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Twinverted – Chapter 2

Sam & Cat: Twinverted – Chapter 2

My immediate reaction was blinding shame and guilt. I sat up quick and stiffly straight, grabbing an afghan off the back of the couch and wrapping it around my waist.

How could I have done that to my s*ster? And Cat. Such a sweet trusting soul. Everyone knows that it’s pretty low to let your twin s*ster’s girlfriend eat you out thinking you are her. And being half asl*ep in the beginning doesn’t really count. I’d woken up pretty darn quick once it started.

But then, on the tail of it, I was a little angry myself. I couldn’t bring myself to be even a hair upset with Cat. Wanting intimacy with the woman she loved.

But Sam? None of this would have happened if my s*ster had been home on time or if she had told me her and Cat were involved. I would have been on my guard a little or something I knew I had more blame in this than anyone. But Sam wasn’t pure the way Cat was.

“I’m sorry, both of you.” I said, sitting up even straighter and checking to make sure the little blanket covered me completely.

“You’re sorry?” Cat was clearly tearing up. For a split second I worried that this could permanently ruin her and my friendship. My mind was reeling.

Then she switched tactics in just a blink, turning to Sam. “And why were you trickering me again, Sam Puckell? I thought you loved me. I thought we were in this together,” I almost corrected our last name but that seemed pretty small at this time.

“So why weren’t you back before the k*ds left, like you said you would be?” I asked, while Sam gave me the worst look and made motions behind Cat’s back, as she turned to face me that said I should shut up.

But it was too late, because Cat was already talking. Or it didn’t matter at all, because what she was saying had nothing to do with what I said.

“Why was Melanie here anyway, Sam? Where were you?” she reached out and took Sam’s chin in her hand making her look into her eye. “Please don’t lie,” she said.

“Okay, Kitten. I was with Freddie,” Sam said.

“Freddie Benson?” Cat asked, sounding surprised and teetering on the edge of heartbreak. “The boy that you told me was your kryptonite?”

Now that was news. Freddie Benson is my s*ster’s kryptonite?

“Yes baby, but I said that because he is a friend who made it clear while dating me that he was settling for me because he couldn’t get Carly, at a time when I thought I was in love with him too. Who then you just tried to use just a few days ago for a very similar purpose. But not because I ever had any interest in him. I never have, not in any real way,” she looked at Cat. “Never Kitty. In fact my meeting with him tonight was just as a friend to tell him about us and make sure he knew neither of us was any possibility for him. You need to remember, my kitten, you tried to come on to him pretty hard yourself. Not so much that I would say that he had any reason to be getting ideas but certainly enough that the nice thing to do as a friend was to tell him none of it would ever happen.”

“Okay, I can agree to that. But that doesn’t give you a valid reason to invite your s*ster here to impersonate you to me. I honestly want to think of some way that this is not a lie, but it is, Sam,” Cat said.

“Darling I know how crazy stupid it was to do this. But I just realized it when I walked in and saw what was happening and I knew what betrayal felt like. To see you and my s*ster together,” Sam said.

“Sammie, you have to know I had no idea,” Cat said, sounding shocked and scared.

“Of course I do, Cat. But I’m just saying what I felt when I saw it. How it stabbed right through me,” Sam said.

“Oh Sam, I’m so sorry,” Cat said.

I joined her. “I am really truly sorry. Both of you. I am so, so sorry.”

Sam ignored me. “Don’t be sorry, baby. You didn’t know. You were misled. Lied to.”

“By you,” I said. Possibly the most I had ever attacked my s*ster; and it was not at all. But I was feeling something. “I broke her trust, and yours. But a lie of omission is not the same as a stated lie. You lied to Cat and you f*rced me to be implicated in your lie by guilting me into doing this. Appealing to my loyalty as your twin. A connection that I have never taken advantage of even once in 18 years.”

