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Wife and daughter f***ed to pay off husbands debts

I lay on the lounger beside the pool. The sky was blue. The sun was hot, hot on my naked back. I was nude, of course I was. He didn’t like tan lines. I sipped my drink. Iced water, with a slice of lemon. I looked over the top of my sunglasses. My daughter lay a few metres away. She was asl**p, flat on her back, her legs splayed. Her tanned skin glistened, a mixture of sweat and sun cream. I watched a bead of perspiration, as it rolled down her pussy, then disappeared between the cheeks of her bum. There was a splash in the pool. A splash as he pushed away from the edge, as he swam another length. A year ago I didn’t know he existed. Was it really only a year? I knew it was, it was a few days after my birthday. I was thirty five that year, happily married. A house in the suburbs. My daughter in the last year of grammar school. My husband a banker in the city. I dragged my eyes away from my daughters hairless cunt, and closed my eyes…………….

We sat at a table, outside the café, drinking latte’s, hers with a shot of caramel syrup.
“So what’s it to be, you don’t want to go to uni, so what are you going to do?” I asked her.
“I don’t know Mummy, I know I do not want to go to university, well not now. Perhaps travel, take a year, and see what happens, keep my options open.”
“Mmm, maybe.” I replied doubtfully.
“You’ll talk to Daddy then?” She asked.
“We’ll see, but you need to have a firm plan of what you’ll do in this year.”
“I know, but you’ll talk to him?”
“Yes darling, I’ll talk to him. He’ll agree, you know he will, but you need a plan.”

I put my foot on the edge of the bed, and rolled the stocking up my leg, then fastened it to my suspender.
“Where are we going again?” I asked my husband.
“Just to a cocktail party darling,” he replied.
“You said, but who is this Charles, I’ve never heard of him, you’ve never mentioned him before.”
“Oh I’m sure I have, anyway he’s a client, an important client Natasha.”
“Alright Tris, but why are we taking Emily?”
“He wants to meet all the f****y. f****y is very important to him, and his company,” Tristan replied.
I smoothed my little black dress down. I was ready, or so I thought. How little I knew.

He was about fifty. Tall, athletic. Handsome. He kissed me on each cheek, then greeted Emily in the same way. Charles wasn’t like any of Tris’s other work friends, and this wasn’t like any other business party Tris had taken me too. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but Tris was on edge, nervous even.
“Natasha, you don’t mind, only I need to borrow Tristan for a few moments, Anna will entertain you and Emily.” Charles said as he ushered Tris away.
I wondered who, or what Anna was. She was long legged, and wearing a very short skirt.
Anna opened a bottle of champagne, and poured a glass for both myself and Emily. She chatted away as we waited, her skirt riding up, revealing a pair of pure white panties. We didn’t have to wait for long.

Tristan and Charles joined us, only with them was a huge guy, with a long scar down the right side of his face, and he had Tristan’s arm twisted up behind his back.
“What the hell do you think your doing,” I yelled.
“Glad you asked Natasha,” Charles replied.
Then he told me. Told me the bits he wanted me to know, what he wanted Emily to know.
Tristan had borrowed money from him, borrowed it to feed his gambling habit. He owed Charles, owed him big. Tristan had used his position at the bank to feed Charles inside information. But he continued to gamble. His loses increased. Then six months ago, he had been fired. He, we, were broke. Worse we owed Charles.
“Now Natasha, you and Emily …………….”
It wasn’t a choice, there was no choice. We were the debt security. The house was already owned by Charles, the cars, who knows.
“You bastard Tris, you fucking bastard, you would do this to me, to your daughter!” I screamed at him. I hit him, beating him with both my fists, until Emily pulled me away.
“Its alright Mum, its alright,” she whispered.

“Its business Natasha, just business,” Charles said. “Of course I’ll have him roughed up, got to show that I won’t be pissed about. But that’s later. Now, he can watch, as you two start the payback.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
He laughed at that. Laughed at my naivety.
He took his drink, and sat in a deep buttoned leather chair. He made us walk around, in front of him.
I wore black high heels, and a tight black dress. It was tight, every contour of my body outlined in it. Sheer black underwear, and of course stockings. Had Tristan known this would happen, or had he hoped to use me as a barging tool. Did he think that my fucking Charles would give him some extra time. Emily, what about Emily, did think the same about her? A chip to be used in a last throw of the dice? I looked at her, her eyes were wet, she was crying. Bastard.
“Come on ladies, strip!” Charles ordered.
I was resigned to my fate. But not Emily.
“Look Charles, you can have me, but not Emily.”
“No go, lady. Your husband used you both as surety. Now get your dresses off.”
I took a deep breath, reached behind me, with shaking hands, unzipped my dress, then slid it off my shoulders, before letting it fall to the floor.

