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What a f****y to Live in #3

What a f****y to Live in #3

My s****r Sandy, and I, stepped out onto the patio again, and as we got to the patio table, I lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table, then I sat down in the chair and leaned over, and started licking up and down her pussy between the lips, stopping short of her clit long enough to pull back some, “You scream out like you usually do, and I quit, right then and there, so you better not scream, like you usually do.” then I leaned back down and licked from just under her clit, to the bottom of her pussy, before making a repeat trip toward her clit, and back down again.

As I licked Sandy’s pussy, she went to moaning in a low voice, and I reached up and played with her tits and nipples, then I went for her clit and gave it a suck and a lick, then I returned to licking up and down her pussy, licking her clit every time I liked up to it, then licked back down.

As I licked up and down Sandy’s pussy, she started getting louder with every lick on her clit, so I pulled back and looked her in the eyes, “Now it is time to sixty nine since you keep getting louder, and we’ll see if my dick is big enough to keep you from screaming out.” I lifted her up and off of the patio table, and took her to a lounge chair, and sat her down on it.

After adjusting the back of the lounger to lay flat, “Now you need to let me lay down first, then you turn the opposite way with your legs astraddle of my head.”

Once I was laid down on the lounger I helped Sandy get her legs straddled my head, then I pulled her ass down to lower her pussy down where I could reach it with my tongue and mouth, and as soon as she was low enough I stuck my tongue out and licked from her clit to the bottom of her pussy next to her butt cheeks, then back again to the clit.

After I made a few passes with my tongue from clit to bottom of Sandy’s pussy, I then kept my tongue on her clit and sucked on it while flicking my tongue on her clit real fast, and then I managed to get a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her as I licked and sucked on her clit.

The whole time I was sucking, licking, and finger fucking, Sandy’s pussy, she was moaning with my dick stuffed into her mouth, which did make a vibrating feeling on my cock, which felt real good on my dick and was bringing me closer to cumming soon.

After just a few strokes of my fingers moving in and out of Sandy’s pussy while I was licking and sucking on her clit, she moaned out even louder than she was, as I felt her pussy muscles go to squeezing around my fingers, and then cum flooded my fingers and hand, as well as my head and mouth, as I tried to catch her cum with my mouth, and then I shot a load of cum down her throat.

As I shot cum into Sandy’s mouth and her cum just seemed to flood out over my face and into my mouth, she jerked like she was having convulsions and while she was cumming, she kept sucking on my cock at the same time, as well as moaning out between the sucking on my dick.

When the two of us quit cumming, I laid my head back to rest on the lounger while letting my hand rub and squeeze Sandy’s butt cheeks, and she moved toward my feet and laid down with my dick between her tits, and I could feel her nipples poking me at the joint of my legs at the hips, or groin region, on each side of my cock.

When we caught our breath, “Wow handsome, what a treat, two desserts since dinner, thank you so very much.” as she managed to get up off of me and sit down next to me, as I sat up.

“You are very welcome and thank you, for my dessert sexy.” then Sandy and I French kissed for a little bit rubbing our hands over the others body.

When Sunday morning came, Sandy and I woke up and had our morning sex ending with me pumping a load of cum into her pussy again, for the third time since going to bed Saturday night, then we got up and went to the kitchen and fixed us some breakfast and fixed some coffee, then we went out on the patio to eat and drink our coffee, which made the third time we had ate a meal out there in the nude, since Saturday afternoon.

When we finished eating our breakfast and drinking our coffee, Sandy and I went in and got a load of laundry started in the washer, then we went through the house to make sure everything in the house was clean and put away like it should be, then put clothes from the washer to the dryer and started another load of the laundry, and then we went back out on the patio and drank some ice tea and made some small talk, while we were resting from the work we had done before mom and dad got home.

