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Used and loving it by the b*****r

She developed when she was young. She had an adult body as a teenager. It made her so curious about sex. In school the boys loved to look at her tits. soon she found they made her very popular. She always had a boyfriend and she liked being with the guys. She found they wanted to touch her tits and she liked them doing that. They would go and park and she would remove her sweater and her bra. The boys would touch then kiss and then suck her nipples. It wasn’t long before they would be naked in the back seat and she was stroking his cock as he sucked a tit then played with her pussy. She loved fucking and never said no. It was exciting to know the boys had big cocks and she loving fucking them.

She then decided she needed sex more than just on the week end in the back of a car. It was time to seduce her b*****r. He was older and still lived at home. One night she walked into his room wearing only a towel and showing most of her tits. She sat on his bed and pulled his covers back. Next she kissed his nipples then his stomach. She told him,”do you want to see my naked body?” And then she pulled her towel off. He stared at her tits and then her pussy.
“Touch me, please.” she said as she put his hand over her tit. Then she pulled his briefs off and saw his cock pop out hard and erect. She was thrilled he had a nice big cock for her. As he massaged her tits she began to stroke his cock. “I am going to suck this nice hard cock for you before I let you fuck my cunt” she whispered.

She then took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him. She licked and sucked every inch of his shaft as he moaned and then pushed her head down deep on this member. “My God you suck cock better than any girls at school.” He pushed his cock in all the way and held it there as he felt her mouth tighten and suck him hard. Soon he filled her throat with cum. “Swallow all of it for me you s****r slut. Now you will be my private whore.” He pushed her on her back and spread her legs and began to eat her pussy tasting her as she came several times. He kept sucking and licking her pussy till his cock was hard again. “Now I am going to fuck that wet cunt of yours till you can’t take any more of my man cock.” He then pushed his cock in her deep and hard. She took every inch and he rammed her in and out making her cum around his thick shaft.

He fucked her all night long between him eating her pussy and she sucking his cock. He sucked and chewed her huge tits loving the size of them. “I am a lucky b*****r to have a slut s****r right next to me. You will come here every night and fuck your big b*****r. I am even going to get my friends to fuck your hot cunt too.”

Two weeks later they had fucked every night and a couple times during the day. Their parents were going to be gone for a few days and they had the house to themselves. As soon as the parents left he told her, “get naked and come here and fuck your b*****r. Suck my cock clear to my balls. You will be my slut slave till mom and dad get back.” The b*****r fucked her in every room of the house. “You are a great slut little s****r.'” he told her. “Now get on yor hands and knees and stick that hot ass up in the air for your b*****r.” As she got on her knees, he spread her ass wide open. “I have a nice surprise for you. I am going to fuck your ass.” He then spit on her ass and aimed his cock in the opening. “This may hurt the first time but I love fucking an ass and i have been waiting for the right time to break your ass in.” he then plunged his cock into her tight ass. He heard her scream but soon she adjusted to his large member and he began to fuck her as fast as he could. He loved the tight ass around his hard cock. As he fucked her he reached down and pulled on the nipples that were swinging as he fucked her.

He told his s****r, “you are a great ass fucking slut.” “Now my friend is going to come over and fuck you as I fuck you. Tonight you are going to be the slut of my house. We will fuck you till you can not walk.”

An hour later jim showed up and soon was naked as she and the b*****r were. He started by sucking her big tits as her b*****r ate her pussy. Then he pulled her down to his cock as her b*****r bent her over and fucked her from the back. Jim soon came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Her mouth and cunt was full of cum. The boys switched off all night fucking her and making her suck thier cocks. She was full of cum. Her b*****r then pushed Jim’s into her cunt as he pushed his cock into her ass. They both were fucking her hard. As soon as they came they had her get on her knees and suck the messy cocks clean. Then her b*****r fucked her ass one more time as Jim fucked her mouth. Her ass and her cunt were sore from being fucked so many times.

In the morning Jim left her alone with her b*****r. They slept for a while then they showered together and her b*****r fucked her in the shower. As they ate breakfast she got under the table and sucked his cock. He then layed her on the table and fucked her cunt so hard she screamed. They fucked and sucked all day long. Neither could get satisfied for sex. Jim liked to suck her nipples as she held him in her lap.She loved her tits sucked and fondled.

Two months later she discovered she was pregnant with her b*****rs baby. They told her parents it was some one elses and she planned to give it up at birth. Her b*****r loved fucking her as she was getting larger and larger. Soon her tits got even bigger and filled with milk. She would go to his bed at night and fuck him and let him fuck her ass and he would suck the milk from her tits. The more he sucked the milk the more she produced and her tits got bigger and bigger. He loved nursing his pregnant s****r as much a she loved fucking her.

When she gave birth to the baby he asked her not to dry the milk from her tits. He loved drinking the white liquid. She kept her tits full of milk for him and her tits were huge and full. He loved to squirt milk on his cock and have her lick it off. Her nipples were stretched and big from being sucked so often by the b*****r.

The b*****r was now out of school and got a job and moved to his own apartment. He moved out of town and asked the s****r to move in with him. She decided she wanted to. In the new town every one assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend not b*****r and s****r. They were free to fuck non stop now. He would even come home at lunch and fuck her. Some times they added a friend to their sex fest. They like either a guy or gal it did nto matter jsut so the sex was hot and pletiful. They fucked at least three times every night and sometimes all night. Her tits still full of milk and the parteners they added loved her full huge globes. They would both nurse her tits. Life was good for the b*****r and s****r and no one knew their deep naughty secret.

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