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Tried a bbc for first time

Her First BBC
This is a true account of my wife’s first “taste” of black cock.
We have been swinging for a few years now on and off , work and f****y don’t allow us the freedom some couples have. Like a lot of couples we had discussed our fantasies and wish list, and again reading the stories on here it’s a lot of couples wish to see there wife with a black cock in them , ours was no different.
We had enjoyed many a good sex session thinking of her enjoying her first bbc. We looked through quite a few profiles and decided to contact one guy who seemed to fit the bill. He could travel and seemed easy to talk to , we spoke on the phone and exchanged emails and pictures.
We decided to arrange a meeting and sorted a date and place to meet , which was a fairly large hotel in the city centre.
On the night of the meet , my wife sorted some sexy lingerie and was all smooth shaven around her pussy. My cock was throbbing just thinking what was going to happen.
We were nervous but arrived at the hotel , went to the bar to get a drink and looked around the room to see if P was there. Sure enough he spotted us at the bar and came over. He greeted us like we were old friends, and we took our drinks to a table. After a short time after going through the introductory pleasantries P suggested we take our drinks up to his room.
We went to the lift and were looking around wondering if the other guests knew what was happening. Once we got to the room we sat and finished our drinks and P made us feel at home and took the lead to get the evening started. He obviously had done this many times and guessed it was our first. He took A in his arms and kissed her , it was very horny watching them kissing , his hands moved to the front of her blouse and caressed her breasts through it. He undid the buttons and it slipped off her shoulders. In one movement he undid her bra and it fell to the floor. His mouth was over her breast and licking and sucking her nipples. I thought I would explode there and then. I watched as A rubbed his cock through his jeans , his hand went up her skirt and was obviously fingering my wife.
A undid his belt and pulled down his zip. Her hand went into his boxers, she smiled at me when she pulled his cock out into view. With in no time she bent down kissed his hard tip and put her mouth over the end. This is what I’d been waiting to see. See gives a great BJ so I knew what he was to be treated with. She took his huge cock in her mouth and gave him some real good head. He was enjoying it as after a few minutes got her to stop and proceeded to get her naked and lay her back on the bed. He moved his head between her legs and licked her soaking wet pussy. He licked and fingered her , she beckoned me over so she could suck me while being licked..
The best was yet to come , P stood up undressed and just stood looking at her pussy shinning and wet. He moved closer and took his cock in his hand. This was it the moment she had dreamt of. He put the tip of his hard black cock on my wife’s pussy lips, and gently moved toward her. She let out a gasp , clenched the bed quilt in her hands and he pushed his huge cock into her, a little at a time so she could adjust and take it. She relaxed as it went in and he managed to be fully inside her. She smiled again as P started to fuck her , long hard thrusts and I could see how wet she was. He lifted her legs over his shoulders so he could get deep inside her. She was in heaven. Her dream had come true. He fucked until she came , she gripped his back and pulled him to her as she came again.. She was sucking me too and thought she was going to bite.
P pulled out and turned her onto her front and then fucked her again from behind. I don’t know how he didn’t come , I’m sure I would have done.
A didn’t want him to cum inside her and asked him to lay on the bed so she could suck him off, something she said she wanted to do. He lay back and she took him in her mouth and proceeded to give him the blow job of his life, he didn’t take long before I could tell he was going to let go. She looked at me and I nodded , then without warning he grabbed her head and exploded his cum into her mouth, she proceeded to suck and swallow everything he had, once he had finished she licked his shaft clean.
What a great night and the first of many bbc encounters, but the first is always memorable.
She has since had two blCk guys together but that’s another story .

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