He sat staring at me. I might as well have been naked. The cups of my bra were transparent, as were my knickers. I felt my nipples harden, he saw them. I watched his eyes, as they travelled down to my cunt, clearly visible behind the sheer veil of my panties.
“I like a shaved cunt,” Charles said, “Now you sweet stuff.”
“Wait,” I said. I turned to the muscle holding Tristan. “Punch him, punch him hard. Hurt him, but don’t knock him out, I want him to see what he has done.”
The muscle looked at Charles, who must have given him the go ahead. I watched as he punched Tristan, heard the impact of the punch, the satisfying crunch as his nose broke.
Emily sobbed, but pulled the hem of her blue dress up, revealing a tiny white lacy thong. It was new, I hadn’t seen it before. The dress had been a present from her father that evening, the knickers too, I guessed. It dropped to the floor, she didn’t wear a bra.
“Punch him again,” I said, and was rewarded by the sound of it landing. “And again for Emily.” Another punch landed……………….

I was hot, I stood up, and dived into the pool. Swam a quick length, then another. I stood so my tip toes just touched the bottom of the pool, refreshed. Charles smiled at me. He, like me was tanned. He was good looking, his grey hair contrasting with his skin. He was fitter than most men half his age. His sex drive was that of a sixteen year old boy. His smiled, his teeth white, and perfect. Over his shoulder Emily was sitting up, a leg either side of her sun bed, her pussy open, her inner labia poking through. She saw me looking, and her legs parted a little more………………

My bra joined my dress on the floor. He stood then, took the two or three steps towards us. He kissed me, hard on the lips, his hands squeezed my breasts, then he was gone, leaving me surprisingly breathless. It was Emily’s turn, I watched as he twisted her nipples hard, and bit her bottom lip. Then he held us both around the waist, pulling us tightly against him. Then turned us, so we faced Tristan. He was slumped in a chair, his eyes swollen, his nose misshapen, and bleeding, his white shirt a sheet of red. Charles instructed us to pull our panties down. When we didn’t comply, Anna did it. As she pulled mine down, I felt her hot breath on my pussy, then felt her tongue as it quickly darted out, flicking against the hood of my clit. Then she was gone, and kneeling at my Emily’s feet, pulling her knickers down. I felt his fingers run down the crevice of my bum, between my legs, they parted my labia, he pushed his way into me, before finger fucking me. He must have been doing the same to Emily, because after a short while I heard her groan, and as she did, I realised I was wet. He led us to the chesterfield sofa, then he bent me over one of the arms, and penetrated me from behind, I gasped. Emily was pushed backwards onto the sofa in front of me by Anna. Emily’s face was flushed, her nipples hard. Anna’s face was soon between her legs, as she went down on her. Emily’s eyes opened wide, whether in shock, or pleasure I didn’t know, what I did know was that I was coming, I dug my nails into the leather of the sofa, and pushed back, back against the hard cock that was fucking me for all I was worth. I looked across at Tris, he looked shame faced, and so he should be. As I looked I saw he had a hard on, I could see his trousers bulging. Bastard.
“Oh fucking hell, yes, yes……harder, harder, fuck meeeeeeeeeee,” I yelled.
The cock, that wonderfully hard cock slipped out of me, and Charles walked to Emily, who was in the throes of ecstasy herself, as Anna used her expert tongue.
“Now little slut, clean my cock, your mother has made a mess all over it.” Charles commanded.
She hesitated. Anna grabbed her hair and f***ed her face forward. Then she opened her mouth, and took the cock into her mouth, and sealed her lips around it. She sucked it, she licked it, licked it all, from the engorged purple head, to his balls, she had it all. I watched in perverted fascination. Then my view was blocked, as Anna kissed me, her wet lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth. I tasted my daughters juices on Anna. Then she pulled me down onto the sofa, pushed me back, parted my legs. I expected her to eat me, as she had Emily. But it was Emily’s face that was pushed between my legs to my excited and wet cunt. Anna held her face there, but little by little I felt her lips, her tongue as she began to explore me. As she did, so Charles fucked her, his hard cock deep inside her young cunt.
My husband watched as Charles fucked his daughter, as his daughter brought me to another orgasm. Bastard. Scar face watched as well, his erection obvious. Then my view of them was gone, as Anna straddled my face, and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I had never been with a woman before, then I had never been fucked as others watched before. What was more, I had never been fucked so well, and now Emily was being fucked by the same cock, by Charles, as her father watched through swollen eyes………….

