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Who is she #1

Here we go.
I met a girl long ago she was engaged to another man, i had an intimate moments with her on a school trip I was a senior, we didnt go to the same school.
She called told me she was pregnant and I basically told her it wasnt mines and good luck. She was dismissed. Call me a jerk but she was engaged ( why was she calling me) her privates wasnt even tight for her to claim she was pure.
Years passed I tried calling to check on her, she married and moved. Good for her.

NY holiday season its busy, the lights are bright, ppl are shopping, ppl are working, the smell of tar, roasted nut, its s busy time of the year. I was last minute shopping. It was like in the movies, the last shirt on the rack perfect color, size & style … Perfect for auntie gretta and it was on sale. This beautiful create, young, tall, thick body (hour glass shape) glasses and freckles. Adorable sexy exotic librarian look. Had her eye on the shirt also, she was waiting for the employee to come back and confirm there arent anymore… In the mean time i have the shirt in my hand and she calls me sir, im buying that shirt. I replied too bad so am I. I said sir, My hands are tied up I was waiting, can you jut please give me the shirt. I chuckled… Said What would you do for it? She surprised me… Well since you are already wasting my time you might as well buy the shirt, take me to dinner screw my brains out and gift me the shirt.
You shouldve seen my face… She was laughing & said keep the shirt marry xmas.
When i was checking out so was she. We walked out together, I asked so whats your name? She replied would it matter? We arent going to see one another again. I said well I want to know what to call you over dinner.
She laughed. Dria… Thanks but no thanks I have no time today…
I shook hands with all the bags swinging Im AL. She smiled… Very nice to meet u. We rush off our separate ways. I forgot to ask her for her number.
I stoped at starbuck grabed me a drink headed to the subway and hoped on a train. I stood as I hear a voice from behind, well well well mister Al are you stalking me? I turn around hey hunny I thought youd be home by now? She looked at me and said I was running late buying that lingirie you loved so much which I charged on ur card. I smirked. Oh sunshine your the best. No sweetness she said your the bestest, your penile condition has never bothered me. The train is full and ppl chuckle… Now now hunny behave i said. She said oh shut up n sit. I sat beside her and kissed her, she let me. Ppl thought we were a couple. I said ur crazy. She replied not me, but u will be if u continue to kiss me that way. I kissed her again I can tell she liked it & wanted me to… She wrote her number on a bag. My stop was approaching and I was getting up. She grabbed my crotch lightly Ill see u home. I got off doors closed she yells I love uuuu.
I have never met anyone so funny and spontaneous, i want to see her again.
I didnt want to seem desperate but when i put all my stuff away and ate dinner. I called the number she left on the bag. It was a wrong number. Wow, she got me… I only know her name, intrigued by her I was thinking how can I find her.
With xmas being 1 week n 1/2 away. I was busy, my mom had me running around for last minute preparations, she was hosting this year.
I go into a bodega to get milk, someone taps me softly on the shoulder I turned around swiftly & she says b*****r I havent seen u in so long as we are in the midst of hugging and I kiss her, the store must’ve been disgusted especially if they assumed we were siblings… Lol
We walk out together and I say what are u doing here, she replies what are you?
I said i have a bone to pick with u & she says what? I reply you gave me the wrong number… She laughs.. I didnt think you would miss me so soon. I say who r u? What planet are u from? She replies right now Im dria, from here bout to tuck my master in. Wanna wait for me and grab a bite. I said sure.
She walks in a brownstone the light is on you can see it from the outside, then it goes totally black.
She comes out hair out of her ponytail her wedged heeled boots. Bright smile. I ask who lives there she replies my gramps, im here for a few months to help him. So we walk to the corner take a left, i had to drop milk off to my mothers’ i asked her if she wanted to meet her & she said yes. I said mom i want you to meet my friend, she said stop being modest Its so nice to finally meet you she hugged her, Im his girlfriend Dria.
My mother offering food & drinks and asked Dria. Will you be joinig us for xmas. Dria glanced at me for approval I noded and she quickly said I wouldnt miss it.
We leave… I say how do u know I dont have a girl, if u did she isnt important if Im in your heart all ready. She smiled, you didnt stop me. She said if you dont want me over for xmas i can pass by tomorrow n say something came up. I said you wanna come? She said sure y not.
Plus u owe me a sweater and we laughed.
We had dinner, we went to my place to watch a movie & as much as I wanted to get laid she was tight with her shit.

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