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Wife and I out meet another guy

I wanted to take my wife out to dinner and dance for our anniversary. Since it is our 46th anniversary I found a hotel that had a band and good food. I made reservations hoping for a weekend of hot sex since my wife had been going thru her change of life and not as interested in sex as much as she used to be I contacted a friend that had told me about Ecstasy and its effects on women I had him get me some. I also got me some Viagra and since I wanted to have some wild sex.
My wife Beth is still a hot lady with 36 C’s though she has put on a little weight over the years as a secretary she still is thought of by many guys as a hot lady. She has no problem wearing tank tops or button up blouses and when she bends over showing her big tits. Most people don’t believe she is more than 55 but she is actually 67.
We arrived at the hotel on Friday afternoon though the band wasn’t to play till Saturday. They have a nice pool and hot tub. What I didn’t know was that the hotel was being remodeled. They gave us a recently remodeled suite with a huge walk in shower. I told Beth we could take showers together, she hugged me and said sounds like fun.
We were walking around looking for the pool and ran into a couple construction workers. They said the pool area and hot tub had already been updated. They were admiring Beth’s cleavage as we talked. Beth was doing her usual flirting with the young guys. They did compliment us on not looking old enough to have been married that long. They said they would probable see us around later. We found the pool area and as stated it was very nice.
We went back to our room to get ready for dinner. After a good meal and some wine we went back to our room. We brought wine and beer with us. I got a beer and poured a glass of wine for Beth while she put on her bathing suit. She had brought my favorite, a one piece that had a deep V in the front exposing the inside parts of her tits. I got my suit on and we headed for the hot tub with our drinks. We were enjoying the hot bubbly water when one of the construction guys came in. He asked if he could join us we said sure. We talked about the job they had and he said the only draw back was that they had to stay in town because it had to be finished by a certain date. He said he missed his f****y as well as the other guy missed his girl friend. His partner came down with some beer which he offered to share. I took one but Beth said since she was drinking wine she didn’t want any. I offered to get her another glass saying she would be in good hands and headed to the room. When I returned they were talking and laughing. We sat around for another hour going between the pool and hot tub then went to our room.
We showered together, Beth was all over me as I washed her off. Her pussy was very wet, I asked what brought that on and she said the guys kept looking at her tits and asked her if they were real since they don’t sag. She told them they were and they asked her to show them. She said no way but then the wine was having an effect on her and just before I got back she had pulled her suit off her shoulder enough so they could see one. They were just complimenting her when I got back. We dried off then went to bed and had a good f–k before falling to sl**p.
We slept late on Saturday then went to breakfast. Then went shopping at a nearby mall. Beth found some new under things at Victoria Secrets. We went to get some more wine and beer before then returned to the hotel. We had brought some snacks along to enjoy that afternoon. We were drinking and eating some snacks while a football game played on the TV. We decided to take another trip to the hot tub where we stayed with our alcoholic beverages. There were a few couples there as well as some c***dren. We had dinner reservations for 8 so we decided to go back to the room and get ready. Another shower with Beth got me hard again so we headed for the bedroom. After a lovemaking session we fell asl**p while we cuddled. When I woke Beth was doing her hair and applying make up. I came up behind her telling how much fun we would have tonight as I kissed her neck and pulled her nipples. She asked if I would leave her alone while she got ready. I asked her to leave her bra off but she said she had just bought the new one for tonight.She put on the matching bra and panties she had just bought. I was not happy but when she put on her skirt and top she looked hot. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to show plenty of cleavage and the push-up bra really did its job.
