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we just had too

A truly fictional story and only relates to real people by chance

It had been a few years since my b*****r and his wife had broken up through him not being able to keep it in his trousers, I had kept in touch with Cindy as I had always fancied her rotten and had fucked her before she got with my b*****r Jake, he knew all about me and her and really didn’t give a rats furry bum as he was too busy shagging anything with a pulse.

She had caught Jake in bed with a 18yr old and chucked him out that night and phoned me to go for a chat, I was there in a shot, when I arrived she was totally wasted I sat her down and made a coffee for us both and she started from the begging, as she chatted she was getting so upset, and I put my arm around her cuddling her tight, she lifted her head and we kissed, her hand slid onto my trouser front bringing the one eyed trouser snake alive.

I felt her tit her nipple went stiff in seconds as she rubbed my firming cock slowly unzipping the cage to release the b**st, she reached in pulling out my cock and gently rubbing it, I slowly undone her dress and tried to take it off, I knew this was gonna be wrong but when I had gone out with Cindy I was stupid enough to break up with her, that let Jake get in there and marry her. She now was rubbing my cock all hard and thick, she lowered her head sucking my cock slowly.

She stopped and stood up slipping out of her dress, panties and bra she was stunning lovely tits real hard nipples and a shaved pussy that my cock was growling at, I noticed a small tatoo by her pussy in the shape of a rose, with my name underneath it I asked when she had, had that done she said about 2 days before we broke and it was going to be a surprise, Jake had never seen it as she had grown the pubic hair to cover it, but had shaved earlier on and was planning to call me so she could show me.

She knelt down and started to suck my cock her warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft as I watched her head bobbing I groaned begging for her to slide onto my cock, she stood up and lowered herself onto my rod. She moved slowly as was kissed and I felt her tits all nice and firm with hard nipples, I sucked each one slowly as Cindy moaned as she rode my cock slowly I was gonna get laid and didn’t give a toss if it was my s****r in law.

I laid her on the sofa and drove my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy my balls banging on her arse as she begged for more, her tits moved with every thrust my hips did into her pussy as she yelled “fuck me you bastered fuck me hard”, I drove my cock in and out like a piston as she cum in waves of pleasure, not being able to stop, she said it had been ages since she had been fucked this hard, as she cum again.

I was close feeling my cock throb as it exploded into her pussy filling it with cum as she screamed out another orgasm that made her shake and shudder with fierce spasms, I collapsed on her breathing heavily as she smiled and kissed me saying thank you for being here for her. I stood up and grabbed her hand and led her upstairs, we lay on her bed as we kissed and explored each other resting until my manhood was ready to satisfy her all night long, I slowly sucked her nipples one at a time as she moaned softly my hand cupping her cute arse that I was ready to bite if I got the chance, Cindy slowly rubbed my cock saying it was nice and big and wouldn’t be wasted in her pussy as she stroked the full length back pulling the foreskin over the bulbs’ head our tongues in each other’s mouths.

I was now solid again and was ready to please her all night long I have to admit not sounding big headed but had great staying power and was nothing like quick shag and blow my load unlike Jake my b*****r who only wanted a pussy to unload his cum in. I moved in between Cindy’s legs sliding my cock into her wet hole I could feel her lips encase my cock as it slid in the full length, I moved slowly as we kissed the bed clothes fell on the floor, I started to thrust my hips harder as Cindy wrapped her long slender legs around me begging for more, she gasped saying my cock was so thick filling her pussy full I sucked her nipples licking the areola as my tongue circled her hard nipple I was now moving down a bit further as I slipped out of her moving down kissing her flat belly I gently flicked the belly button charm with my tongue that made her giggle like a little girl.

I could now see clearly the tattoo she had done with my name on it as I licked her pussy lips one at a time and then up and down the crack, her pussy tasted sweet like nectar my tongue lapping it up like a humming bird on a flower, she placed her hand on my head pushing it harder onto her pussy my tongue sliding in as it searched for her fruit, she groaned and hips pushed up as she cum, a sweet white fluid dripped onto my tongue as I carried on lapping it up like a cat with milk, Cindy begged me to fuck her and fuck her hard I looked up and told her to get on her knees and I would.

As I knelt behind her I could see her perfect arse as I couldn’t resist it and nipped her arse I was right it tasted fantastic as she giggled again I bent down and licked her pussy from behind my tongue sliding all the way up to her ring, I fed my cock into her soaking wet hole sliding all the way in and firmly grabbing her hips, my balls hung down as I started to slide back and forth my cock being coated in her juices, her tits started to sway as I thrust in and out Cindy begged for more as she encouraged me to fuck her like a dirty whore, I rammed my cock in and out not caring who heard her as she moaned loudly saying she was Cumming as she screamed out orgasm after orgasm.