I walked from the pool to the deck. The bar was well stocked. I opened a bottle of Proseco, and poured two glasses, then a scotch on the rocks. Charles and Emily joined me, Charles in a pair of tight swimming shorts, Emily like me naked, but for a pair of heels. I sipped my drink, and looked at her, at my daughter. She was beautiful, blonde, tanned, naked and beautiful.
“Sir, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but you have visitors.”
“Alright Tom, show them out here,” Charles instructed.
There were four guys, and a woman in a business suit. We weren’t introduced. A year ago I hadn’t even sunbathed topless, let alone nude. Now I was happy to be naked, to being seen naked. A year ago I hadn’t seen my school girl daughter naked since she was ten or eleven, now I saw her naked every day. A year ago I had only ever been fucked by one man. My husband. Bastard. Now I could no longer count how many men had fucked me. A year ago my daughter was still at school, and probably a virgin, now she certainly wasn’t.
We returned to our sun lounges, with our drinks, while business was conducted.
“You know its nearly a year,” I said.
“I know, doesn’t seem that long,” she replied.
“A year ago we were discussing what you would do for the year between school and uni, didn’t anticipate this,” I said.
She smiled. “I thought I’d hate this, you know, but its not been so bad, that first night was the worst, Daddy being…………………..

Charles had fucked us both, then fucked us again. His cock was much bigger than Tris. Bigger, harder, and still he hadn’t come. Tris couldn’t last longer than a few minutes. I was more satisfied than I’d ever been. Tris still sat, his trousers bulging, as was Scar face’s.
“I need to come, both of you, finish me off,” Charles told us.
I knew what he wanted, but was surprised Emily did. Together we sucked his cock, tasted ourselves on it. Our tongues touched, we smiled at each other, nervous of each others reaction. He came, thick ropes of cum, on our faces, in our mouths. So much cum. Tris never came like this. It even tasted nicer. Together we cleaned his cock, then I stood.
“I need to share something with my husband,” I said.
Then I walked, in my heels, stockings, and suspender belt to my husband. I bent down, and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth, and in doing so, letting Charles’ cum trickle into Tris’s mouth. He gagged a little, but I kept my mouth covering his, then stood.
“Emily darling, come here.” I called.
She stood beside me. Naked in front of her father, beside her naked mother.
“We have just been fucked to pay your debts, this,” I said opening my legs to reveal my freshly and oh so well fucked pussy, “is the last time you will see it, you won’t fuck me ever again. Now look at Emily, for fuck sake, and you said he could fuck us for your fucking gambling debts. And you have the fucking nerve to watch us, and get an erection into the bargain. If I had knife, I’d cut it off.”
“Here luv, use this,” Scarface said, making me jump.
I took it. Sliced open his trousers, and pulled his cock out. It was hard. I yanked the foreskin down, hard. It stiffened.
“This Emily is your fathers excuse for a cock. Pathetic. At least I won’t have that inside me again. When we walk out of here in a minute, I don’t want to see you ever again.”
“You seem to have misunderstood Natasha, this wasn’t a one fuck and that’s it. Tristan owes me over half a million, you’re mine until its paid off, both of you!” Charles said.
I kicked him then, kicked him as hard as I could between the legs. He went white, then vomited. I turned and walked to Charles, holding Emily’s hand.
“At least I’ll get fucked by someone who knows what a woman wants.” I said.
“Take him away, break his legs, then drop him somewhere,” Charles told Scarface.
“And break his left arm, he wanks with his left hand,” I said, though with no feeling.
“So Charles, we’re yours, both of us, what do you want us to do?” I asked.
“Anything I tell you, now go with Anna, she’ll show you where your room is, then she’ll tell you what to wear, we’re going out.”

