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wife and my dad

My dad who is in his 50’s had been coming over to help out around our new house alot. He helped us move, he helped fix things and was always just a call away. My wife who just turned 30 wanted to do something special for him. One night when I had to work late she called him over to fix a leaky faucet. When my dad got to the house he was greeted by my wife wearing a skimpy nightie that showed off her large breasts and firm ass. Dad stammered a bit and tried to not appear to be staring at her ample bosom. He went into the kitchen and slid under the cabinet. My wife positioned herself against the counter in a way to give him a view up her nightie to see she wasn’t wearing panties and gave him a full shot at her shaved pussy. Dad gropped around for his wrench and as he slid back under the counter my wife could see the large bulge in his pants. As he went to work so did she, she dropped down to the floor and begin rubbing his thigh and she ran her hand against his crotch. Slowly she undid the zipper on his pants and she reached in and pulled out his large cock. She wrapped her hand around it and begin to jerk him off, he moaned lowly. Licking her lips my wife ran her toungue up his shaft and circled the head of his shaft before taking him into her mouth. She worked his cock in her mouth sucking and jerking as his moans grew louder.
Dad slid out from under the sink and pulled her mouth free from his cock. He stood up and let his pants fall to the floor. Dad pulled my wife to her feet and he tore the nightie from her body breaking the shoulder straps in the process. Dad picked her up and set her on the counter and dropping to his knees began to lick my wife’s pussy, she pressed his head against her and bucked her hips against his thrusting toungue as she squirted in his mouth.
Dad rose and pulled my wife’s legs apart as he slid his throbing cock into her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him pushing him deeper inside of her. His thrusts became harder and stronger as he fucked her. “is my pussy good”
she panted.
“yes, god yes.”
“fuck me harder.” he was happy to oblige. Suddenly he pulled her off the counter and spun her around. she braced agaisnt the counter as he once again entered her pussy now from behind. My wife shook with orgasm as he pounded into her. As she came he pulled his cock free from her pussy and before she could protest he had pushed the head into her tight asshole. “Yes, Fuck My Ass!”
“Who am I?”
My dad’s cock slid all the way into her asshole, he reached around and began fingering her pussy as he pounded her ass. “You like that you slut?”
“are you my slut?”
My dad grabbed my wife’s hips as he pushed into her harder and deeper until he finally came in her ass. After a little while they got a shower together where they had another fuck session. When I got home my wife told me all about it and as she did she grew so horny remembering it that she practically broke my back jumping on my cock. Needless to say my dad is even more willing to come over and lend a hand now.
My wife says she plans on having a lunch date with my s****r next.

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