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White Bishop Fucks Black Queen

After a wonderful time with f****y just outside of Oakland, CA. I rode Amtrak back to my home in Bakersfield CA. On this 6 hr trip was where I saw a BBW princess that would affect my life.
While I was waiting to leave the station my eyes popped open when they caught the girl of my dreams walking towards the train I was on. She stood about 5′ 6” tall, she had shoulders length jet black hair, fully developed breasts, waist, hips and thighs to match her sexy body. With a perfectly shaped ass too boot. Her flowing hair and breast bounced with graceful step. She look to be in her mid 40’s. This woman quickly became my goal to get to know. As she disappeared out of sight.
Until I saw her again as she passed by me going down the isle of the train. So I quickly made it my business to follow her tantalizing scent before it disappeared into thin air. While I followed her I wondered how to approached a woman that smells like a rose and look like she does.
Just then she looked worried looking for something. I quickly came closer as this was my chance. As I got closer I ask “Did you forget something”. “Yes” she replied “I left my money in my bag that I stored away. And I need something to eat”. As a tear falls from her perfectly prepared eyes. “Don’t worry, It would be my pleasure to buy lunch for you”.
While we had lunch. She told me her name was Abbey. She explain that she was leaving an abuse relationship. That she explain that she was going to Bakersfield too. That she had decided to leave Oakland for good. Because after her father died her husband had some gambling debts that he owed to the wrong people. And he pimped her out to make some easy money. But now she was free from him and that hole her ex put her in.
While she was explaining her problem, I held her hand in support and grunted from time to time but my eyes could not turn away from her eyes. It was hard to keep control of my dick as it was under the table I was glad it was not in sight. As I felt it hitting against the table. Seeing her up close was “more better” than the view I had sitting on the train.
Taking in every bit of this BBW was a luscious experience. Her light chocolate colored skin was breathtaking. Her hair was pulled to one side almost covering her left eye and ear. The red dress with a cut low blouse displayed enough of her breast that made me lust and wonder what goodies are within. Her voice was soft and delightful. Like a morning bird singing.
While talking to her she told me that she is looking for a secretarial job. I said my best friend is looking for a secretary. Then we exchanged cell phone #. On my recommendation my friend was glad to meet her so I gave him her cell number as we entered the train station and said let me know what came of your interview as we departed the train. From the time we separated, I could not get Abbey off my mind. I wish that she was with me now and the things I could do to this BBW royalty. If only I had a chance.
Days passed with the image of Abbey prolific body in that hot red dress still burned in my head. Throughout my 60 plus yrs, I never had this happen to me. This is the first time I was sexual stirred by a BBW. This woman was young enough to be my daughter, but how much I wanted her. I was willing to be, say or do anything for some alone time with her.
Thinking I’ll never see her again the phone rang. It was Abbey telling me that she got the job. She wanted to celebrate but did not know where to go. Before I knew it I said “why not have dinner and a celebration drink with me tomorrow”. With that invite she said “will 4:00PM be to early”. “That is ok” so I gave her my address. “If you take a cab and I’ll take care of the rest”. As I thought in more ways than one.
Minutes see hours are I prepared to see her again. My mind was racing 200MPH thinking about what I wanted to do with her when we are alone. Since the train ride this stranger has capacitive my every thought. Then I heard a cab pull into my driveway. I grabbed some money and paid the cabbie and open the door for Abbey. She emerged wearing a white pair of shorts showing her shapely legs which made her butt more pronounce and alluring. A low cut blue blouse that looked liked it was about to bust for what it had to hold. Then I notice that same smile I remembered from the train. So was warm and inviting. As I reached out to take her hand.
I took her to my cottage overlooking Lake Isabella {about 45 miles from Bakersfield). During the trip I was awestruck as if I was in the presents of royalty as she told me about the job and the things she would to do. She seemed to be really excited about her future. I was more aroused about this evening activity’s. Taking her lushes body and have sex with this woman who has dominated my every though for the past week.
As we were on the porch looking at the Lake, As darkness made the lake disappear. Abbey said you have been so good to me how can I repay you. Just then the word sex came cross my mind but then I felt my teeth close together to prevent the word from going through my lips. I did not want to seem like a dirty old man. For a few seconds what torture my face went through. If she only knew my thoughts and desire.
“I notice the way you looked at me on the train. You make me feel so special. Am I now as voluptuous as I was on the train” she asked. I nodded my head in agreement. Then she bend and gives me a quick kiss held my hand and lead me to the living room. Abbey said, You done something for me now I am have a surprise for you! As she sat me down in the love seat.
Then Abbey started to unbutton her blouse. She pulled it off as it fell over the couch beside her. I started feeling my cock move as I looked at her white lacy bra against her chocolate skin. I could faintly see her jet black nipple showing through. She also noticed the stirring of my dick too… she kept her eyes locked on it as she undid the button of shorts and slip it off with a twist of her hips. They slip off like they had butter on them. As I wait to see what to come.
She was wearing a pair of white see through lacy bikini panties. I could see her pussy hair through the thin lace of her panty. Slowly she let her panties fall to the floor. After taking off the outer garments she stood with her feet about two feet apart and her hands bend behind her back with her elbows high in the air. As she slowly and suggestively shakes her hips from side to side.
This allowed me a perfect view of her body. She was bigger than when I saw her on the train. Standing nude her measurements were about 40-34-44, with two naked 40G breast. All of this wrapped in a dynamite 200 pound frame. I approached her and give her a kiss on the hand like she was the royalty of a foreign country.
At first I did not notice that there was something different about her. Her figure did not show it’s age just a brown skin that withhold her beauty. As I continue to scan her body I saw a perfect flower around the hood, which covered a pussy ready and begging for action. A feeling ran through my body like I had been hit by lightening. I almost fain as I felt my bl**d leaving my head. My emotions was out of control. As I started to worship her soft thighs. As I softly touch this BBW wonder woman. “Do you like what you see ?” Abbey said. “No I am loving the scenery” I replied.
I bowed in front of her. As she softly stokes my thinning hair as I begin to lick her pussy. Like it was the last thing on earth. While my hands went roaming until they found the end of her smooth melon tits. When they found her nipples they played with them while my mouth took care of business between her legs. “Yes that’s they way. Let me feel your tongue deep inside me” she instructed. As she let out a unexpected slow purr like a contented cat. As I try to get every inch of my tongue between her pussy lips.
Still on my knees I place my head on her soft belly as my hand squeezed her plump ass checks. As her long nails softly sc****d down my back. Leaving 10 long lines where they have been. At this point I did not care if they bleed or not. How contented I felt finally being alone with Abbey.
Then she pleaded “FUCK ME IN THE ASS”. I complied with her request by spinning her around and bend her over. As my throbbing hot meat was ready to take part. Then I slowly pushed my dick into her tight asshole. As I thrust faster and faster, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room, the smell of sex filling our nostrils.

