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Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

***This is a work of fiction that is taboo****

If you are not REALLY into Taboo, then please do us both a favor and skip this. This story is based loosely on a role play that I shared with another person on here not too long ago. I cannot emphasize enough that this is FICTION and that I am writing it because they wanted to know how my mind would work the specific elements they gave me into a story.


I hoped that I had not just wasted $60. Abbey had seen me in the adult store looking at a magazine on f****y and taboo sex and then buying a couple of videos on the subject as well. She followed me out to my car and asked if I wanted to watch. I asked watch what and she said she had a son Danny. She wanted to teach him about sex and was thinking it might help if there was a man present to help and if maybe I would be willing to film it for the two of them. Then she added that he was a virgin.

Usually I would have walked, but I had had a couple of shots of tequila and was feeling no pain. Abbey was tall, BIG tits (Like 42G BIG) and dirty blonde hair. I am a sucker for tits when I am sober; when d***k I will just about give away everything for a good set of tits. When she smiled and I watched her hands go up and play with the blouse buttons that were straining to keep her big tits out of sight, I forked over the money and followed her to the hotel.

Sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, I watched as Danny came into the room. His mop of brown hair was soaked and he shivered as the cool air hit his wet body. He had been swimming. He was all awkward skin and bones and at that stage where a piece of paper on the floor could cause him to trip and his voice might make sounds in three octaves within the span of one sentence. He pulled the towel around his thin frame and looked over at me then back at his Mom. “Danny, this is a friend of ours. I want to give you a special gift tonight and I want to capture your reaction on the camera, so that is why he is here. You go shower and then come out after you have dried off and dried your hair. Then I will tell you more about your surprise!”

He turned and ducked into the bathroom and shut the door. Abbey walked over to the stand next to the TV and picked up a small bag and brought it over to me. “Thanks for agreeing to film this. I think it will mean a lot to him later on. I know the idea of doing it on film has my pussy almost literally dripping!” She handed me the camera bag and then reached behind herself and faster than I can describe it, she had unfastened her bra, and worked it off of her body and down her arms, under her boobs and out from under her shirt. She turned side to side and those massive round fun bags moved side to side and she smiled at me. “Do you think he will like them?” I am not certain that I responded in any way other than to nod!

She giggled and walked over to the mirror and checked her makeup. I watched as she applied some lip liner and made her already heavy eye shadow even more like a porn star’s! I situated the camera bag so as to hide the raging hardon I was getting from watching her in her skin tight black wrap around skirt, white blouse and as far as I could tell, not a stitch else! There was no evidence that she had on panties and the bra was hanging from the back of a chair at the little table by the window.

“Figured out how it works?” She asked, looking at me through the mirror. I almost replied that I had known how it worked since before she was born, but then realized she was talking about the camera. She came over and checked a couple of things. I was checking a couple of things as well! Her big tits were capped with long thick nipples and they were growing even harder as she leaned over the camera showing me some indicators and controls. I could not have cared less about the stupid camera! Instead I reached up and fondled the breast closest to my left hand. “Stop! You may get your turn, but Danny gets to learn on his own first.”

This was all surreal! But as she handed me back the camera we heard the door open to the bath followed by the whine of the hotel hairdryer doing its job. “Please, I want this to go well and I am really worried. He is going to be even more nervous once I show him his surprise, so try to not intrude. You will get to do what you want… what I want to, but I want to let Danny have his special moment first.”

I can remember thinking this woman is NUTS!!! But as long as I got to fuck her……

A few minutes later, as Abbey was lying on the far side of the bed, Danny walked into the room with his towel wrapped around his waist. “Mom, where’s my boxers?”

“It’s okay honey. We will find them later. Come over here and crawl into bed with Mommy.”