“Sammie, I don’t want to pee in your face when you’re down but Smelly-Melly is right.” She turned to me and said. “You stole my love for Sam and used it for yourself. I have to be mean to you, at least for a while,” She turned back on Sam. “But you’re lying s*ster never claimed she wasn’t going to betray my trust and trick me into sexing her under false pretences,” She glanced over at me again, with a ‘sorry I have no choice’ shrug. “If I assumed that she wouldn’t, that’s my stupid mistake. But you, Sam, you pretty much promised to never lie to me or trick me so badly. And if Smelly-Melly is a bitch-face, you are a garbage whore. Because she only betrayed human decency. You betrayed the trust of someone who loves you more than life and trusts you more than she believed it would be possible before she met you. Does it make you feel good, Sammie? Does it make you feel good to put one over on the poor stupid girl who trusted you with her heart and her secrets and every part of her that still meant something?” She paused and squared her shoulders, leaned in and continued. “Unless I’m just stupid. Maybe I’m stupid and idealistic and trusting. Because you never told me you wouldn’t betray me utterly. I just assumed because you said you loved me. And you said that your heart belonged to me as much as mine belongs to you. But I suppose I also know that your defining characteristic is the fact that you have very flexible ethics. So if you tell me that everything that you ever said to me was just nonsense meant to get what you wanted from me. The way Melanie used my mistaken trust in you to get what she wanted, well in that case you won’t have betrayed me any more than she did. It will be my trust not your deception that is the cause of all this mess. Is that how you see it?”

I saw my s*ster crying for maybe the third time in our lives. That’s including times she had a bone protruding or a big jagged shard of metal sticking conspicuously out of someplace.

Then she said, “No, Cat. My heart is yours. My heart, my soul, my body, any part of me you want, is yours. I love you with everything I am. You are honestly, truly, the light of my life. Whatever it was you said. However you said I betrayed you, if I was serious when I asked you to be my girl. Than that’s what I did. But it was from not thinking. It was the old Sam. It was the devious ‘let’s put something over on everyone to show how clever we are’ Sam. You know I talk to myself in the plural when I’m being smug. Which is obviously Melanie’s fault too.”

“Hey,” I said. But only half-heartedly. Because I was the plural of Sam and I knew I could be smug sometimes.

It didn’t matter. She ignored me and continued.

“But I swear it was me being dumb. I did it so I could tell Freddie about us, and I involved Melanie because the whole Freddie thing was so nothing I didn’t even want you to know about it. Because even knowing was more notice than it deserved. He is nothing, you are my world. Everything good in my world either started with you or became good after you. You saved me. Now tell me. Anything. Anything I can do and have you forgive me.”

“Do the do with Melanie while I watch,” Cat said.

Sam’s mouth literally dropped open as she stared at Cat, frozen in shock. I’m sure I looked the same.

“What?” My s*ster said. Clearly wishing she could pretend she’d heard wrong.

“You know ever since you took me too that dirty movie I’ve had twinc*st on my mind,” Cat said.

“It was an EyeWorks movie about a magical queen with water powers and how the love of her s*ster stops her from being burned as a witch. It was a f*mily cartoon,” Sam said.

“It was called Flushed and was set in a time before toilets. She was flushed with lust because she’s in love with her twin s*ster. Queen Samara and Princess Malina. You had to know I have been shipping this,” Cat said.

“Yeah, but-” my s*ster said.

“We already decided we weren’t going to commit to being completely monogamous sexually. You’re the one that brought up Tori and Jade wanting a fourgy. We haven’t said yes, but we are open to it. That’s enough. Besides I’ve said for months than you and Melly should be closer. I know you love her. So show her you love her. Plus if we’ve both been with Melanie it cancels out.”

“Yeah, but-” Sam said again.

“C’mon, Sam. Don’t you love your s*ster? Get up in them guts. Like good s*sters do. Oh and I’m also going to be saying really terrible perverted things like that the whole time.”

“Yeah, but-” Sam said a third time.

