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Whos in Charge part 3

Sheryl sat at her desk trying to concentrate on her work but her mind kept returning to her next set of instructions she found her self checking her emails constantly to make sure she hadn’t missed one, what was he going to ask for next she thought with a delicious shiver she had already sent an email to Steve telling him he was getting a blowjob when he gets in but not the fact she was gonna record it as she was mulling this over her email beeped it was Simon
“Sheryl thank you for that your boobs pressed against the glass where a sight to behold and for at least 10 seconds by my watch so Im assuming you enjoyed it I would like an answer on that please ? ”
She typed back ” yes I loved it scared at first then nearly wetting myself with lust I am so horny for you right now are you coming over today?”
he replied ” I dont know you will have to wait and see BUT I must stress no orgasms for you unless I say its ok!! now for your next task i want you to do the following you will be called on in your office in the next 10 mins by a friend of mine his name is Usapha he is a man I have known for a lot of years totally discrete he will NEVER breathe a word of this to anyone else when he arrives I want you to put him against the wall and suck him and tit fuck him until he cums in your mouth and I want you to swallow it all, is he expecting this you ask …… well you will have to find that out for your self but I want a pic on my phone of his cock in your mouth”
She was flabbergasted she had to suck off a complete stranger in her office with the risk of getting caught not only that she may have to convince him to let her suck him off! what happens if he doesn’t want her to!! however as scared as she was she couldn’t help the rising tide of horniness that came over her, it was so slutty and dirty she didn’t normally do quickies or one night stands she had only had a couple of long term lovers who she had done that type of thing with she found her self absently rubbing her pussy through her skirt she had to stop her self before she took it to far god she needed to cum.
there was a knock on her office door she yelled come in the door opened and a big black man walked in and shut the door after himself “hi im Usapha” he said ” I was told you wanted to see me” she looked him up and down god he was enormous big hands big feet and all muscles at least 6 foot tall she shivered in anticipation if his body was this size how big is his…… she couldn’t continue the thought hopefully I will soon find out anyway.
” hi “she said “do you know why you are here ….why Simon has sent you to me”
“no I don’t miss Hulme Simon said just turn up here at such and such a time and you had something for me”