Meanwhile Abbey’s size “40G” tits were dangling with no restraints as they were stimulated with each my thrust. Can you image what a display they must of made? 40G breast swing up down in toon with my thrust. Soon Abbey’s asshole gripped my throbbing cock tightly. Soon her asshole had my dick in lock-down held tightly between her ass crack. With it’s head deep inside her ass.

I was just getting started to enjoy the feeling being with this woman of my fantasy when something woke me up. I was quickly moved to reality. It was dark and no lights were on. For a second or two I did not know where I was. I must have fallen asl**p on the couch. The clock on top of the TV says it was 2:30. I tried to remember anything.
It was hard at first because my mind was filled with worshiping Abbey voluptuous body. Her scent, her warm sexual juices between my lips, with those soft full thighs, her plump tummy, long tits and a ass that will not quit. All this she must of procured from the BBW god’s. This filled and weighed heavy on my mind like a heavy London fog.
The fog of sl**p had lifted just enough. To let me try to think of my last thought before falling asl**p. After a minute or two my last waking thought must of been that I’ll never see Abbey again, then the phone rang. Quickly looking at the phone there was no number on the caller ID.
As I sat in the darkness of my lonely living room my head between my hands. Still with the memory of my dream stuck in my head like a never ending song. As much as I tried I could not get back to finishing what I started in the dream. Never knowing how it would felt finishing fucking Abbey, the black Queen who I meet on the train.

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