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True story about my mum

They say the truth comes out when d***k.
My relationship with my mum has not always been normal, in that there has been occasions when i was in my late teens my mother would come back from the pub with a man. On one occasion i lay in my bed listening to my mum next door with a guy she met in the pub screaming her head off, bed springs squeaking and head board crashing off wall, it must have went on, on and off from between maybe 4am and 10am. I can honestly say i have never heard a woman get fucked so hard before.
It is not normal to walk in to the local pub and hear rumours being discussed by the men how my mum was fucked up the arse and left right and centre, but i got used to it.
On another d***ken occasion i was in my bed one night when about 1AM i was awoken by a commotion outside, basically a woman screaming omg omg and laughing. The woman was my mothers friend, and she came running to the house telling me i better get myself out to the taxi because my mother was steaming d***k. Once i got outside did not take me long to realise my mum was giving the taxi driver a blow job, and upon seeing me, he drove off. My mum did not return home until next afternoon, and when my mums friend used our phone to phone the taxi company to get the driver to come back with her, they said he had logged off.

So, it did not come as a surprise when i had the most unexpected confession from my own mother one night when d***k.
It does not take much for me to work out that when my mum was younger she could be a bit of a slut.
I once found photos of my mum in her drawer from a holiday in Italy, she had “slut” written on her forehead and her face was dripping in mascara and cum and her legs were wide open. Not the sort of photo a son likes to see of his mum, was quite shocking.
Apparently i would have been around 7 years old when this photo would have been taken, and i do remember two weeks when i stayed at my grandparents home around this age.
Thankfully i did not find the photo until nearly 19 after rooting through drawers i should not be rooting through, i showed my mum the photo but did not get a full explanation.
Something else that i found out from a f****y member when i grew up is that there was rumours about when my mum first got pregnant to me she did not know who the father was as she and a few other girls had been “trained” in a house by a gang of bikers. I did not know what to make of this, and i did not believe it, but i did ask my mother about it and she denied it, saying it was true, that she had a one night stand with a biker, but not a gang of bikers.
However just recently during an argument she told me she nearly lost me at birth, and of course i asked her how, although she then went silent and changed the subject but i kept pressing for an answer, but i wish i didn’t as what i heard was disturbing.
My mother on the night before i was born had went out with some “friends” and gotten d***k. After pushing her, i was able to assertain that those were Biker friends.
Now what i found out next was “shocking”.
She had went to a house party, and one of them lifted up her skirt, bent her over the chair and proceeded to fuck her, and the others took turns, she claims to have no idea how many in total there was.
However she went in to labour in that room and had to go to hospital and she did so with cum still dripping out of her.
I was not due for another 8 days but the trauma had caused me to be born prematurely.
Apparently nurses had to wipe cum from between my mothers legs as it was still dripping out of her before i was born.
How would you feel about this if this was your mum?

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:28 pm

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