She begged me to fuck her arse as I pulled my throbbing member out of her sweet honey pot, and into a tight bread basket that put up a slight resistance until it gave in and my rod slid all the way home as she sighed with pleasure, it felt tight as it was the first time I had done anal, I asked her if it felt ok as she nodded saying it feels great and wanted me to fuck her so hard and cum in her. I grabbed her hips again and started to thrust my cock in and out as we groaned the feeling unreal as i twitched and shot my load into her arse.

After I had subsided my cock slipped out as Cindy turned round and sucked my cock dry, until we lay on the bed again breathless, we fell asl**p until the morning when I woke to find Cindy not at my side I heard the shower running and decided to join her, as I walked into the bathroom I could see her playing with her pussy Cindy was moaning oblivious to my presence, as I got in behind her cupping her tits in my hands my cock going rigid pressing against her arse crack, I bent her forward sliding my thick cock in her pussy the warm water falling on her back as, I thrust in and out my cock pleasing her sweet pussy her legs slightly open I reached down rubbing her clit hard and fast before she screamed another orgasm, making me cum hard my balls throbbing with the pressure I shot my load into her, we stood up and showered not saying much whilst we was in there.

After we sat at the breakfast table we struck up a conversation about what had happened the night before and that morning, we then decided that it would be best to keep this as a one off as I left for home. About 2 days later as I sat thinking of Cindy and what had happened my cock was hard and was rubbing it feeling good, the phone rang and it was Cindy asking if I would come and chat as she couldn’t get me out of her head, I put my cock away and drove round there. As she opened the door I was greeted by her in nothing but a flimsy gown I walked in and shut the door as Cindy let the gown slip around her feet she was naked and my cock sprung up, she knelt down and unzipped my trousers pulling out my cock and began to suck it slowly, I fell back against the door letting the feeling of her mouth on my cock wash over me.

She cupped my balls squeezing them gently as her head slid back and forth on my cock her tongue wrapping around the head of my cock Cindy started to rub my cock slowly as I felt my cock swell I groaned saying I was Cumming as she sucked me deep in her mouth I exploded down her throat, letting her sallow my full load not spilling a drop, she stood up and took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom. As she lay on the bed asking me to join her we lay there holding and kissing unable to get enough of each other. Cindy wrapped her slender fingers around my limp shaft encouraging it to go hard again, I slipped my finger into her soaking wet pussy gently massaging her clit making it swell and Cindy groan as she gasped saying it felt good and wanted me every night.

I could feel my cock firming under her soft touch and expert feel as we kissed each other, I spanked her arse as she whimpered like a little girl begging for me to spank her again, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her across my knee spanking her arse in short sharp strokes, her buttocks glowing a slight red as my fingers left a track, Cindy begged to be spanked like a naughty school girl and wanted punishing badly for fucking her pussy with her own fingers and not telling me she had done it. She asked for her punishment and I demanded she suck my cock as she got up knelt down and slowly sucked my cock, it felt good as she nibbled the head of my dick making me groan like mad it wasn’t long and shot a thick load of cum over her face, I had no idea she was going to do that and made me shoot my load quickly.

I asked her if she had ever had a 3 way with another women she told me it had opened once with Jake and his mate but hated it as all they did was abuse her for their own pleasure. I asked if she knew of any of her mates that would be up for a laugh, saying she could phone one or two that would but didn’t know when it would happen. Cindy got up and lay on the bed telling me to watch as she slowly rubbed her clit her finger slipped in and out of her pussy as I watched she closed her eyes feeling her naked body her nipples all hard her body all firm, she stopped and lent across to her side draw to pull out a vibrator, she switched it on as a low buzz came from it she put it on her clit rubbing it up and down her lips as she pushed her hips up, my cock now was getting firm at the sight of this gorgeous women playing with her sweet slit. The toy slipped into her pussy making her groan loudly as it slid in the full length simulating being fucked by a cock, I was now rubbing my cock as being so turned on I had no other option.

Cindy played with her clit whilst sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy she groaned loudly as she pushed her hips up, I was rubbing my cock furiously as it started to throb I moved closer to Cindy aiming my cock towards her tits as I started to stroke my cock slower but gripping it tighter Cindy cried out she was Cumming as she pulled the sex toy out of her pussy rubbing her clit furiously as a stream of juices shot from her pussy I groaned as my head fell back and a huge shot of cum pumped from my cock all over her perfect tits I squeezed every last drop of my cum out onto her tits as she gradually calmed down, she smiled saying she hadn’t cum like that for ages, as she dragged her finger through my spent seed that was on her tits slowly sucking each finger clean, before sucking my cock until it was clean.

That night and all the next day we had amazing sex and carried on we had a three way about a week later with a good friend of Cindy’s, Janet who was a single mother of 3 great k**s, she swung both ways and loved a bit of pussy now and again but was predominantly cock happy, as I slammed my cock into her tight pussy as she licked Cindy’s pussy out and they both shared my cock each taking it in turns to suck it and then letting me lick both pussy’s, I had to Admit Janet’s pussy tasted a lot sweeter than Cindy’s but no one could beat Cindy on giving head. We joined a swingers club and often had 3 ways and also other partners but still had amazing sex when we got time alone.

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