Our room was on the second floor, a king-size bed, and an ensuite. Emily cried when Anna left us alone. Sobbed on my shoulder, and I cried too. Cried for ourselves and each other.
We were dressed, well we were wearing what we had been told to wear.
Emily wore a little red dress, it only just cover her bum. If that wasn’t bad enough, it had very broad sheer panels down both sides. No underwear. Red high heels. She looked like a tart. Beautiful, but a tart. My outfit was worse. A red strapless sheath dress, semi transparent, and like her, no underwear, just red heels.
“My god Mum, we can’t go out in these, what if we see someone we know!” Emily exclaimed.
“I know you’re right, but you know we have no choice.”
We went downstairs, Charles was waiting.
“Ladies, at last. Now before we go, one of you needs to thank Alan for disposing of your problem.”
“You mean………?”
“Exactly, now get on with it!”
“No, its alright Mum, I’ll do it,” Emily said.
“No you won’t Emily. Its my responsibility, I should have known or at least suspected something.”
Scarface, or Alan to use his proper name was in the study.
“I’d like to thank you Alan, now before I give you a blow job, answer me this, did you break both his legs, and his left arm as I asked?”
“Yes, exactly as you asked.” He replied.
I heard a gasp from behind me, and knew Emily was watching. I squatted down, my dress riding up to reveal my waxed pussy. He was hard even before I closed my red lips around his cock………………………………

“You don’t hate it?” I asked.
“No, I know I should, but well its like one long holiday, like here. I didn’t even know where Baku was, lots of foreign holidays, fabulous clothes, plus I like being with you.”
“I know what you mean!” I replied.
“And look at you Mummy, you look fabulous, fabulous and happy.” Emily said.
Charles had looked after us. We’d both had boob jobs, me to lift and augment what I already had, Emily an enlargement, so we were both the same size. I’d had a mini facelift, so I now looked almost as young as Emily. Almost. Regular beauty treatments.
“You really think so?” I asked.
“Yes Mummy I do. I didn’t know what to do with my gap year. But this is fun, most of the time.”
“And the sex?” I asked.
“It was embarrassing at first, with you watching, or me watching you, but, well not now. Mostly its great, and you, you’re so noisy Mum, you were never like that with Dad I would have heard!”
“Your Dad never made me come like I do now.” I said honestly. “Sex with him was a quick fumble, and a grunt. All over very quickly, leaving me with a sticky mess, and frustrated.”
“What do you think they’re talking about?” Emily asked.
I looked to where Charles was talking.
“You mean will we be needed to sweeten the deal?” I said.
“The red head in the suit looks nice, I really hope I get to fuck her,” Emily said.
“Emily, really…………………………….

The car drove us into town. I was worried, although I tried not to show it. What if we did see someone we knew.
The casino was plush. No expense had been spared. We walked in, our heels disappearing into the pile of the carpet. I had butterflies in my stomach. Everyone could see we weren’t wearing underwear. They could see my breasts through the almost gossamer material of my dress. Emily’s wasn’t much better. Then I saw him. Our eyes met, and he did a double take. I’d lived in this town for over ten years. It had been foolish to think I wouldn’t see someone I knew. The captain of the tennis club. He came over, drooling.
“Natasha, is that really you? And Emily.” He said.
“Alex, so nice to see you,” I lied.
“No Tris tonight?” He asked.
“No Alex, no Tris. We’re with Charles.” I said with more confidence than I felt.
“Oh yes, of course. I so sorry. Good evening sir.” He said.
“Good evening Alex, join us at our table?”
“That’s most kind, but I’m with my wife.”
“That’s fine, bring her along.”
I groaned inwardly Alice Coward, the snobbiest woman in town.
They joined us. The light in the casino made our dresses even more revealing, just as Charles knew they would. Alice was speechless. A first. She soon recovered.
“Tell me Natasha, where is your husband tonight?”
“I’ve no idea Alice, nor do I care. He is no longer in the picture.” I said as bitchily as I could.
“And Emily,” she continued, “do you really think that dress is suitable for a girl still at school?”
“Well Alice your husband seems to like it, he hasn’t taken his eyes off my tits since we got here!” Emily replied.
They left then, thank goodness. I watched them walk away.
“Lets get dinner, where’s your favourite place to eat?” Charles asked smiling.
“The Italian on Palace Street, but you won’t get a table, you need to book,” I replied relieved we wouldn’t be going there.
“Nonsense, I know the owner,” Charles said happily.
Emily walked in ahead of us, her dress had ridden up, her bottom visible, I reached out to pull her dress back into place. He stopped me, pushed my arm away. The table on the mezzanine was free, it would be, everyone could see us. We sat down. Emily groaned.
“What is it darling?” I asked.
“That boy over there, you see?”
I saw.
“Well, he’ in my class at school, and now he’s seen my bare arse, and most of my tits, I’m dead.”
“No you’re not, you left school this afternoon, you won’t be returning Emily darling,” I told her……………………………..

