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WELCOME HOME MASTER prt 3 – Bath time

Upon standing my master placed his hand around my neck and kissed my lips. Turning me around he lead me into the bathroom where he pushed me down to the floor.

“Down on your knees cunt.”

Kneeling before him he placed his rock had cock in my mouth and i sucked him taking all of his cock into my mouth. Gagging on it, tears came to my eyes. I felt his balls on my chin and his cock slid down the back of my throat blocking off my air. When master withdrew i gulpped air and looked up into his eyes to see a smile cross his face.

“You’re such a good slut. Do you like your masters big dick?”

“Yes master.”

“Then say it cunt.”

“I love my masters big cock.”

“Good girl. Now, i want you to bend over the edge of the tub. Lift you ass in the air as high as you can get it. Spread your legs wide and wait for me.

I did as i was told and waited. I heard him sigh and leave the room. From the kitchen i heard sounds of water and the beeping of the microwave as he set the time. There was a humming as it started and i grew anxous as i waited for my reward. I then heard the microwave door open and close. Master walked back down the hall and into the bathroom.

“My cum slut ready for her surprise?”

“Yes master.”

I felt masters hand on my ass as he spread my butt further apart. Then in a shock i felt something firm and warm being rubbed up against my rectum. Slowly and carefully master inserted it in and began to massage my ass hole with the toy. At first i didn’t know what to expect because we never did ass play.

But the sensation of the heat and unknown aroused me as he pushed it in further.

“I am going to squeeze this and a fluid will flow into your ass. I want you to hold it all in and not let it out until i tell yoy. You understand me?”

“Yes master.”

I felt pressure as the warm fluid filled my ass, the warmth and fullness making my pussy ache as he squeezed even more, making me gasp. When all of the fluid was administered, Master swatted my ass and left the room.

Bent over, my head rested on the edge of the tub. My hands flat on the floor, i kept my ass high in the air. At first it wasn’t difficult keeping everything where it was supposed to be. I concentrated on keeping my butt clenched so the fluid wouldn’t leak out.

But the minutes dragged by and the longer i waited the more difficult it became to concentrate. My legs began to quiver, my arms tired, my ability to keep my ass clenched began to faulter. I did not want to uset my master so i tried everything i knew of to try and focus.

Just when i knew i couldn’t do it any longer master returned.

“You are such a nasty little slut. I am so happy you didn’t disappoint me. Now, i am going to leave the room. I am sure you know what to do from here on out. When i leave you will stand and take care of your business. Then i expect to see you in the bedroom. Don’t be slow about it. Do you understand me slave?”

“Yes master.”

I heard the door shut and i immediately stood and rushed over to the lou. The immediate feeling was relief, then sexual arousal. I cleaned myself up and headed to the bedroom where i found my master had lit some candles, closed the curtains, pulled back the sheets, and lay waiting for me

“Now suck your masters cock like a good cum slut you are and be quick about it.

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