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Unfinished ex-girlfriend

Being in my thirties, I focused enough to have a f****y, career and a house. There were a few along the way that said I’d never amount to anything. It’s one thing when a guidance counselor says it, it’s another when someone says it to you while their breaking up with you.

Trish wasn’t just breaking up with me when she told me, she was telling me she was fucking another guy. 5 years together. Some of high school and well into college. I sometimes reflect on how much pussy I let go by during that time. I thought I was in love. I thought she was someone that believed in me. I was wrong.

“You’re not what I call a bread winner, Tommy.” she even made my name make me sound c***dish.
“You know why I fucked him? Because I wanted another cock in me. You are waaay to nice in bed. It should be a little dirty. Plus, I wanted to be able to say that I fucked more than one in my life. I wanted to compare. And he has you covered in the size department too.”

She was swinging for the fences. She wanted to degrade me no matter what. If he was bigger than my 8+ inch cock, good for him. But I was the one that took her cherry on prom night. But I will say this, she never ‘loved’ sex. Sure we did it. She was lousy at blow jobs, but she was on the pill for most of our relationship, so she’d let me finish in her, so no harm no foul. On a graph though over the years, it was an inverse relationship. At her senior prom (two days after she turned 18), she finally gave in. It was awful. Terrible and we both wish it didn’t happen. It was in the back of a car and on public property… the cops showed up as I finished. She was crying, the cop was a dick, everything sucked.

I guess she was taking it out on me. And this other guy was someone different that didn’t remind her of that experience.

I could have understood that. But she was ready to leave me to the wolves. Telling me, I can’t last, my cum tastes like coffee grounds, I shouldn’t reproduce and probably can’t because one weekend with this guy did the trick and she was pregnant… “WHAT?!” I shouted.

Well, I knew it was more than over. I felt like shit for long time after that. Then fast forward 15 years, we run into each other in a grocery store.

I was perfectly content with walking by, but she needed the 411 on my life and to dish on hers. Well, my k** is a Sophomore in High School and….” blah blah blah.

I was cordial enough until the questions started firing… are you working? yes. Doing what? engineer. I guess you did get your act together! (she was the only one laughing) are you married… yes. How many k**s? none…
What? No k**s? See I told you you couldn’t have k**s, we had sex far too much for you to not knock me up. You should get it that looked at… (her perspective was warped at best. We had sex 1 maybe 2 times a month.)
I looked at her in disbelief. All this time and she thinks it’s a run on sentence and she can pick up where she left off. I was so pissed, I couldn’t stand it. But I took a deep breath and gathered my senses.

“Actually, there is a lot more to that…” I tapped into her need to hear the gossip. “We should go somewhere to talk.” I was trying to have a pow wow with her to plant the seed for something more diabolical down the road.
“Oh, I need to home and let the dog out”
Without missing a beat, I said, “I can follow you.” She was a little dumbfounded that I just invited myself to her house.
We checked out and I stayed right behind her. This aggressiveness was not something she had ever seen before, certainly not 15 years ago from me.
She pulled into her driveway and told me to wait right here. She left me standing on the porch. “Fuck this” I thought, “no bullshit this time around’.
I walked into the house. She was running the vacuum. She turned it off and said, “I asked you to wait outside”
“Where’s your dog?” I stated.
“We don’t have one.” she responded.
“SO, after 15 years, I see vanity still rules you and lying is still natural.”
“I wanted to give you an excuse that wouldn’t hurt your feelings. I figured, I had done that enough”
She was pulling the sympathy card out early. But she knew this was the only way out at this point. She tried to change the subject.
“So tell me about your wife”
“She sucks dick way better than you ever did and sucks me till I cum. She cums when I fuck her pussy and is ready to go 3 or 4 times a week. Things you never could do.”
“Why don’t you have k**s” she tried to get control back with that sensitive topic.
“She can’t”
“so you had tests?” she gestured towards my cock.
“Yeah, I did, plenty of sperm, plenty of drive”
“you know I’ve gotten to be a better cock sucker”
“Oh yeah, how do you know that?.” I said snidely.
In the back of my mind, I was like where the hell is this coming from?

“I had a boyfriend after my son was born…”
I cut her off… “you didn’t marry what’s his face?”
“No he left before the baby came. But this boyfriend taught me, no demanded that I get better at it. He kept telling me that he was going to leave if I didn’t get better”
“How did he do that”
“He made me suck his cock for 6 hours once. Came and made me keep going… 6 hours, I’m telling you Tommy, my mouth was numb. Plus he made me do it right in his living room. His friends came in and watched and jerked off. It was horrible. We did that all the time. I was with him for about 3 years”

I couldn’t believe my ears. The girl that all but hated sex just told me that she got faced fucked at a circle jerk, regularly. It was clear to me that being the nice guy I was wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to be man handled and controlled. I figured I’d go for broke, after all she brought it up and besides, if she kicks me out, I can wash my hands of it.

