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Wanking With The White Van Man

Just got back from work and can’t believe what I did during my lunch hour.

Last Saturday I went to Ann Summers to by some new stockings and whilst I was there the young girl said they had an offer on a vibrator that looked like a lipstick. Brilliant I thought and bought the product. I could keep it in my handbag with my makeup and have a wank whenever and wherever I wanted.

That happened today during my lunch hour.

Work was shit and so I decided to get out of the office for lunch so that I could eat my sandwiches away from work.

I drove the 10 minutes to a local Wetlands Conservation Reserve and parked in the very far corner away from all the other cars (not that there were many there) facing the lake. I ate my food and then started feeling horny.

I remembered that I had the vibrator lipstick in my bag and pulled it out and started to rub it against my clit. I was very juiced up. I pulled my sklirt right up. As usual I had no pants on and was wearing a pair of navy hold ups.

My wank was going very nicely until a white Ford transit van pulled up right next to me. Why he parked there when there was loads of space in the car park I don’t know. I tried to pull my skirt down but thought what the hell and carried on rubbing the vibrator against my now throbbing clit.

It did not take the driver long to look over. He moved from the driving to the passenger seat and was looking right at my moist shaven pussy. He started to fiddle about and soon revealed a stiff cock above the van window. He was wanking as he watched me wank. This was the first time somebody had seen me wank in public and I was so turned on.

I turned the vibrator to amximum speed and rubbed it against my clit and fingered my pussy as the van drive frantically rubbed his swollen cock.

I came in a flood and watched as he shot his load akll over the van window. “Thanks” I saw him mouth to me but I was too weak to reply as my legs were shaking from the orgasm I just had.

I pulled my skirt down and went back to work. My pussy was soaking all afternoon and I had to have another sneaky wank in the work toilet. I am still wet now and can’t wait for Pete to come home.

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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