Danny eyeballed me a little but then walked around the end of the bed and past me climbing into the full bed while still clutching his towel. He crawled next to his Mom with his back to me and asked her what his surprise was. “Well, honey, a few months ago I started noticing stains on your sheets and it made me smile. I know you are growing up fast and that you are maturing into a fine young man and I was very proud. Then last week, I discovered a pair of my nice silky panties that I have been missing stuffed under your mattress. I was really flattered by that but I also realized that since your father is not around I was going to need to teach you about sex and about what is going on in your body.”

“Mom, stop! I don’t want to talk about this! Especially not with you while some guy is over there with a camera!” Danny started to turn and try and get out of bed, but Abbey grabbed the front of his towel and when it nearly came undone, he turned back toward her. “Please Mom. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, okay? Can we just forget about it now?”

I zoomed in on Abbey’s face. There were some red splotches on her cheeks as she looked at her son and said, “Danny, it’s alright. It is a natural thing to like sex and to be curious. There is nothing more natural than to like sex! In fact look over at Mr. Smith. See, his bulge is big because he is excited by sex!” They both turned and looked at me and it was my turn for my face to heat up as I realized they were both staring at my straining erection in my pants!

“Damn, Mom, he looks big!” Danny said.

“He probably is. Most older men have penises or cocks that are thicker and longer than yours probably is right now. That’s okay though. I can tell by what you did in my underwear that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to pleasing a girl and in fact, after tonight, I am going to be certain you will be able to please any woman you ever want!”

“Even you, Mom?” He asked quietly, not really looking at her face.

“Honey, you ALWAYS please me! And you know what I like from you the most?” Danny shook his head no. “Mommy loves the way you kiss! Roll up here Danny and give me a kiss.” Danny rolled over and awkwardly they kissed. It was sweet. Then Abbey raised herself up on an elbow and I saw her tongue play over Danny’s lips as his eyes fluttered and closed. She looked at me and pulled back a little. I watched transfixed as she ran her tongue around his lips and then his tongue came out to tentatively touch and explore her tongue. She closed her eyes and the space between them as well and the kiss heated even more.

I watched as she took his hand and put is on the top outside of her breast. When he realized what he was touching, he pulled it back quickly, but she brought it back and put it gently on the outside of her blouse again and then helped his hand knead the large loaf. When she pulled her own hand from his, he continued and she moaned her approval!

She rested her hand on his towel and then I watched as her fingers slowly undid the folds and loosened the deep piled fabric. I noticed that there was a definite outline of a boner just before her hand slid under the material. Danny’e eyes flew open and he looked down at where his mother’s wrist disappeared from sight. “Relax, Danny. It’s okay.” She leaned more over him and engaged his mouth in another deep passionate kiss. Within seconds the tension in his body relaxed as he gave way to the pleasant touch of his mother’s hand.

I moved to the foot of the bed and saw Abbey look up at me out of the corner of her eye. She rolled back onto her back and Danny looked over at her questioningly. She smiled at him and then undid her blouse. Hell my cock jumped upon seeing her expose those big full breast of hers! They were capped with long stiff tapered nipples that reached up from the soft smooth plateaus of her boob mounds like great monoliths extending into the sky!!! “Suck on Mommy, Danny. Kiss and suck on my chest and I want to feel your lips sucking on my tits like they did years ago! If you do it right, like you did back then, you will have me so fucking wet in no time!”

I thought the zipper on my jeans was going to explode!

Danny got up on his hands and knees beside Abbey and with both his hands on the breast closest to him he squeezed and then timidly bent his head and took her nipple in his mouth. Abbey purred and stroked his body. With her other hand she fingered and tugged on her other nipple. She pulled on his towel and tossed it to the floor. Danny did not seem to notice. Abbey got this dreamy smile on her lips. “Mr. Smith, would you put the camera on the tripod and show Danny how you like to suck a woman’s big tittys?”

I was using a tripod to keep the camera steady anyway, so I eagerly stepped around it as Danny looked up at me. It appeared to me from how wet stiff and tight her nipple was, the young man was a natural, but there was no way I was passing up the chance to taste her goodies for myself!

