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Uncut And Raw 6:27:2015

I am a man that is uncircumcised. Women think that if you are uncut that you are dirty. That you will tear the foreskin if you put it into a tight ass or pussy. That you cant feel it as well when they give you a blowjob. And the one I have just heard that you cant cum as much as a cut man.

This is the question I got from a little redheaded woman that worked in my office. She was hot. A plump ass, perfect breast and hips that flared out. She was a perfect woman. Little did she know there were many times I watched those bouncing breast or jiggling ass. Then I would have to jerk off in my office because of her.

We had started getting to know each other will. We had drinks on Friday nights after work. Ate together every day for lunch unless we had clients. I even got her to go on a date with me. I am hard every time we are together.

Then today she asked me this question. I don’t know if she know about me being uncut. Maybe she did or she felt comfortable with me. I know I never make it a habit to say anything about myself being so. But I am sure it was well known.

We were standing just out my office door when she asked me this. I already had a hard-on. She wore a tight pencil cut skirt that came just above her knee and a tight red sweater that hugged her big breast with a bit showing at the top.

I wanted to take her there and now. Bend her over my desk and drive my uncut dick in and out of her tight pussy. Make her open her mouth and suck me off until I shot my big hot load into her mouth.

I could not take this any more. I had to fuck her and now. I was already pre-cuming . I smile at her. Why don’t you come into my office and we will talk about it. She looked a little worried.

Taking her by the elbow I lead her through the door and closed it behind me. I turned the lock so we couldn’t be interrupted. I was going to get my fill for this woman. And today was the day. She was mine and I was going to show her how much more a uncut man came then a cut man.

She walked to the front of my desk. She acted like she was going to sit down then changed her mind. She turned to me with a frown. Am I fired for asking that question? I smiled at her again. No not at all. She let out a sigh and started to sit down. No No , I said. I don’t want you to sit down. She looked back at me.

I smiled again. Time to take what I wanted for all these months. I walked up to her. Took her hand and kissed it. She smiled at me and the room lite up and my dicked twitched. shooting more pre-cum. I sucked on her fingers her eyes got wide. Then taking her hand I placed it on my hard cock. She gasped. It was music to my ears.

I told her to squeeze it. And that I wanted to show her how much I could cum for her.She smiled then started rubbing me hard. I pushed her hand away, unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard pre-cum covered dick. Pushing her to her knees I put my cock into her mouth. I started pumping. Gagging her as I did. She took all of me. Licking the pre-cum off. I grabbed her head and started pumping her mouth. She gagged but kept swallowing the pre-cum that shot out and down her throat. I told her I wanted to watch it shoot into her mouth. She opened wide, I drove in a few more times. Then pulled it out.

I jerked it off then shot into her mouth. Loads upon loads of creamy white cum hit into her mouth and ran down her chin. Some falling on her beautiful tits which had come out of her sweater and bra. I shot on those too. I covered her for about five minutes with my hot cum. All over her mouth chin and tits.

When I was done she licked my cum off her tits then popped a nipple into her mouth. Oh damn she was making me pre-cum again. Taking her tits I drove mu dick between them pumping in and out. As my head came close to her mouth she would lick it. Then lick her lips. She was going to get another load. I started coming again. She licked as I did.

After she smiled at me and got off her knees. Too bad you could not cum again. I would love to feel your hot cum in me.

I laughed. Turning her around I pushed her across the desk. Ripped up her skirt, pulled her g-string to the side, and drove deep and hard into her hot tight pussy. She moaned, I pumped. I was going to cum again. But I was going to cum in all her holes.

Smiling to myself I started shooting a load into her pussy. She moaned and rode my cock. I came then pulled it out and pushed it into her ass. Driving deep into it I shoot another load into her ass. She sighed Oh that felt good. Chuckling I said, Not done yet baby.

Pulling it out of her ass. I wrapped my hand around my still throbbing cock and jerked it on her ass. She got another load all over that plump ass of hers. Shooting so much that it ran down her ass cheeks and down the back of her thighs.

After I asked her what she thought about a uncut man coming as much as a cut man? She smiled licked the rest of my cum off her lips and said. Baby I say you cum a lot more than a cut man. And I think I prefer a uncut man. Winking at me she said. So when can we do this again? Laughing I could already feel the pre-cum shooting out of the head of my cock. I had created a monster and I was going to cum all over her, as much as I wanted too.

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