“Well then, get over here and suck my dick and make up for lost time” I said it with authority and had no reservations about anything I said.

She almost started crying as she moved towards me. She dropped to her knees and undid my suit pants. She pulled out my cock and started running her tongue on it. She sucked the tip and got the moisture down to my balls. She was sucking my cock better than anyone ever did.

She started bobbing her head into my belt, harder and harder. I braced myself against the living room floor. She was f***eable with each motion and ramming my cock into the back of her throat. She gagged a little and kept right on her tempo. I need to look up that boyfriend and thank him for turning her into a mouth fucking machine.

I felt myself getting close. I asked her if she wanted my cum in her mouth. She kept right on going. I said, “can I cum in your mouth?”. She slowed down and all but stopped, not saying a word. She was cleaning the spit off of pubes.
“Why did you stop?”.
She didn’t answer.
I was really getting pissed now… just like old times. My jaw is tired, I don’t want to do this, what’s taking so long?… Shit I was mad!
“Just like old times” I said. “you are leaving me hanging again”
She looked up at me with my cock in her hand. “you’re right, just like old times, you are asking me instead of taking”
Then it dawned on me. She needed to be told what to do. I was trying to have her be this nice girl and respect her and all that bullshit. She need someone to take control and tell her to be nasty.

I walked over to the couch and took the fever pitch I was feeling to another level. I dropped my pants, put them to the side and told her to come here and get back to work.

Her green eyes lit up as she moved her 5 ‘6 body towards me. She still has great tits. Maybe another cup size to a C now, and maybe another few pounds to an even 160, but she had a sexy way about her that turned me on. The best thing about the new Trish, she stopped dying her hair that obnoxious blond and she went to her more natural auburn/reddish hair. She had a soccer mom thing going with that “I’m sexy but I don’t act it” thing.

She got down between my legs and engulfed my cock again. It felt so good to be back in a warm place! She had her hands on my legs and she bobbed on my cock skillfully. I could tell her tongue was getting a work out. She dropped down to my balls and got them both in her mouth. She kept rotating her tongue the entire time. She had clearly been to the pros.

I wanted to test her and take it to another level. I raised my legs and commanded her to eat my ass. Without missing a beat, her tongue was fishing around in my ass. She was rubbing my taint and jerking me off. Whoever this guy was was a sick fuck and is destined for sainthood.

She started sucking my cock again, twisting with one hand and fingering my ass with the other. 5 years together, she never touched my ass. Not once. Now she had licked it clean and was finger fucking it. I grabbed the back of her head all the way down and held it there. She came up for air in a gasp.

“Is this too much for you??” I said holding her head down to my balls as my cock cut off her airway.

I let her back up mercifully. I grabbed the back of her hair and looked her in the eye. “DO YOU WANT MORE OF THIS?” I said grabbing the base of my cock.

She didn’t say anything, but kept looking at me and then my cock. “Well, finish me off, bitch”

The ‘bitch’ hung in the air for a second. I NEVER would have called a girl that even in passing, let alone if we were having sex. She gobbled my cock again and took over the show.

Her fingers and hands, touched, caressed, fingered, rubbed everything they could all while she worked my cock up and down in rhythm. I could feel myself cumming for the first time in her mouth. The first time while not jerking my own cock. The first time where she had been trained to use her mouth and to have if fucked.

I let go and shot 4 days worth of cum into her mouth while she was on a down stroke.
She started sputtering and choking a little but recovered enough to keep draining my balls. She was swallowing hard but still let a little drip onto my balls. She was right on it though gently cleaning them and not leaving anything behind. She sucked my cock for another 10 minutes, gently cleaning it with her tongue. When she was satisfied I was clean enough, she got up, collected my shorts, my pants and presented them to me formally.

I put them on and started to leave. I turned to her to say something heartfelt, but what came out was, “I need to do that to you about once a week. When I come by, I want your mouth to be ready and hungry.”
Her eyes lit up again. She said, “your a fucking asshole and I wish you always were”

I took her phone number and put it in my phone under ‘Betty McDonald’, That’s in case my wife ever raids my phone I can say it’s a client. When I got home that night, my wife asked me how my day was. I told her full of surprises and I have a new client I’m working with that might require time out of the office about once a week.

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