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Trish and her Daddy, then I joined in

We had been partying all day. We all started with a glass of champaign, then breakfast followed, though we tended to ignore the solid food, and opt for orange juice, laced with vodka, or gin.
By the time we planed to go out for lunch, we all had a good steam of head, in us, but we were all sixteen and free, going out into the adult world, more education and definitely more sex, in fact, fucking was our main pleasure, followed by alcohol, then more fucking, and so on.We were sitting in the kitchen, being fussed over by Trish’s dad, he kept our glasses topped-up, so we were being outrageous with our slack mouths and innuendos, and when she left to go change her clothes, yet again, each time coming back a little more revealing than her previous attempt, he had a look of permanent perplexity, and each time he would ask me what was it we were doing that night.
‘Picking up guys for fun’, would be my answer, ‘What kind of fun’, he insisted, and I would form a circle with my index finger and thumb, then push my index finger on my other hand, in and out of the circle, ‘That kind of fun’, and would laugh at the look on his face.
Trish was away quiet a while so I went to find her, and when I did she was wearing a G-String, and nothing else, flat out across her bed, sound asl**p.
‘Fucking Hell’ I called out, walking over and tried to rouse her, but she was out of it.
Her father came into the room, wondering what the commotion was all about, he had heard me call out. He stepped into her room and walked over to the bed, staring down on his daughter, then I remembered, she had forbade him to enter her room, because he had tried it on with her once.
I looked at him intently as he sat beside her on the bed, he was studying her intently, naked except for a small piece of string running in between her thighs.
He turned to me and said, ‘Dont you think she is beautiful’, I just nodded in agreement, but he continued, ‘I have never seen her like this before’, he was more talking to himself than me, as his hand caressed her nudity, fondling her bottom, his fingers following the cord down between her pert cheeks, occasionally pulling one open to expose her more intimate part, moving the string as it was embedded between her lips of love.
‘I find G-Strings uncomfortable’, hoping to distract him from his fixation with his nude daughter, he looked at me, a strange smile on his face, ‘Really Mariel, I always thought you went nude’, ‘Fuck’ I thought, she must have mentioned that to him, suddenly angered at her betrayal.
I just laughed, made my excuses and said I was going downstairs to refill my glass, ‘Can I get you something’, I asked, standing up to make my move, ‘Yes, another whiskey’, he said, still admiring his daughters derrière, ‘Mariel’, he called out as I walked to the door, I turned and looked at him, ‘Take your time, give me five minutes, then come up’, he smiled, winked and I saw his hand work its way in-between her thighs, he must have been touching her intimately, and I was to leave him with her for ten minutes.
I nodded, ‘Sure’, I said, ‘Ten minutes it is’, turned and went out, not completely closing the door, I knew he was going to fuck her, and he just more or less told me.
I went down stairs, my heart pounding, and as I reached the kitchen I could hardly contain myself, so I poured one and drank it back, poured another and checked the clock on the wall.
‘Fuck it’, I thought and went back upstairs. As I approached the door, it was still ajar, and I could hear them, they were fucking, I could hear the bed springs, but more deliciously, the sounds of pleasure.
When I arrived at the door I saw his naked body, he was on top of her, and she was face down and awake.
Her legs were open and she clutched the sheets, while he held her by her breasts, using them as leverage, pulling himself deep into her, each thrust causing her to murmur, ‘Oh Daddy’, his face was buried into the nape of her long neck, he was licking it, as a dog does, I was witnessing a f****y i****tuous fuck, and I was being really turned-on, so I stepped into the room and made for the bed, I wanted to see where his cock was going into, somehow I wanted him to be fucking her up her asshole.
I stood at the bottom of the bed, marveling at their heaving connected bodies, her youth contrasting against his aging body, for me it looked beautiful, he appeared to energy from her and at one point I noted she was riding to meet his down-thrust into her cunt, she was enjoying it, and her moaning clearly showed she loved the immoral connection between them.
I moved a chair, as they completely ignored my presence, they were enjoying their lovemaking and had past that point, where neither could or would stop, so I sat down looking directly at their sex organs, I was a girl and thats what I wanted to watch, and as I started to touch myself, he looked back at me and said, ‘Would you like me to fuck you too Mariel’, and in my state of sexual neediness, I nodded in the affirmative.
I looked at Trish, but her face was buried into the sheet, her bum was more active now, and I guessed she was cumming, ‘Harder Daddy, Harder’, and a smile broke out across his face as he watched me undress.
‘Mariel babes’, he spoke quietly, in complete control, in fact he had stopped moving, his daughter was doing all the thrusting, ‘In my pocket there is a tube of cream, put some in your asshole babes’, he must have heard my thoughts as I walked into the room, it was my most intimate of holes he was going to fuck, and I smiled, ‘Yes Daddy, I will like that’, now I was naked in front of him and running my finger between my girly lips, I masturbated in front of him, two teenage girls showing a dirty old man what girls can do.
I walked to the edge of the bed, opposite his face and thrust my pussy in, his tongue rasped my inner labia, shocking my exposed clitoris, I started cumming, as did Trish, soon we would swap and start again, and she would never hate her Daddy again, nor would I, as I turned and walked to get the cream from his pocket.

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