And it hit me. The shock of sweet pure Cat being so naughty and my s*ster, who had so much to say about pretty much anything suddenly tongue-tied. I thought of something I hadn’t thought of in years.

“Cat,” I said. “She’s protecting me. I put it out of my mind because it hurt so bad, but it was all those years ago. I left to get away from our mom but also because I was in love with Sam, and she thought it was gross.”

“It’s not that it was gross, Mel. I just didn’t have fantasies of us moving away and starting over. Getting married and owning a pony farm. It’s not like other inc*st couples that can just go where no one knows them. We’re twins. Even strangers know we’re s*sters.”

“Either way, you didn’t want me. And because of that, I don’t know, I guess rejection. I grew up straight,” I said. Trying to play along with whatever was happening. I had, after all, gotten with her girlfriend under some false pretences. So I felt like I needed to kind of be a good sport here. But honestly thinking of all this stuff; I was feeling hurt and whether it was real or me just kind of feeling old hurts fresh I didn’t really know.

“Can’t be that straight,” Cat said. “You seemed to be pretty eager to get with me just a moment ago. Wait, and that too. First you have to make it up to me. You eating me will make it up to me from you. And Sam having to see you doing it will be her punishment. That will take care of restitution. Then the two of you having to put on a show will prove that you are really sorry and make up for punitive damages.”

I was trying to think of a tactful way to say I really was straight and just got carried away. After all, there’s a big difference between a girl licking me and me licking her. However, Cat wasn’t really in debate mode. Before I even had marshalled my words together to politely decline or at least protest, she had flipped her skirt up to her waist and was pulling down the leggings she wore beneath it.

Of course she was doing it in that sexy way of bending over and slowly taking them all the way off in one smooth movement. I don’t know if she generally chose to forgo underwear or if she had removed them in preparation to seduce my s*ster. Perhaps she had been planning to do this patented and sexy move the whole time.

I will tell you right now that looking at her small, slick, and baby smooth vulva; between her slightly spread legs. With her bent double and glancing back at me from between her knees, caused me to lose my words for a moment. She really did have the prettiest one I had ever seen.

But, pretty pussy aside, I was not going to do this.

Again my mind was swimming and hers wasn’t so while I tried to gather what I was going to say she just pushed me back prone on the couch very gently and then knelt astride my face. Since she hadn’t taken her skirt off, I found myself in shadow beneath. Her wet and waiting lips almost kissing distance from mine.

Her scent, her glorious scent. Sticky and sweet, but in a delicious, buttery, homey, way; not like candy. In no way overdone. Perfect, honestly. It came to my nose and pooled, a light humid flavour at the back of my mouth. It was heaven and I couldn’t be so close and deny it anymore. I had to bury my face between her legs and wrap my lips around her lips and tongue kiss her with passionate hunger and a need that surprised me.

She pressed against me with a gasp at the fervour I put into this. “Oh Melanie, you’ll make me go all jelloid,” she started to ride my tongue a little as I noticed the light beginning to brighten as her skirt rose up. As she tossed it away I realized it was a dress with such radically different patterns on top and bottom I assumed it was a mismatched skirt and shirt, but I guess it was supposed to be like that.

I had only licked her as she rode my face, rubbing her clit on my nose, for maybe a minute when I felt another weight on the couch. I felt Sam take the afghan from my hand that held it closed. She opened it, baring my lower half. I felt her hand tentatively rubbing me. Surprisingly shy for the fact she just went for it without warming up at all. Like stroking my thighs or my belly.

Nope, just straight to it, stroking my wet slit softly and nervously.

She leaned forward and though my view was almost entirely obstructed, I could tell that she had begun to lick Cat’s bottom hole.

Cat squeaked for a split second and it almost seemed like she was going to pull away. But that had to be simple surprise, because in an instant she reversed, pushing down and against both our tongues as she said, “Huuunnyyess.”