“Sometimes it is right to go for the homerun right from the start like you did, Danny.” I said as I climbed halfway up on the bed myself from the opposite side. “But sometimes it is good to build the anticipation.” I leaned down and I kissed her strawberry lips and the passionate tongue of the woman beneath me. “Kissing back to her ear and along the jawline, down the neck and across the collarbone…. Watch how she reacts.” I slowly nibbled and kissed along my planned route. Abbey moved her head and neck, surrendering to my touch as I felt the eyes of young Danny watching and soaking it all in. When I got a particularly good moan, I would linger a little longer and she squirmed under my lips.

“That is called foreplay or first base.” I said quietly. “Moving my hand down to her free breast I squeezed the front of her breast and said, “These are second base. And they are delicious! You try it now!” He came up and this time we both kissed her ears, neck, lips, eyes, and across her chest! She was breathing deeply like a freight train and she had pushed one of her hands down between her thighs!”=

“Do as he does now, Danny. OH God yes, do what he is doing!” Abbey whispered with a voice choked in lust. I began kissing, licking, sucking and flicking her nipples with my tongue and she was incredibly responsive. As I glanced over I saw that Danny was indeed watching me and following my lead. I also saw that Abbey was reaching up below his belly and had hold of his prick. Like the rest of him it was skinny, long and looked like it still had a lot of growing to do, but none-the-less there was no denying it was ready to do the job! She was squeezing and slowly stroking the rod and they both were in heaven.

I reached down across her belly with one hand and Danny’s eyes followed it. She pulled her hand out from under the skirt as I undid the wraparound skirt covering the woman’s lower body. I felt it come free and I pulled the one side to me then flipped the other off of her, leaving her quite naked. Danny strained to see what I had exposed.

“This is third base.” I said before resuming sucking on the juicy breast that I had captured in my other hand. I then took his hand and slowly moved it over the two rolls of her mature belly and into the sparsely furred pussy that was so damn hot and wet that my own cock was aching with need and desire!

I pushed his fingers down into her wet pussy and quietly said, “You have to learn to figure out women yourself. “ I gave Abbey’s tits one last good suck and squeeze and went to my camera to move it for a better angle.

What I saw when I turned back left me frustrated as to what to focus on. She was still stroking his cock and it was leaking liquid sugar onto her fist and sheets. On the other hand, he had two fingers deep in her snatch and was tentatively kissing and licking the top of her pussy. Her left hand was making a pilgrimage from the back of his head to squeezing her nipples and back. I opted for moving the camera up next to her shoulder on the side away from Danny. I could see most of what was going on and could listen to her quiet obscene words of encouragement to Danny! Her potty mouth filter had flown out the door and she was encouraging him to become the world’s best cunt licking mother fucker to ever pop a load in his own mother!

I was looking through the viewfinder and therefore jumped when I felt a hand on my cock. I looked down and she was staring at me with glazed lust. She tugged on my zipper and I decided what the hell. A minute later she was stroking a cock in each hand and had four of Danny’s fingers sliding in and out of her. Danny’s lips and tongue had discovered her clit and were making her squirm and curse even worse than before! I was not certain what was keeping young Danny from cumming because I had not had nearly as much direct stimulation and was really having to focus to keep my lust under control.

Danny suddenly backed off of the bed, quickly circled to the foot of the bed and climbed up between the legs of Abbey. She smiled up at him and quietly said, “That’s it honey. Be the motherfucking son of a bitch I have always wanted you to be. Give me your sugar cock and don’t be afraid to pump it all deep inside me and make Momma happy!” He grabbed his angry red cock and aimed it between the wet thick lips that Abbey had spread open with one hand. She tugged me over and started slapping my hardon against her nipple and I watched as thin threads of my pre-cum painted her breast.

I stood there in awe as he pushed just a little ways into her and his eyes rolled back into his head. “Don’t you fucking cum now!” Abbey told him. “Shove that prick into me deep first! You gotta get it all the way in and really fuck the hell out of me, for god’s sake, stick it in me!”

