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Andrea,is a slightly stuck up teacher,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She is going to be my wife.After years of refusal she finally agreed to marry me,i can’t wait to have sex with her,she is a virgin, at 24 she never had a boyfriend or anybody touching more then her arm,simply repulsing any physical contact.This was driving me mad with frustration but also with an immense desire for her sumptuous legs and those tits that i was never allowed to fondle but above all was her prudence to excite me the most.Just 24 more hours and my dream will come true.We decided to spend our last night as single together at the club in front of our hotel.The lady at the reception recommended as an interesting place.I ask Andrea to wear, for tonite outing, the suspenders and stockings that i bought for the wedding but she tell me that she will never put that kind of things on.During dinner i catch the waiter downblousing my,soon to be,wife several time,from the front is not revealing but from above the view is appealing.Her friends,7 girls, arrive to the hotel,bringing a pair of red leather stiletto for Andrea.Despite not in her style SHE agree to use them for the special night ahead,SHE look fantastic.The low key black, semi adherent,above the knees skirt and loose white blouse get an incredible boost from the addition of the high heels,i can’t take my eyes off HER.Around 9 we all walk in the club,quite empty,i get two bottles of wine and the celebration is happening,plain ,boring but a necessary prelude to tomorrows wedding,then will be my turn to enjoy.I refill all glasses and two of the girls are laughing a lot at my jokes,nice.As time goes by the place fills up and become noisy and buzzy,i take 15 minutes to come back with more wine.3 girls have left and 4 more are saying goodbye,i sit on the couch,man high walls surround our quite private and circular area centered by a toll bar table with four stools and a low square coffee table.I point out that is already 11 o’clock and maybe better go,Andrea,Tara and Nelly, the last two girls, agree and fix the dead line in 15 minutes.The mobile of Tara ring and she say”Yes,we are here…..ok”ten Minutes later,as i pick up my jacket to leave,3 guys and 2 girls enter our area,go past me and start to talk to Tara who introduce them to Nelly and Andrea,somehow i get left out,i don’t make an issue and just wait for a good opportunity to remind Andrea that is getting late.Meanwhile i ask if anybody care for cold water as Andrea already had more wine then SHE ever did.Jhonny,the most outgoing of them,pick up his phone and say”Ya,go and fetch the water”Mark and Dean,his two mates point to me the way to the now crowded bar.Just now i notes how the lights keep getting lower as time goes by,now the place is really dark,after 20 minutes i get back to the our small lounge and huge cocktails ,lavishly garnished with fruit are covering the coffee table.Nelly is gone and Tara is talking to Naomi and Frida. Andrea is sitting between Johnny and Dean,they are all laughing loudly,Johnny moves his back forward to stand up ,put his right hand on Andreas left knee using it as a support but instead of getting up he slide his palm between her slightly divaricated knees,i see his thumb stroking my woman skin, then he slowly return his back to the seat,caressing Andreas lower inner thighs.Naomi bring a strawberry close to HER face,SHE try to get it with HER hand but Naomi gently touch HER chin to make HER open the mouth,Naomi put the fruit inside and lingers on the open lips as she slide in the tip of a straw to make HER drink .Dean call me over and make me sit in front of him and Andrea,then say”When your wife wear stiletto should also wear stockings” I tell him that SHE never wear stockings,he tell Naomi to hand him her set of stockings,he make Andrea sit on the stool and put the stockings on HER legs.Dean sit on the stool,Andrea stand next to him,he slide his hands under HER skirt and brazenly fondle my wife inner thighs right in front of me and say”Stockings look good and feel so nice ”Andrea laugh and put HER hand on his lower arm to stop him going further up but HER resistance is feeble,the legs are spread enough to let Dean hands fondle HER in total ease.Mark sits next to me as Naomi sit on the stool next to Andrea.Naomi slide her left hand under my wife skirt from behind and lift it with the right hand to show me how my bride thighs are getting enjoyed at once by Naomi and Dean.After a while Dean and Andrea start dancing, at 2 centimeters from eachother,he move his hands all over HER ,stroking HER waist and from the hips all the way up to the armpit,obviously slowing down as he rub and cup the sides of the breasts.I never seen Andrea behaving this way,now SHE has lifted HER arms above HER head and is shacking HER breast in his hands.Naomi stand behind HER and bring the glass to HER mouth feeding HER more cocktail.Dean come to sit down in front of me again,Andrea at his right,he put his arm over my wife shoulders and around the neck then let it drop over HER chest.As he look at me his hands start rubbing the tip of Andrea breast then his fingers gently and very slowly,grab the upper part of the breast,stroke it to the tip and grab it again and again, squeezing more consistently every time and comment”Mmmm so perky and very firm” My wife put HER hand on his wrist but again the resistance is totally strenghtless.Dean move his finger to Andreas neck,caress it up and down then stroke HER cleavage and slide inside the shirt.Andrea unbutton the blouse all the way,exposing the bra.Naomi say ”Wow,very expensive model,with see-through white lace,that must be your bridal bra” Dean fingers gently squeeze the bra above the nipple then the whole hand slide inside and fondle the warm breast ,i clearly see his fingers rolling the tip of the nipple under the transparent material as he start kissing HER ear and neck, hardening my wife nipples to the max then look at me and say”i hope you don’t mind to see your bride getting used up,come closer,so you can get a better view,i was told that in 3 years of engagement you were never allowed to touch HER anywhere above the elbow”He place Andrea on his laps facing me, remove the bra and start kneading my bride tits very roughly,he tell my wife to put the elbows behind the back and to also pull HER shoulders back,SHE obey,pushing out and up the breast and he squeeze HER tits so hard that the nipple seem to pop out.Andrea pant and gasp but keep the tits in the same position.Dean look at me and say” Your bride has got very firm and perky tits,for the time being.You should take a photo because in two hours they will look different”He squeeze and twist my bride tits with all his strength then he tell Naomi to abuse the engorged nipples.Naomi put the bra back on Andrea and say”Sorry but i love abusing the nipples in HER bridal bra”Dean tell me to give the key of my hotel room to Tara,after a few minutes she is back with Andreas wedding gown,Dean make my wife wear it,complete with veil and the suspenders and white stockings that i bought ,with a heavy pair of scissor he cut it to expose the tits and the sultry legs in garters’He pull his trouser down and place Andrea on his lap ,facing me,again torment HER tits as Naomi pinch and pull the nipples.Then he look at me and say”I think you enjoining watching your bride getting used and abused,pull down your trousers..” I obey and my erection is now there to be seen,he add”Mark will take care of that…” Mark start to stroke my dick,i am shocked and unable to move,i see Dean prick fully erected coming up from under Andreas ass and standing between HER thighs,is a monster,very long but above all extremely thick,like a beer can.