“I love you Cat,” my s*ster said. “I love sl*eping with you… I love waking up with you…” Between each sentence she would slip her tongue back up her girlfriend’s bottom, or rim around a bit, which resulted in her touching tongues with me more than once. Each time sent zings of electricity through me. “I love your rear fuck-hole. I love licking it and fucking it. You are everything I could have ever asked for.”

“Sam, please. Do you have to call it that and in front of your s*ster.”

“She doesn’t care. Melanie, I have a bit of an ass fetish and Cat allows me to enjoy my perversions regularly.”

Cat pulled away from both of us. “Sam! That is actually worse than I was worried you’d do. Certainly worse than you said before.”

“I don’t know about that, if it tastes as good as it felt when you thumbed me, I can understand why she does,” I said and since Cat was still kneeling over me but had now pulled forward a bit, so when I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled her straight down onto my mouth my slippery curious tongue slipped easily into her still puckered but slightly gaping back passage. It was certainly as exciting as Sam made it out to be. It tasted more slick than flavourful. But the very act of licking her there turned me on with the sexiness and naughtiness of it. I was quickly on the edge of my own orgasm and the fact that Sam was still touching me quite intimately as well brought me almost to the edge… and over.

My moans and gasps of delight were muffled and distorted because I refused to give up my place of honour exploring her sweet little rump.

I was pretty certain that was part of Sam’s plan. Not to say that she wasn’t touching me with a desire to touch me, but when I used my thrashing of passion to grind my tongue deeper into Cat’s fundament rather than letting it wiggle away, Sam did say archly, “Hey! I was doing something.”

“I know and I’m doing it now,” I said. Of course it was garbled entirely by the fact that I refused to risk losing my place, pleasuring this sweet girl anally with my tongue.

“Oh, thank you, Cat,” I said, taking pity on my s*ster and relinquishing my place. “You are so beautiful and delicious. I never would have even thought of this without you.”

“Haven’t fully forgiven you yet, Mellifluous. But I will say: Sammie-lamb, this is Melly’s turn, and part of your punishment is watching,” Cat said.

I moved back to her bottom when Sam moved away. Just because it was available again. I moved my hand forward and grabbed the fat soft lips of her sweet slit and gently tugged them. Tugging and rubbing as I moved my wrist. Pressing them together and moving them in tiny half circles. Then rubbing them, while still gripping them shut, and pressing in with my fingers. I brought my other hand forward, taking each lip between finger and thumb, parting them slightly rubbing and massaging their plump fleshiness.

I think if I knew Cat was an expert in massage I might not have chosen to use any kind of massage moves. But I always had an interest of my own. I took the top knuckle of my middle finger and pressed it against her clit, moving it in a circle.

Cat gasped and moaned as she started to be caught up in in the sensations from what I was doing. I hugged her hips toward my face as I slowly rolled both of us over.

I placed my mouth over her well licked vulva that I hoped to be licking much more. I placed each hand on her thigh, opening her legs and lapped gently yet insistently at her open lips.

She placed one hand softly in my hair, then followed it quickly with the other one.

For a few minutes I just explored and enjoyed her with my lips and tongue. Softly nibbling with my teeth. Sucking at her lips a little or grasping her clit between my teeth as I pressed against it with my tongue. I was so turned on I may have been a little rougher than I might have expected of myself. But she was involved with Sam. Sam had to be rougher than I was.

Plus, maybe sex was just naturally rougher than in the romance novels and rom-coms because just a few moments later Cat came and grabbing my hair she clenched her thighs up around my ears and shoved me in hard. She pushed my face in so hard I couldn’t breathe, there was a split second of panic. Then I realized she would only do this while actually wracked with orgasmic passion and then I could pull back a bit and breathe as I continued.

But, the reason I gave it that second, instead of immediately pulling back, is I liked it. I liked being pressed so hard into Cat’s pussy that I couldn’t breathe.

Then, when I could breathe, I moaned myself from the pleasure of it all. She was so hot! “You taste amazing,” I said.