We went to dinner and had a booth in a good spot to see the dance floor. We enjoyed wine with our dinner. The band was preparing to play while we finished dinner. The waitress cleared our table bringing us another drink. The band started playing with the dance floor filling we joined the others. After a fast dance a slow one came next letting us dance close together. I ran my hands over her ass squeezing her cheeks as we kissed. We returned to our table and I was debating on when to add the Ecstasy to her drink as it was supposed to take some time to work. I knew we wouldn’t be staying to late. I ordered another drink figuring on putting it in this glass. As it happened Beth had to use the ladies room so I had time to add it to her drink. It dissolved quickly so she wouldn’t notice it. Beth returned with one of the construction workers on each arm. She said she had asked them to join us. I said it would be good to have someone else to dance with her. It didn’t take long for Bill “the single guy” to get her on the dance floor. When they returned John asked her to dance. Then they switched again as a slow song was being played. Bill held her close as they danced letting his hand drop to her ass. When they returned Beth looked flushed and her nipples were poking her shirt. I asked her to dance the next song which was faster than I liked but I did my best then a slow one was next so I got to talk to her as I held her close. I asked what happened with Bill during their last dance since she came back all flustered. She said he had slipped his hand inside her bra while they danced and his cock had felt huge pressed against her stomach. I kissed her telling her to enjoy the night after all we were never going to see them again.I told her to go to the ladies room and takeoff her bra so next time he would have full access to her tits she said “you can’t be serious!” I said why not you got pretty hot last night after you showed them your tit so maybe you will get hotter tonight. We no more than sat down when John took her out I needed her to finish her drink so when they came back I said Bill ordered another round so you had better finish that one. She drank it down before the next one showed up and was back on the dance floor with Bill.When they came back she excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she returned I noticed that her blouse had another button open and her bra was missing. She asked Bill to dance again. They danced a couple dances with him holding her close when possible. His hands were disappearing in front of her so I knew he was playing with her tits. I also noticed her hand between them. When they returned I asked her to dance wanting to find out what was happening. She told me he had his hands allover her tits and put hers on his cock which felt huge. She was starting to slur her words and no longer steady on her feet. We returned to the table and I took the Viagra while the guys were talking to Beth.
Bill took her to the dance floor again and I could tell by her staggering that it was time to take her to the room. She was leaning into Bill as he kissed her. I thought this might lead to the gang bang I had hoped for in my fantasy. When they came back I said it was time for me to take Beth up to the room. Bill said that last drink sure took is toll on her. I got up to help her but she was really bad and with my bad leg I didn’t think I could hold her up. They offered to help me so we e****ted her to the elevator with one on each side. By the time we got to the elevator Bill had her blouse open and her tits were in view. I told John you aught to feel them they are really firm for an older lady and Bill has been playing with them all night. This was going a lot better than I had planned. We got her to the room and she was all over Bill as he kissed her and fondled her tits.Bill asked if he could f–k her. I said it was up to her but I thought she would like that.
It only took a minute for them to get her naked and on the bed. Bill dove between her legs licking her pussy while John went to work on her tits sucking and pinching her nipples. Beth was moaning loudly with her hips pushing her pussy to his face. Before she could come down from her orgasm Bill had his clothes off and was aiming his cock at her pussy. Beth was right it was huge about 9 or 10 inches long and fat. She was so wet that he got the head and a couple inches in easily. I didn’t know if she would be able to take all of it since it was a lot bigger than mine. He slowly worked it in till she had all of it. She had an orgasm while he held still fully buried. Then he started to move slowly pulling almost all out before ramming it all the way back in. She had several more orgasms before he filled her with a big load. While he was fucking her John was getting a blow job and the all came at the same time. John and Bill thanked us for the night. I then took over as Beth was still horny. I fucked her for what seemed like an hour before giving her a load but I stayed hard. I had always wanted to try and fist her so I thought I would see if I could. She was so wet with the cum running out of her and all her juices flowing I decided to try. I had brought lube with me in case we needed it tonight.
I got three fingers in easily then worked on number four which was a tight fit but she was humping her hips taking it like a pro. I added the thumb but when I got to the knuckles they didn’t want to fit. I grabbed the lube coating my hand before trying again. She squirmed at the pressure but with persistence they finally slid in. I just left my hand motionless while she got used to the fullness. Then she started to move so I worked my hand clenching and releasing my fist. She took over riding my hand. I pulled back just enough so the knuckles stayed in she had a huge orgasm and passed out. I played a little longer sliding my fist in and out more easily with each insertion. She moved a little but was wiped out.I cleaned her up and went to bed. The next morning she said we must have had a good night as she was a little sore. I told her that after Bill and I f–ked her she probable was. She asked if I was serious and I said yes. I told her that after she took off her bra so he could play with her tits she should have expected it. I didn’t tell her I fisted her though.

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