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Jon and Carol had been sitting on the end of the bed as I woke up and looked over at my black man who was already awake. I slowly leaned over towards him, put my arm around his neck and drawing to his lips, planted a hard, long passionate kiss on his lips. Not really thinking of what Jon might say or do, “Good morning love” I told my man.
Jon just smiled then said, “sl**p well honey?” “Like a baby” I answered back. “Not too tired?” he now asked. “No” I said, “I feel great”. With that, Jon moved up next to me on the bed and Carol moved over next to my man. They had both come down stairs with bathrobes on and as they moved up to us, they both undid the sashes on their robes and took them off. Both were nude. Without saying a word, Jon placed his arms around me as I rose up in bed, gave me a nice long kiss, “Carol’s still on my cock” he whispered in my ear. “Suck my cock baby” he then added as he reached down to take hold of the blanket still covering me and pulled it off me. I then heard Carol tell my man, “I want to suck your cock too” and looked over as she also pulled away the covers on him.

I looked at my man and blew him a short kiss, turned towards Jon and leaned over, took hold of his cock and slowly began licking it from top to bottom and back. I could taste the slight difference of his cock and I knew Carol had most likely climaxed on his cock while he fucked her and the idea of sucking off her dried juices got me feeling a bit frisky again.
Into my mouth went his erect cock as I now started to pump him, soft and slow at first, then harder and faster as i felt the desire built in me, the thought build as i knew i was sucking Jon’s cock covered with Carol’s cunt juices.
Jon placed his hand on the back of my head, “Suck that cock whore” I heard him say as he pumped my head up and down his cock. I could hear moaning coming from Carol as well as she was now sucking black cock. I even heard him tell her, “Suck my cock bitch” and I knew she was driving her mouth hard on his black cock. Jon now grabbed my hair, pulled my head up, “You like that taste whore?” he asked. “Oh fuck yes” I replied. Jon looked over at my man and he seemed to know what Jon was thinking as he also pulled Carol up by a handful of her hair. “Taste good bitch?” he asked her. Carol replied, “Yes, yes” then added, “Your cock tastes so fuckin’ good”

Jon, still holding my hair, began moving over towards Carol and her man while he led Carol towards us. Bringing us two women up next to each other, Jon commanded me, “Kiss her” and moved me close to Carol’s face. Without hesitation, I kissed Carol’s lips, staying there as we kissed with open mouths, taking full measure of each other`s tongues, kissing so passionately that I was getting so turned on my whole body started to tremble. “Want to suck her cunt” Jon asked me as he pulled us apart. “Oohh fuck yes” I answered, wanting nothing more than to plant my mouth on her cunt and bury my tongue deep in her, tasting her wet juices. “Yes what you fuckin’ whore?” Jon said. “Yes, I want to suck her fucking cunt please” I replied back. With that, the black man pulled Carol over between us and made her lie on her back while Jon pulled me down to the end of the bed and back up to where I was now facing Carol.
Carol spread her legs and with Jon letting go of my hair, I leaned forward, placed my hands on Carol’s inner thighs and spread her as wide as she could go. I bent down and with my tongue, began to lick her pussy lips, slowly working from top to bottom and back, feeling Carol start to jerk as I now planted my tongue into her hot wet cunt.
“Suck me mom” I heard her say. “Suck my cunt”. It was then the black slapped Carol hard on her face several times, “Tell her what to do Bitch” he demanded and I heard Carol say louder, “Suck my cunt you fuckin’ whore” as I buried my face as deep as I could in her cunt and licked and bit her cunt lips hard. Carol was crying out loud now as she withered in pain and pleasure at my sucking and biting, grabbing hold of my hair and jerking her cunt up and down as hard and fast as she could, making me almost gasp for air as I continued to eat her out. Jon and the black had by now been jerking off their cocks, watching us women and when Jon slapped Carol’s hand off my hair, he took hold of it and pulling me up towards him, shot a huge load of hot sticky cum onto my face. “Open your mouth whore” he ordered and as I did he finished shooting his load into it. When he was done he shoved his cock into my mouth, “Suck it whore” and I proceeded to suck his cock with all the pleasure I had in me.
Carol was also to be treated to a stream of cum as the black shot his load into her mouth as well. After a few minutes of sucking off their cocks, Jon and the black brought us women together again, “Kiss her whore” he ordered me and once again Carol and I kissed with a passion only a mother and daughter can have for one another.

No had noticed, but Mike had entered some time during all this and had been watching the whole scene he had also been jerking off his cock spraying his load onto the floor. He came over just as we were kissing, “Looks great” he said as he watched Carol and I kiss. “Looks as though you’ve all been having fun” he added. Carol stopped long enough to look at him, “Good morning sweetheart” she said and planted one last kiss on my lips.
“You were fuckin’ great mom” she told me. “And you too tasted so good sweetie” I replied.
With that, we all sat down on the bed and for the next few minutes just made small talk about what the day might bring. Our black man left after a while and Mike informed me and Jon that Carol, after having a black cock, was to be punished for her being a whore. But that too is just another tale.

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