All this time I was naked from the waist down, my bottom in the air, my legs open. I don’t know if Sam was tempted by what she saw. Or whether she was jealous and sick of watching me enjoying the woman she loved and she realized there was something that needed to be done before this evening could be over.

But she came around behind me and I felt her warm breath on my parted slick lips right before her thick strong tongue entered me. Is that what it felt like to be eaten by me? It was pretty good. We had a tongue as fat as any penis and a hell of a lot more agile.

I always knew Sam had a big tongue. I know she used to stick the tip up her nose to make me laugh with impressed disgust.

I always knew I did as well because of matches. But this was a real lesson in what a big, agile, nose-picking tongue could do.

Sam wrapped her arms around my hips and hugged me to her, burying her face into me from behind. Her tongue moving and reaching within me; the tip of her nose pressed tantalizingly into my bottom-hole.

Penetration in this position coupled with her hungry slurping, licking and grinding her face against me. I felt she was taking me like an anim*l. This stirred my own bestial side as I redoubled the intensity with which I fed on Cat’s tasty taco.

My lust for my s*ster was reawakening after years of rejection. It consumed me, almost to where I didn’t know what I wanted. I only knew I wanted more, lots more.

But first I wanted to feast upon Cat a little bit further. But my pleasured moans and gasps were being telegraphed clearly by me moaning and quivering against her most sensitive skin. So a few moments later, when she had climaxed yet again, she pulled away and stood. Moving so she could get a better view. At the same moment, Sam took my bottom firmly in her hands, spreading my cheeks and slipping the tip of her inquisitive tongue into my butthole.

I let out a squeak of surprise to have my s*ster taking such intimate liberties so quickly but the squeak had barely even become audible when it began to change to a deeper moan as sensations began to fill me that had a deeper lower register than any orgasm I’d had before. But as it became both louder and lower I stifled the moan against my forearm. Pressing my flesh against my mouth hard, muffling it.

“Sure this is hot,” Cat said, watching. “But this is just burning hot fucking. You’re s*sters, twins, you love each other. This should be far more loving and tender. Passionate, naked, and loving, like good s*sters are.”

Well, she said she was going to make comments like that, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I just went along with it. Then when Cat led us into the guest room and instructed Sam to undress me, I went along with that too.

I admit I was into it enough that when she asked me to lay down with Sam kneeling astride my face I honestly felt like she was giving me some sort of gift. I was going to get to taste my s*ster’s pussy. Sam’s gooey fuck hole, as my ever crass twin might phrase it. I even found myself hoping that licking her butt would feature in the plans as well.

And when she said, “I want you to sit on your s*ster’s face, Sam. But I definitely want you to just sit there for a bit before coming down and sixty-nining like good twins should. You’re nature’s ying-yang after all. That’s why your personalities are so different,” I couldn’t believe my luck. This was everything I ever wanted or dreamed of, everything I could have asked.

Sixty-nining with Sam might be the hottest thing I could imagine. But it wasn’t what I wanted most. One was hot in a concept way, but my gut and all lower bits really just wanted to eat her. Just wanted to get my tongue up inside her pussy, or now her butthole as well, and just lick and kiss and suck until my jaw froze up and I passed out from exhaustion. Just service and be used by her. I don’t know why. That wasn’t the sort of girl I was. I think it might be because I felt rejected by her, but it didn’t stop me wanting her.

So ‘I don’t care if I just get to go down on her with no reciprocation or even with no appreciation I just want to do it so bad’. And wanting it so long and that desire just fermented in some dark corner of my mind until ‘even if…’ became everything I wanted. The idea of licking each other simultaneously seemed like it could be and maybe even should be one of my favourite things in life. For the mix of love, closeness, warmth, and passion it could not be beat by anything.

But if I was going to be completely honest and frank, I wanted her to ride my face hard. Like using me like a sex toy kind of hard.