It was about twenty minutes after Sandy and I sat down to drink some ice tea and rest up, that we heard dad’s car pull into the drive way out front of the house, which Sandy and I decided to just sit out here like we were, to see if either mom or dad would say something about it as to if it was okay for us to still be nude and out in the back yard or not.

Sandy and I could see the front door from where we are sitting, and we saw dad open the front door and mom step into the house first then dad behind her closing the door behind them, and mom saw us right away and came toward the patio as dad went to their bedroom with an overnight bag that they had left with, and both of them had the same clothes on as usual that they had left in Friday evening.

As mom stepped out the door onto the patio, “Hello you two.” Cocking her head slightly before asking, “What is up that both of you are out here in the nude, and no under clothes on, at least?”

“We just wanted to see what it might feel like to be at a nudist camp like you and dad had gone to this weekend, and we like it really, because it does save on dirty clothes and dirty under clothes.” I answered truthfully.

“It also saves the hassle of dressing and undressing too, I found out after staying nude all weekend.” Sandy added, before mom could say anything about the answer to her question I gave her.

“You both are right about the clothes part for sure. How did you know about the nudist camp?” as mom sat down in a chair across from us, and dad stepped out of their bedroom and started toward the patio door.

“I happen to hear you asking dad about going this weekend and who was going to be there, that you two happen to like being with, more than the others that will be there.”

“May I ask, be where?” as dad stepped up to the patio table.

“John said he happened to over hear me asking you about going to the nudist camp this weekend, and talk about Tod and Jean being there, and how we liked them more than any of the others that were there.”

“Is that why nether of you have anything on at all?”

“You can say that. John is old enough to know what he wants to do or not do, and I would say Sandy is too. I think I will just join them myself too.” as mom started taking her dress off that she has on.

“Aa, baby, we are at home in the back yard, not at the camp.”

“So! The yard is fenced in with a privacy fence, and the neighbors cannot see us through the fence. So what is the harm of it?” as mom laid the dress on the table next to her.

As dad looked around the yard, “You may be right but, they can walk up to the fence and maybe see us through a crack between two boards that don’t quite fit real tight against each other, or look through a knothole.”

“Then maybe we should get them for being a peeping tom, or we can just hope they enjoy the view, because it is a privacy fence, they should respect it and not be a peeping tom, because the key word is, ‘privacy’.”

“I guess I better go put up a warning sign then, and find out how many I will need to make too.”

Dad stood up and went into the house and went to his computer, and when he was out of ear shot, “Now, do I want to know what else you two have been up to this weekend, since you know what your dad and I have been doing all weekend?”

“I guess it may depend on if you really want to know or not.”

“Judging by the look of you two, and how you are dressed, and by that answer, I may guess that you two just slept in the same bed, or you two had sex with each other off and on through the weekend, or it is both, slept and had sex through the weekend, which my answer is, you had both, sex and slept with each other through the weekend.”

“You are right with your guess. We have been wondering where and what you two have been going and doing every month, that one time each month, for quite some time now, and when I overheard you asking dad about going this weekend, and I told Sandy here about it, we decided we wanted to find out what it would be like to do just what you two did or maybe do, to see if we liked it or not, which I can honestly say, I loved it and would really like to keep doing it myself.”

“I loved it too, and I want to keep doing it too. John is the best lover I have ever had, and after what all we have done this weekend, I know I will never want or find, another man to make me feel the way John makes me feel.”

“Wow! I know that no matter what I say about you two should not be having sex or sl**ping together, since you two are b*****r and s****r, you two will go behind my back and your dad’s back, and do both of them every chance that you get, so, I guess you two can keep doing that till either you get tired of each other, or until you die, whichever comes first. Now Sandy, are you on birth control pills?”

“Yes mom I am. Remember, you took me to the doctor to help me with that time of month, to regulate it?”

“Yes I remember that. I guess I meant to ask, are you taking them like you are supposed to be taking them?”

“I was till I ran out last Monday, which I told you about Saturday a week a… Oh shit!”

“Oh shit what?”

