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when me and s*s had to stay at my nannas for a mon

mum had to go away for work and got nan to look after us we had to share a room with nan she was only 49 years old cause she had mum when she was 12 years old and one day i heard nanna talking to her mate on the phone saying that she was looking after us and that we had to share a bed between the three of us and we had tea then watched tv for four hours then i realised we had to have a bath so she ran the bath and she was getting undress and i asked her how do boobs get bigger i told her she will have nice ones went she is older but i asked about now i said u will have to get a bra and insort to go in the bra and they look like chicken fillets she asked if i would get them for her i said maybe tomoz then we all get in the bath and i am looking at my s****rs fanny then i go to touch it and nanna said u should ask before u touch then nanna said its time to get out of the bath so i dry my s*s first then i dry my self nanna said we can watch a dvd in bed so i pick one out its called blue lagoon and we get drinks and lollies ready and nanna said we didn’t have to wear a nighty to bed its to hot i started the movie and ten mins in a boy and girl age around 8 are nude on the beach and they go to they hut and they hug each and then the girl kissed the boy and my s*s said i am feeling weid down near my fanny i told her its ok and it will feel good when i touch u there she said it feels wet down there nanna said that we have to lean how to play with each other and nanna pulled the blanket of us and i could see where Hayley wet the bed then Caylee got up and sat next to nanna then Hayley ask nanna why she still had her dress on because i feel cold then nanna stood up and undid the bottons and stepped out of the dress and got back on the bed and said to Caylee u left a wet spot on my bed now u have to touch my fanny and rub my clit and Hayley started to watch me and nanna made Caylee cum all over the bed then Hayley join in with nanna Hayley had small boobs and Caylee had big ones for her age nanna was finally cumming then Caylee moved the dildo harded in to nannas pussy i got her moaning loud then she squirted all over the bed and me and Caylee then we cleaned up and went to sl**p i woke up in the morning and Caylee was in the lounge room watching cartoons when aunt betty banged on the door and walked in Hayley was still in bed so aunt betty climed in bed and Hayley woke up and seen aunt betty in bed nude then Caylee went back to bed she walked in to the room and seen aunt betty nude on the bed so Hayley started to touch her fanny and Caylee was touching aunts boobs they were bigger the nannas boobs then nanna woke up and seen us ****ing aunt betty she watch for about 10 mins then she was taking pics of me playing with aunt and she got us to wake up aunt betty so she slowy woke up and the she notice that she was wet she asked what happen i told her that the girls ****d her while she was sl**ping aunt sat up on the bed and watch Hayley and Caylee playing around then aunt betty said to nanna i love these girls then she took off her bra and her panties and she had no hair on her fanny and i like it nanna can u move the hair off u fanny plz so she went to the bathroom and shaved it all off and i came back with a vibtor and made Caylee cum all over the bed she said that is the best feeling i have ever had then i made Hayley cum to but she squirted white stuff all over the bed and we went out side to the pool

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