I wanted her to make me messy, covering my face with her cum and juices. I fantasized about being tired and a little sore from licking. Maybe even some moments in there where it would be a little scary and hard to breathe because she is grinding away at my face so hard.

As Sam came, she called out, while holding my head tight with her thighs.

Then she relaxed a bit, moving just a bit off my mouth. I moved my chin just a bit up and traced across her little fun bridge area between pussy and bottom with my tongue. Even in her post orgasm fugue Sam took the hint and scooted down that ever important inch or two, giving me clear access to her sweet butthole.

I have to admit I was finding her hairiness delightful. I was used to every girl being at least partially shaved. I mean I had no experience with girls except myself, and now Cat. But like looking around the showers after PE. The only girls who wore a full bush were like the hard-core hippy types and other rare body positivity girls.

Sadly accepting yourself as you are was not really in vogue at my school or anywhere else I ever heard of. I would later find out she’d only been growing it for a short time and that was at Cat’s request, but my mental image of Sam definitely meshed with possibly trimming but never shaving anything.

Plus, right now, for me, the wildness of her hairy pussy, even if it was short, was only surpassed in sexiness by the little ring of wiry hairs around her butthole. It wasn’t as eager to open as Cat’s had been. I was guessing that it wasn’t as used to being explored and enjoyed as Cat’s was. But I was able to bury my tongue in there at least past the tip and really feel like I was tongue fucking her up the ass.

Which in my lust inflamed brain was precisely what I wanted. Wanted so badly I had a small trickling orgasm of my own just with her sexy sultry flavour and the naughty hotness of what I was doing and who I was doing it too. My s*ster Sam, who I worshiped as a ch*id and had spent the last few years wishing we could be closer in any way she chose. I just wanted to be in her life.

As I tongued her puckered anus, slowly easing it open as I tried to probe her as deeply as I could; I moved my hand up to her slick furry lips, gaping slightly with pleasure. Easing two fingers in and turning them forward, hooked slightly, feeling around the spongy roof of her vagina, behind her pubic bone. Feeling around for her G spot and hoping I was doing it right.

Sam began to moan and ride my face a bit, pushing her ass down more firmly onto my tongue as she pumped a little against my fingers, fucking herself with my body.

She reached out and began to stroke and play with my own super sensitive fuck hole, or snatch, or whatever Sam would call it if she wasn’t so busy moaning and cumming with her s*ster’s tongue in her ass.

And Cat certainly had no interest in making the activities any more demure.

She wasn’t saying ‘Suck that pussy like you did in the womb.’ The nastiest line that my dirty mind coughed up. But she was encouraging us to ‘show your s*ster how much you love her’ and ‘make her cum hard like good s*sters do.’

Then as Sam relaxed and collapsed a little, spent from her last orgasm my tongue finally was buried to the hilt in her backdoor. I was still enjoying licking around inside her, her weight on my face partially blocked my air, but not enough to be bothersome yet.

In a moment she shifted anyway, I could have continued if I’d stretched my neck a bit. But instead I just let my tongue slide out. Her sphincter possibly changing its mind because I did feel the ring contract as if trying to catch my tongue, but it wasn’t fast enough or hard enough or whatever.

I moaned against her before going back to licking and sucking gently at her full lips. Lapping the warm sticky cream from her flesh.

Her strong sure fingers were joined by Cat’s as she joined us, kissing Sam deeply as she slipped two thin agile fingers inside me and Sam began to work my clit.

I gasped in surprise, not only at the sudden third party but also because it went from Sam playing with me, slowly and lazily, to two girls firmly demanding I cum with some truly expert movements. There was barely time for a groan to start on the heels of that gasp when Cat got just the right spot at just the right angle and I was groaning and keening with my mouth full of pussy as I soaked Cat’s hand. I could feel my muscles spasming as they tried to grip her.

This was obviously about to take a turn and with how they were kissing I wasn’t sure how much a part of what happened next I was even going to be, or if I’d just be expected to be a lonely observer to someone else’s love.

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