decided I’d pass as much time as I could. He’d be coming at 4 o’clock pm. I was so ready to see him I had woken up at 8 o’clock am. I got my cloths together–I made sure I wore something extra special just for him–and my bathing things. I took a nice 45 minute long shower with excitement only building up in me.

I stepped out of the shower with my cloths in my hand and only a towel wrapped around me, I don’t even know why I bring cloths with me to the bathroom I never change in there. “Ugh, it’s only nine o’clock,” I said to myself not really caring if anyone heard me. “What’s so wrong with nine o’clock?” I heard a voice ask me from my room. I walked in only to find myself staring at my 19 year old b*****r josh sitting on my bed dressed in what had to be the tightest jeans in the world and a chest hugging red Hollister shirt. “When did you get here?!” I asked laying my cloths over my computer chair “about 25 minutes ago. I thought I’d come surprise you by being here early, now come and give me a hug! I haven’t seen my little b*o in forever,” I walk over purely forgetting I was only in a towel and give him a big hug. “Whoa there big boy. Guessing you’re very excited to see me,” he said pointing at my tent in my towel.

I guess I was poking him. “Aha I’m sorry” I said scratching my head. “It’s ok, but can I ask a question?” I was confused but I didn’t mind. “Sure you can ask anything” he looked down at my tent and back up at me. “When did my little b*o get so big?” I couldn’t help but laugh at that question. “Umm I don’t really know ehh ha,” I had always thought my b*****r was super cute and had a sexy swimmers body. “Well I know I missed your 18th birthday I’m sorry about that,” he told me. “Yea, its ok I just watched tons of porn with friends and had a little party,” he laughed and laid back, “Well then. Umm do you mind if I give you my present now?” he asked with a smile on his face. “I love presents of cores I don’t care if I get it now,” I asked very excited, but I got something I would never expect in a million years. He reached out and took my towel off reveling my semi-hardened 7 inches. “My my have we got here?” he asked as he sat me on the bed. I was in such shock I couldn’t even make words. But when I saw him get on his knees I knew exactly what was coming. He stared down at my now fully hardened 7 inches of beef. He lightly licked at my head staring me in the eyes.

He slowly inserted my head into his mouth I let out a quiet moan rolling my eyes to the back of my head. I’ve never had sex before let alone a blow job and it was the best feeling I’ve ever had. He started going at a slow pace and then after about one minute of my moaning pleasure he started picking up the speed. I masturbate about two times a day on average so I knew it would take me awhile to cum. He licked up the right side of my cock and back to the top smearing the pre-cum that my cock had made for him. 4 minutes later he was now going top speed and my right hand had slipped to his hair and I was lightly pulling it. He slipped his free hand under me and I felt a finger penetrate me it felt heavenly having his finger inside me while he sucked on my cock. I could now feel it. I was about to blow loads. “Ahh ahh ahh I-I’m ca-ca-cuming,” he heard me but kept sucking. “Ahhh,” I lastly said as I blew my loads into my older b*****r’s mouth. He swallowed every bit, which had to be a lot because I blew so hard it was flowing out of his mouth but he took his finger out of my ass and used the one he was fingering me with to wipe the cum off of his cheek and put the finger in his mouth. “How was that for a birthday present?” I was speechless. “That was the best thing I’ve ever gotten in my life,” He got up and was about to walk out of my room when I said, “Where are you going? It’s your turn,” he turned around and smiled pulling off his shirt and pulling down his pants only leaving him in a nice tight pair of righties. I licked my lips and he walked over to me and I got on my knees and pulled his pants off releasing his hardened 9 inches. He had the best looking cock I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot because I watch gay porn almost every day.

“This is my first time so sorry if I do something wrong,” I warned him. “It’s ok I’m going to love it no matter what,” I started with his balls licking one then taking the whole ball into my mouth slowly sucking it. I released it from my mouth and slowly licked up the side of his fully erected cock. “Wait, wanna try something else?” he asked me with a smile on his face. “Sure what do you have in mind?” he turned his head to the lotion on my dresser. “Bend over,” he told me and I knew what was coming so I followed directions and bent over showing my sweet hole. He grabbed the lotion and put some on his finger and shoved it in my ass. It hurt at first but as he pushed it in and out a few times it started to feel good. Right then he added in another finger and started stretching me out. It felt so good then he pushed in really hard one last time and he hit something and it blew my mind. I let out a screaming moan I’m so glad my parents were out at work or they would have heard me. “Ahh I guess I hit the spot,” after he took his fingers out I felt empty but about 20 seconds later he put his cock in me and it hurt like a bitch! All 9 of his inches pushed the back of me.

He slowly pulled out and pushed back in. It hurt so badly but I never wanted it to stop. He started to pick up the pace and go faster, then right there, he hit that spot again and I moaned out in complete lust. It all stopped hurting and it felt like I was cumming over and over and over again. Every time he came out and pushed back he hit the spot and it was like a never ending orgasm. My b*****r must have had a lot of practice because it was 8 minutes into ramming me and he still hadn’t cum yet. In and out, in and out, in and out. I loved having my b*****r fuck me. He kept going for about 20 minutes before he pulled out and shifted positions.

He laid me down and lifted one of my legs and laid it on his shoulder and started to fuck me again in the hole that was a perfect fit for his cock. He fucked me for another great 30 minutes before he came in my asshole. He was riding his orgasm for another 2 minutes before pulling out and laying my on my back and opening my legs and eating my ass out making sure he licked all his cum out. It felt so good. I’d been hard again ever since he stuck his cock inside me. So while eating my out he reached out and jerked my cock until I blew all over my body and his hand. He pulled away from my ass and licked all the cum off of my hand and off my cock then running his lips over the cum on my six pack.

Holding all of my cum along with some of his in his mouth and kissing me sharing all of the cum with me. We played in each other’s mouths for awhile fighting for the cum before we laid down in complete lust. “I love you little b*o, we have to do this more,” he told me before we both passed out. Today was the best day off my life. We did this every day until he left which was a whole week. He told me he’d be back next month and I couldn’t wait to have him inside me again.

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