Danny smiled down at his mother and then pushed slowly forward with an evil smile shadowing his features. “You want me to fuck you? You want me to screw you good? I am going to fuck you up good now!” Danny hissed then he fell forward and caught himself with hands to either side of Abbeys’ body.

He would never win a prize for being a skilled lover or even a porn star want to be, but what he lacked in technique he made up for is raw enthusiasm, rapidly banging himself in between the older woman’s thighs as she urged him on and pulled him into her. First she simply raised her knees and then she raised them higher, lifting her heels off of the bed and allowing him to bang deeper and deeper into her soaking wet cunt. The squishing slapping sound of flesh bumping and burying itself into flesh was unbelievably hot and I was getting ever nearer the point of no return as I fought to keep the camera on all of the hands, mouths, tits, and clits that were being violated.

Abbey grabbed a big handful of Danny’s hair and pushed his head over to the breast where she was slapping my cock. Before either of us knew what she was doing she pushed his mouth over my cock and shoved him lips first down my shaft! “Suck him you little cock sucker! Fuck your momma and suck off a real man!”

My mind screamed for me to pull back, but as I felt his tongue wrap around my cock and him suck hard on my cock just before it bounced into the back of his throat, I knew it was already too late. I heard someone else groaning and roaring and then felt myself echo the primal roar of Abbey as her body convulsed and her verbal banter turned into unintelligible growls, groans and hisses!

I heard Danny coughing and sputtering as I watched more jets of my sperm shoot across the quaking pillows of Abbeys chest. A moment later, Danny roared and I thought for a moment he might bend himself into a backward circle! Abbey continued to skillfully wring every drop of baby batter out of my balls as I could see her hips rocking to milk the cock that was impaled in her of every drop she could get out of him as well!

I stumbled back into the wall watched as the taboo two-some in front of me sent powerful primitive surges of pleasure and lust ripping and roaring through each other. She pushed his face to her breasts and I saw him lick my sperm off of her tits. What he missed she smeared across her chest using the side of his face! He resumed a slow hard pounding as she wrapped her legs around him. She bent her face down and they kissed and she licked and kissed his face clean as I watched his fingers begin once again to twist and tug on her long shiny nipples.

I decided I had gotten my money’s worth and pulled my pants back up. Moving to the foot of the bed, I saw that the vigor of youth had triumphed and Danny was once again stiff and solid and was sliding in and out of a very wet mature pussy; the very one he had come out of years before.

“If you want to become the world’s best lover, you can’t ignore 50% of the population.” I heard Abbey say to Danny. “You should let our friend pump your ass full of his cum before he leaves.”

I turned and looked at the flawless naked bottom as it pounded in and out of the woman beneath him. It was almost feminine, it was almost….

The alarm went off and I about jumped straight out of bed! Looking back and forth I realized I was in my bedroom. The body lying next to me rolled over and smiled. “Good morning, Bryan.” I recognized the beautiful smile I had known for years. I hoped to God I had not been talking in my sl**p!

“Good Morning s*s, time to get up,” I said with a smile as I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. I felt her hand on my cock and she gave it a nice squeeze and a quick tug before looking up into my face.

“Thanks for the homecoming last night! I am so glad we got d***k and finally, … well you know.” She batted her beautiful eyes at me and I moaned. “I hope you slept well and had pleasant dreams!”

I leaned down and kissed her more passionately as I felt her rubbing the head of my prick against her hairless pussy. When I came up for air I told her, “I did, thanks to you, but I am looking forward to seeing if you can surpass my dreams before I have to go to work!”

She giggled and pushing me onto my back said, “Let’s just see if I can!” and then she was straddling my hips and pushing my cock into her sweet young pussy…….


I warned you!!!

I also told you up front that this is all fiction… based upon a conversation I had with a sweet woman from … Europe. Beyond that…. Use your imagination!!!

Feel free to comment, vote, like it or hate me!

But if you down vote it, please have the decency to tell me why!!!

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