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Tribal Justice

Tribal Justice
The convoy of UN relief trucks snaked through the hot desert sun. It was on its way to a village without food for several weeks. Taliban were active in the area so it was not a safe trip. Among the aid workers were five americans,, Two men and Three women.. The women were part of a church group that went on missions to underdeveloped countrys. Little did they know they were being watched,, By Taliban scouts as they traveled deeper into the desert. It was not long that the group became lost,, hours went by as they continued deeper into the desert..Eventurlly they saw tents ,, a encampment,, with what appeared to be men women and c***dren .As they approached they were surrounded by armed men,, dirty unshaven men with ammunition belts hanging around their necks.. The men and women were seperated and put into tents,, each were taken one at a time to a separate tent and made to sit in a chair in the center of a group of men,, they were questioned about who they were,,, if they worked for the CIA.. The women all of a sudden heard screaming…coming from aoutside the tent.. they looked out the door and one of the men from the group was handing from his wrists by piano wire,, He was completely naked.. A man holding a long leather whip was questioning him and when he would answer the man would become angry and whip him causing bright strips to appear on his buttocks and legs..He was whipped without mercy.. until he passed out… The women were horrified.. the scene wasbrutal..They left the poor man hanging there… The first woman to be taken was a teacher,, She was 48 yo plump blonde hair and measured 40dd-30-44,, with thick legs and ass…her name was Sue… Sue was taken to a tent with 6 men They kept chanting CIA CIA,, They f***ed her to strip completely naked.. her hands were tied behind her back.. She was led outside and a rope was tied to her wrists and thrown over a horizontal pole 10 feet off the ground..They hoisted the poor women up off the ground with her arms tied behind her back.. The infamous strappado..Her weight made it worse for her pulling her shoulders out of joint.. Sue screamed and screamed.. begging to be let down.. She was on display like this for all to see.. Young boys in the tribe came and stared at her.. made jokes,,, They took sticks and poked her in the most of intimate of places… they beat her breasts with sticks,, poked her nipples with the sharpened ends.. She was left like that in the bright sun.. Next they came for Anglina,, a middle aged brunette,,, slim,, 150 36c-28-38,,, She was dragged out of the tent as the third woman a older american who was a nurse…watched.. Angelina was taken to a tent with a board between two saw horses stood in the middle of the tent.. She was stripped naked and made to sit on the board with her legs streached out on the board .. Her legs were tied with rope at the ankles and knees so they were flat to the board… The men tied Angelinas arms behind her back and waited for the Tribal chief … to arrive.. He spoke in perfet english,, Who are you,,, are you CIA,, are you a spy.. Angelina denied all accucations,,, the man nodded to the others and they lifted her arms up and f***ed her head down to her knees…and held her there.. Angelina screamed as the pain overtook her.. her legs and hamstrings burned in pain.. folded like this it was difficutl to breathe..she panted struggling to breathe,, panic set it she screamed between gasps… They let her up and repeated the questions.. she shook her head and begged to be let go… The man nodded and again her arms were lifted up and her head f***ed down to her knees ,, this time a strap was looped around her and fastenned.. holding her like this folded in half… she gasped and screamed… They just watched as she sufferred. Chris the older american nurse was terrified… she could hear the screams coming from the other women.. and wondered what would happen to her..It was not long she would find out..They came that night,,Chris was dragged from the tent.. Chris was older almost 60,, but still fit.. Her body was thick,,, she was about 150,, 36c breasts well nippled.. with heavy legs and wide ass.. As she was dragged to a tent she could see Sue down from the pole,, now tied spread eagled in the sand,, men were taking turns with her,, fucking her swollen cunt… their semen pooling bellow her big buttocks.. Chris was make to stand at attention in front of the tribal elders… She was questioned like the others… and she denied everything.. …
Chris was told to undress.. she turned beet red,,, slowly she took her clothes off untill she was completely naked…The men pushed her to the ground and tied a rope to each ankle the rope was taken through a pully attached to a overhead horizontal pole 10 feet off the ground the pullys were 8 feet apart on top of the pole ,, they pulled on the ropes lifting her off the ground and at the same time openning her legs and spreading them wide.. Chris was suspended spread eagle… Her genitals were open.. she was completely vulernable.. Chris’s Cunt was gaping open..They took her arms and tied them behind her back.. She was helpless.. She tried to close her legs but that was impossible.. her ankles were almost 6 feet apart.. Again they questioned her… Angelina was brought into the tent she was bent over a bar… and the men took turns with her fucking her brutally,,, As Chris watched… they told her she was next if she didn’t talk… One of the men stepped between Chris’s legs and ran his hand over her hairy mound,,, he grabbed her prominent Clitoris and pinched it twisting,,Chris screamed at the violation.. But her Cunt was wide open and she couldn’t stop it….Chris was very modest and to have her Naked cunt spread open infront of them was horrifying….Her labia were wide apart.. and her cunt hole was gaping open.. One of the men approached with a 3 foot fanbelt attached to a wooden handle…He lifted his arm and brought the fanbelt down hard on her open genitals… She screamed,,, he continued … to whip her open genitals.. she screamed and screamed,, the pain in her sex was horrible… she was hanging upsidedown so the bl**d rushed to her head and she couldn’t pass out…She screamed until she was hoarse….When the whipping stopped her genitals were a bl**dy mess…. But it didn’t stip there..Chris’s big nipples were their next focus.. a thick cord was tied around each of Chris ‘s thick nipples.. they were pulled through a pully and the men pulled Poor Chris up by her nipples so she was horizontal… and tied her like this suspended by her ankles and her thick nipples… Chris gasped,,, screaming shaking her head begging them to stop .. Hanging like this her open cunt was accessible to them,,, They took turns fucking her… as she hung…She was helpless,,, legs open cunt spread,,, As time passed slowly she passed out… to be continued….

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