“Mom you didn’t get me any and if you did, you didn’t give them to me.”

“Oh fuck baby I forgot that you told me that! John have you been wearing condoms when the two of you had sex?”

“No. Sandy told me she was on the pill and she wanted it bare back.”

“I wanted to feel his cum fill my pussy up with his cum. Oh fuck, I cannot believe I forgot that I hadn’t been taking the pills, since last Monday.”

“No need to cry over split milk now. I understand how you feel. I’m a woman and I like the feeling of cum filling my pussy up too, and I know a lot of men likes to feel what it feels like to put a load of cum in a woman pussy, which in a since of putting a claim on the pussy he is fucking at the time.”

“What if I am pregnant and what will dad say about it? It is likely that I am pregnant, isn’t it mom?”

“Yes Sandy, it is very highly, since it has been a week since you’ve had your last pill, and with John being young, his sperm is likely to be quit potent. I’m not real sure what your dad will say, but I will talk to him later about it, when I know the time is right, so do not worry about it.”

“I sure hope he doesn’t take it out on you mom, or on Sandy, because it is as much my fault as it is Sandy’s but yet, I will and can, take the full blame, since I should have asked her if she was up to date on the pills, which I didn’t.”

“When I fill him in on everything you two have just told me, he will not take it out on me or, either one of you two.”

“I hope you’re not upset with us mom.”

Mom looked at Sandy with a smile, “Baby girl, I’m not upset with you or John, and I guess I’m glad that you may be pregnant with John’s baby, than some jerk boy that I have seen you go out with or, have as a boyfriend so to speak, or maybe even catch something that you don’t want or can get rid of, and pregnant from one of those jerk boys. Besides, if it wasn’t for your dad being sexually active like he is, I would have maybe jumped on John’s tool, a long time ago, because I’ve seen a few times, just how big his tool can get.”

“Seeing his dick get so big and hard those few times, did it make your pussy get all wet looking or thinking about it?”

“I think that is a bit personal Sandy, to be asking me in front of anyone and that anyone being John, at the moment. But to answer your question, yes it did, and any time I do happen to think about it, my pussy gets wet, and talking about it right now, has made my pussy wet too.”

“What if I told you, that you are the reason John has had those hard on’s, that you’ve seen, as well as others, you haven’t seen?”

“Talk about getting to the point of something. I hope you don’t go to school this coming year, and tell anyone about what you and I have been doing this summer.”

“Or who has got you pregnant. Now John, I take it, it is true with what Sandy just said, in a question form.”

“Yes it is.”

“Now how in the world would me, your old mom, do to make you have those hard on’s?”

“Well for one, you are not old to me. To answer you is, when someone as beautiful as you and Sandy wears the aprons, that the two of you wear when you have nothing else on, it looks so damn sexy to me, and just thinking about it and talking about it, gets me hard, and seeing you every morning with nothing but the apron on, gets me even harder than I am, when thinking or talking about you in an apron only.”

“Oh wow! Thank you for the complement on my age and looks. I’m sorry to have given you those hard on’s every morning then, but, I don’t want to get a splatter burn while cooking, and it is a good thing that your dad is active in the sex department or Sandy, would be out in the cold, that is if you know how to use that tool of yours, as good as Sandy says you can.”

“The only way to find out is to try it out for size yourself but, I will not put Sandy out in the cold, and yes, I know it is a bold thing for me to say but, I said it just the same.”

“Yes it is a bold thing to say and you did say it, but then again, you said something a moment ago that was a bold thing to say about taking the blame for Sandy’s and my part, as far as talking to dad about the sex part and no pills causing her to get pregnant too. Now talk about me trying it out for size, I have to say I’ve seen its size, so what I guess, what I would have to do is try it out to see if it works, as good as Sandy says it does.”

“That is what I was meaning mom.”

“I figured that. I would need to get permission from your dad first, to try it out, and I guess I would share it with Sandy if, I like it and you can work it, as good as she says you can.”

