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Unexpected Lover…

This is the story of how I became lovers with my Aunt, something I had never even thought about until the situation happened for real. To describe my Aunt, shes 5’2, just turned 40, 34d chest, size 14, and average build. She has blonde hair which is dyed, blue eyes..So without wasting further time, lets get on with the story…

It was November of 2009 and my Aunt was moving home having split with my uncle and finding a place of her own to live. Being the good nephew I didnt think twice when she asked me to help her move and seen as I was doing nothing anyway, agreed to help her out. The day itself was a cold one and when she picked me up in the morning it seemed like any other day, no real sexual feelings towards her and I can only assume she was thinking the same.

We spent most of the morning doing the boring moving boxes and packing and unpacking. It wasnt until we stopped for a break that things took a different turn. She began talking about my uncle, now her ex and began talking about not having a decent session of sex for months. Telling me that my uncle hardly ever had full sex and was content with the odd blowjob from time to time. I felt comfortable with her enough to continue the conversation and tell her it had been a couple of months for me aswell and I was getting to that stage I would have sex with anyone. I intended the comment to be purely a joke however my aunt had other ideas.

I was shocked when she replied and said “you could always go with me, no one would ever find out”. At the time I could tell by her face that her comment was put out there as a test to see how I reacted. With my slightly shocked expression she then told me she was joking around. I then told her that I would have but laughed afterwards. I dont think either of us knew if the other was being serious or not but my Aunt was the one who took the next step. She asked and made it clear she wasnt joking that she would sl**p with me and keep it a secret and explained she was at the same stage as me and would have sex with anyone to satisfy herself. I nodded and told her I would be okay with it aslong as no one ever found out about it.

There was an awkward moment where neither of us quite knew who would make the first move on the other. We were stood in the bedroom, still in the middle of constructing the bed with the matrass lying on the floor. My Aunt then moved in closer to me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and stepped back a little. I kissed her back before we began kissing more passionatly and beginning to feel her body. She took off my tshirt and kissed my chest before taking off her top revealing her in her bra and for the first time seeing her cleavage. Before we went any further I had to bring up that I didnt have a condom. She unbottoned her jeans and said it wouldnt matter as she couldnt have any more c***dren so condoms wouldnt make any difference. She took off her jeans and stood there in her underwear. I could feel my cock getting harder and pressing against my jeans as she began to unbutton my jeans.

With my jeans off we were both in our underwear and began our kissing once again. I loved the feeling of flesh on flesh, even if it was my aunt. I unclipped her bra and she removed her, without leaving my lips. I could feel her hard nipples press against me. We stopped kissing for a moment and she asked me if I was sure about this. I told her to continue, who could say no to a half naked older woman. She moved down to her knees, kissing my body on teh way down and slowly slid down my boxers. With my boxers off she touched my cock for the first time. Grasping it in her hand she gave the head a little lick before sliding it into her mouth. She sucked slowly, moving up and down the shaft before she stopped and released me. She moved back onto the matrass on the floor and took off her knickers before laying back and inviting me onto her.

It was the first time I had seen my aunt naked and the first time I had seen her nice shaven pussy. I moved down to my knees and leaned into her pussy, kissing the inside of her thighs before moving onto the pussy. I licked it and boy she tasted good. I kept licking for a few minutes, hearing her moan and breath a little heavier. I then stopped and moved up her body, kissing her belly, her breasts and nipples before kissing her on the lips. My body now on top of hers. It was at this moment that I slipped by penis into her for the first time. I would be lying if I said it was the tightest I had ever had but considering she had 2 k**s, it was still pretty tight.

I started off slow since I wasnt sure how she liked it in bed. We kept kissing as I thrusted in and out of her wet pussy until she shocked me and turned me over. With her on top she placed my cock back inside her and began riding me pretty hard. It was then I realised that she must like it pretty rough. She grinded away on my cock with my feeling her breasts. I sat up and sucked her on her nipples as she grinded down on my cock. After a couple minutes she got off my cock and said doggy to me. She bent down on her knees and I slid my penis back in and this time was a little more rougher, pushing it deeper and deeper each time. She was really loud moaner during it yelling me not to stop. I kept going harder and harder until she moved back onto her back. I put my cock back inside with her ankles at my neck and began again thrusting into her pretty hard. She kept telling me harder before telling me she was about to cum. She let out a big scream and i slowed down a little and watched her enjoy it. My aunt then once again moved position to me on my back and her riding me once again. She was just as rough as last time and I loved it. I could feel me getting close to cumming and told her I was about to cum. She simply said, cum inside before continuing to grind away. I let out a moan and felt the hot cum ejaculate into her. There were 3 or 4 big bursts before my throbbing cock lay dormant inside her.

She lifted off my cock lay beside me both of us a little exhausted. We kissed a little more laying on the matrass before she sat up and said we better get some actual work done. She stood up and I noticed my cum running down the inside of her thigh. She noticed it aswell and went to teh bathroom, possibly to clean up a little. I stuck ym boxers back on as she came back through and told me that was the best sex shes had in ages before remding me we could never tell anyone about this. I agreed with her and we made a promise to each other that we would never let on and that we would continue to meet for sex. We got dressed once again ready to begin the moving but shared another little kiss. She told me that we could have alot more fun together before we moved out the room and got back to moving her in the new house. I would never look at my aunt the same again, id now see her as a lover more than anything.

To be continued…. 😛

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