”He laugh as 8 guys come past me and surround Andrea and Dean,he make them move and say””Here,look at your wife pussy while i deflower her”he ,open the big lips and start to finger the virgin pussy,dilating the entrance to fit the enormous cock ,i ask ”How did you know she was a virgin?”he answer pointing behind my shoulders,Tara is standing and obviously enjoying the view to the point of masturbating and say”I never could stand Andrea,i set this up as my wedding present”A muffled scream coincide with Dean penetrating Andrea,i see the hole dilate obscenely to touch the thighs.I say ”You will destroy HER pussy” he say”I sure will,that is what i get paid for,wrecking stuck up bitches and make of them my fuck sluts”While he fuck my bride he grab HER inner thighs,twist and pull the flash under the stockings with all his strength,almost dismembering them.Tara place her head under his testis and start to lick and gently pinch his scrotum,his prick is now as hard as wood.Dean slap the redden thighs a dozen times and order Tara to squeeze Andreas clit,Naomi is scratching HER breast,sucking hard the puffy and succulent nipples,chewing them , biting and almost ripping them off. I think”Watching Andrea getting abused in her bridal gown is the ultimate lust”.Moaning loud Andrea start to come, Tara use the nails to pinch and pull the clit,Andrea scream in pain as she climax and beg Tara to stop touching HER clit as ,after the orgasm it become extremely sensitive,so Tara use all ten fingers to torment the delicate clit non stop for the following ten minutes.Dean pull
out the prick from the pussy and fuck Andrea in the ass and tell Tara to fist fuck HER”Now i will wreak you bride ass and ruin the tits forever,sorry but knowing that HER breast will never recover and you never got to touch your wife beautiful tits,simply turn me on too much”As i start to cum Mark ruin my orgasm, hit my testicles very hard and torment my cock for a few minutes.Meanwhile Dean penetrate Andreas pussy again and tell HER to kiss him lovingly while he fill her with cum,i can see Andrea orgasming as his prick pulse and spurt,SHE can really feel HER hole getting widened and flooded then SHE say”YES, CUM IN ME TODAY, MAKE ME PREGNANT ,I LOVE YOU”I find the strength to ask HER ”YOU don’t want me anymore?”Andrea look at me and with disdain say””You can be my husband but from now on i will be his fuck slut,anytime and anywhere”Dean look at HER and say ”Ok, then get on your fours like the cow you are ,suck my cock while my ten friends fuck your ass and cum in your pussy.Tara, fist fuck HER continuously and dont leave the clit alone for a second.Naomi, you pull hard the nipples,pinch them with your beautiful nails, pierce that puffy aureole at least 20 times each.Guys,while you fuck her, squeeze,twist and pull the tits,always cum in the pussy and slap the breast as you do.Once HER tits will look like the breast of a 80 years old woman,we will leave.Andrea, every time your pussy get flooded,kneel in front of me,wrap your tits around my prick to show how soft and flabby have become and suck my cock.”After almost 3 hours Andreas tits are utterly ruined,stretched to her waist ,the skin is all blue and red, impossible to tell where the aureole start,the nipple is at least 4 centimeter long.Andrea kneel in front of Dean, sitting on the couch he wind the nipple around his index and shake the tits.He feel them in his hand and say”Mmmm totally flaccid,sagging like an empty,wet bag,keep them this way,i like wrapping them around my prick like a scarf,now kiss me tenderly,with love,as if we had just got married”Andrea kiss him exactly as Dean has told HER and say” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I AM YOUR FUCK SLUT,PLEASE COME TO PLAY WITH ME AGAIN”Dean look at me and say”Don’t forget your souvenir” and point at the wrecked bridal gown and bra,they are my presents for you,then pointing at Andreas womb he add”Andreas present is on the way”….
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