“Would dad go for something like that?”

“Mm, he might, if you wouldn’t mind trying out his tool, which he is pretty good at using it, for sure. Plus, as you may have figured out, we are swingers too.”

“I have to admit, that I have seen dad’s tool, as you call it, is big but, I wasn’t real sure how big, since it has all ways been covered up, when he gets a hard on.”

“So are you willing to try his tool out?”

“Yes mom I am. I’ve been wondering if he’s that good or not, even thou you seemed to be happy with it.”

“Oh yes I am. He is better than Tod is, and Tod is good but, he does lack just a tad, from what your dad can do to me.”

“I would say that is a good thing, or the two of you may be divorced by now.”

“You might be right about that, but who knows.”

“Who knows what, or do I dare ask?” stepping out onto the patio again.

“I’ll talk to you later and tell you all about it, when the time is right.”

“Sounds like it is going to be a good one, since you put it to me that way.” dad said as he sat down next to mom.

“You can say that.”

Sandy, mom, dad, and I, sat making small talk then till dinner time, which mom and Sandy brought out sandwich makings and a glass of ice tea, for all of us to drink with our sandwiches, and then we all did our own thing for the most part, for the rest of the afternoon, till time to eat supper that evening.

Dad finished eating supper just before Sandy, mom, and I, did and when mom heard the television get turned on in the living room, “Before you two go to the same bedroom to sl**p and have sex, or make love to each other, make sure your dad is in the bedroom with me first and, give us time to get into our love making session first, if you would.” mom whispered to Sandy and me.

“Okay we will. What about in the morning when we get up for breakfast?” I asked in a whisper.

“Just be yourselves and don’t do anything that shouldn’t be done in front of k**s, that needs to be kept behind closed doors, you might say.”


“Does that mean he is okay with John and me?”

“Yes, unless I tell you otherwise or, give you a signal that it isn’t okay yet, with him.”

“What kind of signal?”

Mom then held a finger up to her lips in a, be quiet sign, “Now did you get that?”

“Yes mom I did.”


When mom, Sandy, and I, finished eating supper, mom went to the living room while Sandy and I cleaned up the kitchen and put things away, in their proper place.

Sandy and I went into the living room where mom and dad were at watching television, to find mom sitting in her usual spot on the couch with her legs up on the couch, next to where dad sits in his recliner when they are watching TV, so Sandy and I sat in our usual place on the other end of the couch from mom.

When time came that Sandy and I go to our bedrooms, we got up and went to our rooms with us making a stop on the way, to go into the bathroom to use it like we usually do, even thou we didn’t have any clothes on and waiting to see if dad was going to say something to us about being nude in the bathroom together, while we did our usual things of brushing our teeth, and relieving ourselves, and anything else we may need to do to get ready for bed, even thou we usually just do what ever to relax alone in our bedrooms, before turning in for the night.

One hour later mom and dad went to their bedroom and closed the door behind them which I saw them go by my bedroom door and about thirty minutes later I could hear mom start to moaning through the bedroom door which I then quietly went to Sandy’s bedroom and closed the bedroom door behind myself, “Is mom and dad in their bedroom now?”

“Yes they are, and sounds like they are at least making out if not, going at it all ready.”

Sandy was sitting on her bed when I stepped into her bedroom and closed the door, so I joined her on the bed, and then she put her book down on the nightstand next to her bed, and then we started French kissing each other and letting our hands roam over each other, while we kissed each other.

“Oh John, I need you so much right now. I missed having your big beautiful cock in my pussy this afternoon, so much. Put your finger in my pussy.”

I stuck a finger into Sandy’s pussy and started kissing down her neck till I was down to her shoulder while I finger fucked her pussy, “I must say, your pussy is really wet right now babe.”

“That is because I missed having your dick in my pussy, like I told you I did. Now, how about putting that big cock of yours in my pussy now?” sliding down flat on her back on the bed.