The apartment overlooked the Bay of Baku, on the Caspian Sea. We sipped our drinks. His eyes were ice blue. He was good looking, but cold. We had spent the evening with him, Emily and me. Now we would spend the night together. We would seal the deal, whatever deal he and Charles had done. Do whatever he wanted. We were down to our underwear, expensive silk, gossamer thin. I had his cock in my mouth, twirled my tongue around the glands, then Emily took it, took it all in her mouth, until she almost gagged. She held his cock out for me. I pulled my knickers to one side, then slid down its hard length. Emily licked his balls, then the shaft, as I fucked him. I dropped down again, and as I did, she licked my clit. I savoured the feeling, before she returned to his cock.

We swapped over, her turn to fuck, and be fucked. She faced him, and he bit her nipples. I took my turn licking his balls, the shaft of his cock, her bum. I flicked my tongue across her anus, and was rewarded with a moan. With her taste on my lips, I kissed him, as she continued to fuck him. She came then, perspiring, and breathless. Loud. He came shortly after her, and as he slipped out of her, he said, “clean her up, while I watch.”
She opened her legs, giving me easy access. We’d gone down on each other before, more than once. She had a lovely cunt. I probed her with my tongue, tasting him, but savouring her. Her juices mingled with his come, I drank it all. I felt her breath between my legs, then her tongue as it opened my labia, her thumb pulled back my clit hood, the tongue swept across it, and I came, came in my daughters mouth, as she came in mine…………………….

His room was without any female charm. A mans room. We knew what he wanted, or thought we did. He wanted to fuck us. I was eager for it. I almost craved it, a few short hours ago I was the faithful wife of a city banker. The girl beside me on the bed, the one with her breasts exposed was my school girl daughter. That was this afternoon, now was this evening. He would fuck me, he would fuck her as I watched, as she watched me. I slid the dress down my body, then naked, but for my heels, joined them on the bed. Like me she just wore her red heels. She smiled. We took it in turns, he fucked one of us, then the other, making us both cum, over and over, and over again. Now he wanted us to make each other cum.
“But,” I began to say.
“No buts, she’s already done you, now you do her, do each other, no fucking buts,” Charles commanded.
We tentatively did as he asked, our first sixty nine, together. I hesitantly touched my tongue against her outer labia. She was wet, her juices flowed onto my tongue. I inhaled her sent. I felt her tongue probe inside me, her fingers holding me open, open to the onslaught of her tongue. I came almost immediately, and was lost in the moment. I wanted her to feel what I was feeling. I pressed my face against her fragrant pussy, and knew I’d want to do this again. I came, she came. Then I came again. “Oh fucking hell, oh fucking yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssss.” My screams muffled by the pussy pressing against my face. Then again, “Oh goddddddddddd, fuck……ing…………….hell.” Then another. I was panting, sweating, coming again.
I felt the bed give, as Charles joined us. I looked up, Emily’s pussy hovered tantalisingly above me, I licked it again. A cock came into view, to penetrate her. Penetrate her it did, but not her juicy cunt. Her body went rigid, as he f***ed himself into her little puckered anus. Her tongue was no longer working its magic. She was gritting her teeth, as the cock f***ed its way into her arse. Charles stopped, allowing her to adjust to the intrusion.
“No don’t stop, don’t stop,” Emily hissed.
Charles pushed gently forward, his cock sliding fully into her.
“Mmm, now fuck me… slowly, mmm, that’s it, oh yes, that’s it, faster…….oh fuck………yessssssssssssssssss.” Emily yelled as she came, juices flowing into my mouth.

