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Vacation to LA part 6

The rest of the evening was uneventful as my s****r returned to make dinner i helped her. Dinner was awkward as i tried to sit properly but very uncomfortably as i had just been anally ****d so to speak by her husband earlier. After dinner they retired to their room and soon i could hear moaning, seems our earlier activities got derrick excited as i could tell by my s****rs moans and cries he was having his way with her ass. It was kinda funny know i had seduced her faithful husband. I awoke the next morning my s****r was making breakfast as we sat and ate derrick left for work and we had the house to ourselves.

After we ate i asked her if we could see the town my s****r laughed and i thought she was being a bitch like ”ha ha poor big s****r wants to be a tourist”. After the laugh she agreed and i went upstairs to get dressed i wanted to wear something sexy but modest i didnt want to come off as a total slut so i put on my black gstring and low cut denim jeans that showed off my ass perfectly and 1 of my favorite ramones t shirts that showed just right amount of my abs i put on my usual eyeliner and brushed my long straight hair i looked good. As i got my daughter ready for our trip my s****r snuck up behind me grabbed my hips and thrust into my behind and ground her hips into me i leaned back and she started kissing my neck. I swear shes more of a sex fiend than iam sometimes i turned around she was wearing a tank top and daisy dukes she pulls on my g string and snaps them on my hips playfully.

As we get in her car i feel the difference from her home to the outside till this day im not ashamed to say i hate their weather id rather freeze than be sweaty all day. She says where you wanna go i told her its her city and with that shes started driving as she does she looks at me and brings my head to her lap and says tou know what to do. With than i pull her shorts down and recline her seat as i start to eat her pussy slowly ‘road head for women is an artform in itself guys should be thankful its all right there and your girlfriend or what ever doesnt have to arch her neck as much’ 1st i tease her by flicking my tongue over her clit playfully my god was she ever soaked i could smell she just had sex so i decided id spread her pussy lips open and eat her like the nympho she is. As my tongue tastes inside of her pussy i taste derricks cums and start eating her ferociously i felt her hand on my head pressing me in deeper my god we were a horny pair.

I brought her to 3 orgasms as i feel her stop the car i pop my head up we were at an intersection and this truck beside us honked his horn as my s****r lowered the top of her audi and said lets give him a show and pushed my head back down we were stopped there quiet awhile as she came all over my face for a 4th time and the she hits the gas. I was confused and horny as hell as i sit back up my chin and mouth covered with my s****rs pussy juice and i see we were in town already. to be continued …

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