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Toilet Training

Here are a couple of gallery images to illustrate what I’m thinking about…

Ladies need to give a quick wipe to their labia after going pee… Urine is basically clean and sanitary, so it is usually not unhealthy to lick it or even drink it! Toilet service by licking a woman dry after she pees conserves resources by avoiding the use of “bath tissue”. It is also an opportunity for some intimacy between a woman and a sub or even a lover! In my case, it would be the route to frequent “quickie” sexual encounters with my not mother…

Soon after crossing the not i****t line with her, when our sexual relationship was new, exciting, and full of adventurous uncertainty, I BEGGED to watch her use the toilet! She reluctantly agreed, rolling her eyes. We were sl**ping together now, and she was just getting up from watching the late night news to use the bathroom, change into her nightgown, and get into bed with me. I followed her into the bathroom… She quickly and adeptly dropped her slacks and panties, sat down on the toilet seat, and “tinkled”. I crouched onto my knees and moved my face as close as I could between her legs!

As she reached for the toilet paper roll with an impatient look on her face I flicked my tongue and asked “Let me lick you dry, not mother?” Even though she was clearly irritated, she humored me. She spread her legs and stated “Go ahead”… A quick stabbing lick between her labia instantly flashed the salty, sour taste of urine to my taste buds… A couple more stabbing licks dried her off, and then a couple of strokes with my tongue between her inner and outer labia and near her sensitive clitoris finished the clean-up. The whole process only took two or three seconds, but put a big smile on her face!

Now she felt dominant! She ordered me to remove her shoes, slacks, and panties and carry them into her bedroom. I complied with great pleasure! As not mother was changing into her nightgown, she ordered me to hang up her slacks in the closet and place her other clothing in the laundry hamper. I did this while she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, then went downstairs and similarly stripped and hung up my own clothes. I slept with her wearing only my underpants, which were cotton briefs. Once I got through our single bathroom, she was waiting for me in bed with her legs apart and her nightgown pulled up above her exposed breasts… What might have been another night without sex became a torrid encounter!

As time went on, when I would see her heading for the bathroom, all I needed to do was flick my tongue. She would leave the bathroom door open so I could follow her inside… I would plant myself on my knees in front of her as she urinated. After the final spurt, not mother would spread her legs for me to lick her dry… When she was turned on, she would quietly ask for more licking, which invariably would lead to a “quickie” on her bed. (Her bedroom was adjacent to the bathroom). This strategy for intimacy helped us maintain 10 to 15 orgasms per week! Besides our nightly intercourse in her bed, the quickies added a lot of adventure and spice to our hot, not i****tuous sex life!

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