I moved down some and then got in between Sandy’s legs as she spread them out as far as she could, with her knees slightly bent some, and after she guided my dick into her pussy, I pushed in all the way, then just held it there as I leaned up over her, and then sucked a nipple into my mouth and squeezed both of her tits, with my hands.

“Oh fuck baby, I need you to fuck me, not just keep your cock in my pussy like this.”

“You didn’t say anything about fucking you with my dick, you said to put it in your pussy sexy.” then I sucking on her other nipple.

“I thought you wanted to fuck me.”

“I do but, I also want to make it last, and make love to you too.”

“OH please, fuck me. I want you to make love to me too, but right now I need a good ass fucking, bad.”

While I sucked and licked Sandy’s nipples and squeezed her tits, I started slowly moving my dick in and out of her pussy, and then after a couple of strokes in and out, I put a little bit more speed to the in, out, movement in her pussy with my dick.

After I got a little bit faster with my fucking Sandy’s pussy, I kissed and licked up to her neck, then her chin, and then started kissing her on the lips, while I slowly speeded up some more, with the fucking of her pussy.

Sandy was moaning the whole time I finger fucked her, and as I started speeding up with the fucking, she started getting louder with her moaning, and so kissing her, I was hoping she wouldn’t be heard over mom’s moaning, in mom and dad’s room.

As I kissed Sandy I speeded up more with my fucking my dick in and out of her pussy, which she moaned even louder into my mouth as we French kissed, each other.

Within a few strokes of my dick going in and out of Sandy’s pussy after I got to fucking her as fast as I can, she started cumming with her usual cum flowing out around my cock, and her pussy muscles squeezing down around my dick, which by this time I was about to cum myself, added to the fact that mom and dad was having sex in their bedroom, and I could hear mom moaning real loud like Sandy loves to do when she cums, and I could just make out the bed banging on the wall as dad was pounding his dick in and out of mom’s pussy, and I could just make out his grunting as he fuck mom too.

I slowed down with my fucking of Sandy’s pussy, trying to make it last a little bit longer, and hoping I could hold off my cumming till I may be heard dad cumming into mom’s pussy, so that we could hopefully cum all together at the same time.

When Sandy had calmed down some, she started flexing her hips to let me know she needed me to start fucking her faster again than what I was doing, while she rode out her orgasm.

I rose up some, “You just about made me cum right then, when you went to cumming sexy.”

“Why didn’t you handsome?”

“I want to hold off just a little bit longer, till Dad cums in mom’s pussy, if we can hear him cum in her.”

“From the sounds of it, he is not far away from cumming in her pussy.”

“I can hear them and it sounds like, you might be right.” then I started speeding up with my fucking of Sandy’s pussy again.

When I got to fucking Sandy’s pussy a little bit faster, she went to moaning louder again, so again, I leaned down and over her and started French kissing her again, as I kept speeding up till I was fucking her as fast as I can.

After a few strokes of my cock going in and out of Sandy’s pussy as fast as I could go, she went to cumming again, and moaning into my mouth again real loud, and her cum went to flowing out of her pussy around my cock again, then with her pussy muscles squeezing my cock as I kept pumping in and out, and hearing what sounded like dad cumming into mom’s pussy, I started cumming in to Sandy’s pussy.

When I felt my cum shoot out the head of my cock, I slammed my dick into Sandy’s pussy as far as I could get it, and just held it in as far as I could get it, and she wrapped her legs around my back and her arms too, doing what she could do to get my cock in as far as she could into her pussy.

I could hear mom and dad’s bed had quit banging on the wall, and that there was no movement in their bedroom, that I could hear through the walls, but it sounded like they may be talking to each other, since I could just make out voices coming from their bedroom.

“Oh fuck baby, you made me feel so much better now. I hope I don’t have to go so long without your cock in my pussy again, like we had to do today.”

“I know just how you feel sexy.” then we French kissed each other.

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