Then it was my turn. I was like a nervous virgin on her first time.
“You’ll love it Mummy,” Emily gushed.
I felt the head of his cock pushing on my anus, then it was in me, just the head. It hurt, it fucking hurt like hell. He gripped me, and pushed deeper, then deeper still. I felt as if I was being torn in two. The pain was intense, how had Emily enjoyed this. I hated it. It hurt. He stopped pushing, I gripped his cock with my anal muscles, gripped hard. Perhaps if I gripped hard enough he wouldn’t be able go deeper. It felt better, in fact it felt a lot better. I pushed back against him, just a little. He pushed forward. It felt good, no, better than good. He slowly fucked my arse, slowly, then quicker, then faster. Faster and deeper. I came then, came again. I clawed the bed, pushed my bum in the air and bit the pillow, as wave, after wave of absolute pleasure overwhelmed me……………………………

The flight into Heathrow was on time. Alan waited for us in arrivals. The scar on the side of his face giving him a piratical look. He drove the car out into the afternoon, and soon we were into the stop/start of the motorway system. Two hours later we stopped outside a Victorian terrace, recently converted into plush apartments.
“I’m tired, tell me its just a quickie Alan,” I said.
Emily stirred sl**pily beside me.
“Not this time darling, here, this is for you,” he said, handing me a large envelope.
I opened it. It contained a single sheet of paper, and two keys.

The apartment was the penthouse. Large, and filled with light. The furniture was stylish. I read the letter again, then handed it to Emily. We sat together on the sofa, too stunned to say anything.
“Lets go for a drink,” I said. “A walk and a drink.”
We walked, arm in arm. Silently. It was a while before I realised that we were still dressed in the clothes we had worn when we left our client in Baku. No wonder we were getting some very admiring looks. Heels, tight mini skirts, and clingy tops. We sat outside a pub, two untouched glasses of sparkling wine on the table in front of us.
Someone stood between us and the sun, which was low in the sky. They didn’t move. I looked up, squinting into the light.
“Natasha?” A familiar voice said, Natasha, is that really you?”
For the second time that day, I was stunned into silence.
“Dad, is it really you, oh Daddy,” Emily said, her chair falling backwards as she stood, and hugged him.
“Tristan…….” I managed to say.

I watched him, as he drank his beer. Beer? He had never been a beer drinker. I looked at him. He was different, not just the nose. He looked, well ordinary. He wore some sort of uniform, no not a uniform, it was black and green………ASDA. He worked at ASDA!
“How are you?” I asked.
“Well, thank you, thanks to Alan. I am so sorry, I know that’s inadequate for what I’ve put you both through, I…….I don’t know what to say. Sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it.”
“Alan, what do you mean, thanks to Alan?” I asked.
“Alan, the great hunk that gave me this,” he said, stroking his bent, and broken nose.
“Yes we both know Alan, the guy that broke your legs,” I said.
“That’s just it, he didn’t. He took me to a hostel, a half way house for addicts. Addicts like me. I’m Tristan, I’m a gambler.”
I laughed then. “Fucking Alan, I gave him a blow job for breaking your legs!”
“We even argued over who would do it!” Emily giggled.
“I’m sorry,” Tris said.
“Well don’t be, anyway its too late to be sorry. Move on, we have.” I said.
“You have?”
“Yes, Tris we have. For the last year we have paid your debts off, and here’s the funny bit. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves, we’ve travelled, had fun, these tans, all over. Even got new tits, haven’t we darling?” I said.
“Yes Mummy,” Emily said sticking her breasts out, smiling.
“We are no longer the people we were a year ago, you aren’t the high flying city banker, I’m certainly not the ever faithful wife, and Emily isn’t the little virgin about to go to uni.” I said emphatically.
“I’m sorry……….”
“Oh for fuck sake, stop saying your sorry, at least you have a job, we’ve both just been sacked, if you can believe that.” I said.
“Sacked, sacked from what?” He asked
“Sacked as Charles’ whores.” I said.
“Good, then Emily can go to uni,” Tris said.
“I don’t want to go to uni, I want to keep working for Charles, with Mum. I like it, I really like it,” Emily said softly.
“And so do I,” I said. “So do I.”
“And that guy in Baku is coming to London next month, and wants to fuck me in the arse until I pass out, I was looking forward to that,” said Emily.

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