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Weekend at Dad’s

My parents divorced a few years ago.
I decided to live with my mother and spend some weekends at my dad’s.
Both my parents never talked much about why they divorced. I vaguely remember some arguments, but they never had any blow out fights.
To me it seemed that my dad one day decided to move out of our house. I was a teenager at the time and did not care much.
The weekends I spent with my dad, John we usually had a good time. He was never having anyone else over when I was staying there, so I don’t know if he dated anyone for a long time.
My mother only recently found a man to spend time with. I liked him and did not mind that my mother was building a life with him. So I wanted to give them room and made sure I went to my dad’s every other weekend.
When I told that what was going on at my mother’s and that I wanted to spend more time on the weekends with him. He then told me that he had been seeing this woman Alyssa and they had been spending a lot of time together. So they had decided that she was going to move in with my dad. Dad said I was still welcome to stay at his place on the weekends whenever I wanted.

I told my mother about Alyssa and she said that she was pretty much the reason why your dad left. She was still friend with Alyssa, but not as close as they had been.
I had overheard my mother talking about the life with my dad and how they had been part of a swinger group. I found out later what Swingers meant and also that my dad and Alyssa fucked so much at these parties that they started to see each other outside the parties too.

My mother had stopped attending swinger parties and did not want that life style. It seemed that my dad still had some involvement in a local swingers club.

So I told my dad I was coming over Friday night after I went over to a friend’s birthday party. My friend turned 21 so I thought it was going to be a pretty heavy drinking party.
I was correct, beer and alcohol was flowing heavy. People got so d***k that a few of them was getting sick.
It was after midnight and I was not in the mood to hang around any longer, since I could see it would be a lot of puke clean up to get done soon enough.

I went back to my dad’s, it was only about a 15 minute walk. I believe was I stumbling around on my way home.

I saw that the lights were on at Dad’s when I walked up to the house. I walked in to the house and it was quiet. I got a glass of water and walked into the living room. My dad was out cold on the couch. I laughed because he was totally naked and passed out!
There were some empty alcohol bottle on the table, so I knew he was d***k and passed out from that. I knew from experience that when he drank too much, he would pass out and it would be impossible to wake him until the morning.
I covered him with a blanket and headed up to my room.

When I came up on the second story landing, I saw that their was some light on in the master bedroom. I walked up to see if Alyssa was passed out too.
I was shocked to see Alyssa’s big naked ass exposed and pointing right at the door. Her hands were tied to the headboard, her legs were tied around the bed in a way so she stood on her knees with her ass in the air.
I thought it looked kind of sexy and I could not believe I was looking right into her pussy.
She had lovely big inner pussy lips and it looked like she was pretty wet.

When she heard me move around by the door, she called out and told me to finish the job! I was d***k and stupid, so I walked in without a word to get a closer look at her pussy. When I got closer, I saw that she was blindfolded. She had no clue it was me standing behind her.
She sounded a bit pissed off when she said she had waited long enough now. She said: -Either fuck me or release me from the ties.
Oh, that was only one option that I thought would be good. So I got closer and touched her ass. I moved my hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She was wet.
She moaned and told that was better. But now it was time to make up for the long wait.
I thought it was funny and decided to taste her wetness. I got on the bed behind her and started to kiss her ass and then lick my way into her wetness. I ran my tongue up the slit and then found her clit. I sucked and nibbled on it like it was a nipple. She moaned and tried to move, but she was tied down tight.
I was so fucking turned on that I could easily fuck her now. But I noticed that she got more and more turned on. I kept licking her and then put a couple of fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her as I brought her closer to climax with my mouth.
She exploded and pulled the restrains hard. Alyssa was a plump big woman. She looked very motherly when she had close on, but now all I saw was a big fucking pussy that needed to be pounded.
I got up behind her and put my cock in her pussy. I fucked her with long slow strokes. Being young and not much experience, I could not hold back for long. I thrust hard and deep as I felt my cock erupt in her.
Alyssa was too busy with her own orgasm to notice that I was cuming too. I pump out a lot of cum into my dad’s girlfriend’s fat pussy! Oh my god, it felt so good.
I was so turned on that I never stopped fucking her, my orgasm stopped, but I kept sliding in and out. Alyssa kept telling me that I felt so hard tonight. So fucking hard!

I fucked her doggy style for another 30 minutes and then I was ready to cum again. This time Alyssa noticed when I tensed up and started to cum. I watched her big tits swing under her chest as I looked down and saw my cock going between her big ass cheeks and into her pussy. I pressed in deep and let go. Alyssa grunted and told me to be careful, don’t cum in me. You know I don’t have protection!
Oh fuck, I had now released two big loads of cum into her. She felt me cuming and reacted strongly. She called out: – Fuck John, this is the week I am ovulating…..
It felt too good to pull out so I kept cuming. It was good that Alyssa was tied down, because she was pissed at this point. But I also noticed that she was really turned on. I still fucked her slowly and then whacked her ass hard. I hit her so hard that she stopped breathing for a second. Then again, and again. I felt her pussy tighten over my cock and she moaned that she was cuming as I kept wacking her ass.

Then when I had nothing else to give, I pulled out. I sat behind her and watch her pussy have a major leakage. My cum poured out of her. I had deposited a huge load in her.
Alyssa was back on the anger train again and told me to clean her. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Then I cleaned her up.

She was still tied up when I left her to go and clean up on my own. She whined about getting released.

About ten minutes later, I check my dad who was still out cold. I returned to Alyssa.
She begged me to cut her loose now. I went up to her and whispered that she would get a surprise. She said she did not care, I could fuck her in her ass later, but right now the ties started to hurt so she wanted out of them.
I untied her legs first. I rubbed her clit a little before moving up and releasing her hands. She sat up in the bed and told me as she started to take off the blindfold that this was the best bondage session ever. She had never cum so strong.

She removed the blindfold and blinked heavily to get use to the light in the room. Then she got this surprised look at her face. She turned white when she saw it was me who had released her.
She asked where my dad was? I told her that he was asl**p downstairs. She looked confused. I told her I had found dad on the couch when I got home and then her when I got upstairs.

She looked at me and asked if I had fucked her or my dad? I told her, she had told me to fuck her so I did.
Alyssa surprised me with a kiss and then said the fuck had been amazing…
She told me that I would get of this if I kept this a secret!

I have since started to spend a lot more time at my dad’s. He really appreciates that Alyssa and I get along so well and that seem stay home more when I am around. He told me this with a big smile on his face. It seems that he is also getting laid a lot more now.

Often during my “sl**p over” I get a late night visit to make sure I am ok by my father’s girlfriend.

That is what happens when you bring in a horny swinger woman to your house…

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