“well” she said reddening with embarrassment “er its like this hmmmm I dont really know how to put this to you er ”
“dont worry about it miss Hulme I was passing anyway I will just carry on with where I was going it was nice to meet you” and he turned to go reaching for the door handle
“stop please hang on” She said in a panic ” ok Simon has asked me to hmmm well er give you a blowjob” she gabbled out the last bit he just stood there and stared at her no expression just staring she quailed under his gaze suddenly afraid he was going to be angry with her or be disgusted in her for being such a slut,
“im sorry” she blurted “I dont usually do this sort of thing”
“Ok” he said
“er ok what” she said still unsure
“ok you can suck my cock” he said
She felt dizzy with relief she knelt in front of him and undid his flys reached in over his boxers and grasped his cock and gasped out loud it was warm and thick but not hard but it was huge she pulled it out to look at it she could already feel it stiffening and swelling in her hand she unbuttoned her blouse to let her tits free and took his cock into her mouth and started to work it back and forth she felt it harden as she worked it swelling in her mouth until she could hardly accommodate it she had to really stretch her mouth she looked up at him with those blue eyes as she moved her head back and forth he looked down at her and groaned aloud she passed her mobile up to him and said in a muffled voice “take a picture please Usapha” and he did with his black cock buried in her mouth she pulled his cock out leaned forward and started to tit fuck him in between her huge tits building it up slowly watching the top of his cock appear and disappear in her cleavage then with a jerk he groaned out loud and erupted between her tits she put it in her mouth and swallowed it all down jet after jet of warm cum mmmmm she loved it.
Usapha left with a “thank you miss Hulme” he did mention he would see her again which made her think he did this sort of thing for that kinky bastard Simon all the time she checked the pic on her mobile, her face blue eyes wide looking up at the camera with a mouthful of big black cock she nearly came on the spot she emailed the pic to simon and sat at her desk savouring the musky taste of cock in her mouth and waited for her next assignment
So Sheryl sat behind her desk wondering what her next assignment would be she could still taste that black strangers cock in her mouth her pussy was throbbing as she thought about it her email beeped
“did you enjoy that” it said
“yes I loved it” she answered
“I knew you would” he replied
“will I see him again?” she asked
“I dont know yet we will see how you do over the next few weeks”
she shivered as she read it, next few weeks the email had said she could hardly wait to see what Simon had in store in the next few minutes never mind few weeks!!
“Ok” she said “what do you want me to do next?”
“Its 5.20pm now everybody will be going home in ten minutes take your knickers off and get down on all fours behind your desk put on a blindfold and lift your skirt up so your ass is exposed if any thing happens to you during that time you are not to turn and look at who is behind you just let them finish and be on there way”
“you mean do that at 5.30” she sent back fearing thats not what he meant
“No I mean do it now ”
“what if someone comes in” she said with a sinking feeling in her belly
“thats a risk you will have to take its not real likely that some one will come in AND check behind your desk BUT there is a chance …… are you going to do it ? ”
she looked at her screen trying to decide what to do she was afraid she would get caught but also she was so turned on by the thought of nearly getting caught and the thought of someone fucking her and she may not even know who it was!
“ok im doing it now” she answered
” good you can cum this time but only when he cums”
“Ok” she replied she nearly put thank you but she thought THAT sounded a bit ridiculous
She took off her knickers and put them in her handbag pulled a scarf from her drawer and tied it around her head pushed her chair under her desk and got down on all fours then reached back and pulled up her skirt exposing her ass.
She stayed like that for what seemed like ages alternatively feeling scared then horny then terrified someone would walk in and catch her then hoping someone would and that they would use her pussy. She heard the door open and she started she heard a girls voice “miss Hulme are you there” oh my god Sheryl thought its Rachel from accounts if that little bitch sees me like this I will be a laughing stock she didnt dare even breathe she could here Rachel walk a few steps into the room “miss Hulme” she said again “lazy bitch has left early” and Rachel turned and left the room. Sheryl let out a long sigh of relief “thank god for that” she thought
Presently she heard the door open and shut did someone come in she thought or just look in and see no one was there and leave? she thought she could hear breathing behind her she strained her ears yes there it was someone was in the room with her she was soooo terrified and sooo horny at the same time ….who was it ….Simon another of his friends….. the cleaner!! whoever it was she wished they would do or say something her pussy was sending waves through her she turned her head and said “whos there” she received a sharp smack across her ass so she obviously wasn’t supposed to talk so she kept her mouth shut and waited.
She felt someone trace lines lightly up the back of her leg her skin jumped and quivered she pushed her ass back to offer her self
a muffled voice said ” you are such a slut Sheryl” she didn’t recognize it
“yes” she said “yes I am a slut pleeease fuck me please use my cunt” she couldn’t believe she was saying it “I want to be fucked hard I need to be fucked hard” she was assuming it was Simon but she couldn’t be sure and she found she didn’t care either she was so turned on she just wanted to cum the days events had got her to the edge of sexual frustration she felt some one put their hands on the inside of her thighs and spread them slightly then push her forward so her head was touching the floor so her pussy was spread and open ready for whatever was coming next she stayed like that for a couple of minutes waiting groaning inwardly with frustration, she felt something touch her mouth just brush wetly against her lips she parted her lips and whoever it was slid his cock in grabbing her her to keep her still and slowly fucking her mouth in and out in and out all the way in so she gagged slightly at the end she was hoping he didn’t cum yet she needed someone in her pussy but he kept it up in out in out slowly face fucking her, suddenly with a start she realized she could feel a cock pressing at the entrance to her cunt someone was rubbing their cock up and down her slit there was two of them in here with that the cock pushed its way into her wetness someone grabbed her thighs to keep her still and started to pound into her now she was getting fucked from both ends her keeping as still as she could while two massive cocks fucked her mouth and her pussy
“ooooooooh god ” she screamed as she came she couldn’t help it she was in her office being fucked by (maybe) two complete strangers and she loved it they kept pummelling away at her she could feel another orgasm building and still they pounded away the guy at the front had handfuls of her hair and was really fucking her face grunting with every thrust the guy in her pussy was pulling nearly all the way out then shoving it all the way in groaning with each push they were using her to empty themselves no thought for her just a good hard fucking, the guy in her mouth started to groan loudly she could feel his cock starting to swell and twitch in her mouth she felt herself cumming again she could feel the guy in her pussy cumming as well groaning loudly as he did the guy in her mouth was spurting into her jet after jet of thick cum she swallowed and came and swallowed and came her whole body shuddering as she orgasmed.
Both cocks slithered out of her she heard some hurried dressing and the door opened and shut she tried to get up her legs were wobbly and she could barely stand she managed to get to her chair and sit down still breathing heavily absolutely spent her email beeped.
“did you enjoy that Sheryl?you looked like you were having a good time ” it said
“yes I did” she answered “where you in my mouth or my pussy?”
“neither I just recorded it I will send you a copy ;)” he answered she sat there waiting for the email to come feeling herself getting horny again her email beeped and she opened it and there she was on all fours with two guys on either end of her neither of which she knew and she watched her self agreeing that she was a slut and begging to be fucked and taking cock in both ends and loving it and cumming and cumming and being used as a plaything for two men she felt her self rubbing her clit and starting to cum again she was such a dirty girl she thought yes thats what i am im a dirty girl a slut a whore an she came a big long shuddering orgasm.
I wonder what happens next she thought……..

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