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wife and the stranger pt 2

Marta kept snuggling up to me and stroking my cock,I know what she wanted she just didn’t want to say it.
I asked her if she would give me a blowjob to my surprise
she crawled up under the sheets and started really playing my cock like she had never done before,licking my
balls and rubbing my ass,then kissing her way back up,I asked her whats got you so hot and horny,She says you
know I get like this when I drink,I rolled her on her back and started sucking her breast and playing with her
pussy she was very wet so I was about to enter her and she said no silly not yet you know how fast you cum and
I want to play some more.So we played for another 20min. I then tried to fuck her again, and again she turned me
down.This time she asked if wanted to have another drink,I said sure we will have one more,I told her to wait
here and i will go get them.I went out to the living room where mike was,I asked him if he wanted to have another
drink with us he said sure,He then asked if I was mad at him,I assured him I wasn’t mad,It just caught me by
surprise that marta didn’t just tell me he was here.I asked him what if anything happened between him and my
wife today,I asked him to tell me everything that happen,If they had fucked or had oral sex I just wanted to know
and to start from when he arrived,He said he had called the house about 10am and asked to talk to me,and marta
said I was working, I then said just tell me if anything happened, he said when he arrived marta gave him a hug
and invited him in, they mostly just talked,He said when they were in the kitchen they were standing close and
she reached down and started stroking his cock and told him how much she missed his monster,and said she would
take care of it tonight so her husband could watch,He said she stroked his cock for about 10min.
almost making him cum,she then laughed and told him to wait till tonight and he could cum as many times as he
wanted.I asked him again if they did anything else that I wouldn’t be mad since he had already fucked her and I was
the one that set it up.He then admitted that he had finger fucked her while she was stroking his cock,but that was
all they did cause she wanted to wait for me,because it was a fantasy of mine to have a threesome.I told him ok
lets get marta out here,and see if she will iniciate something because i wanted to hear her ask for sex.
I yelled for Marta to come out and drink a drink with us, she came out wearing her half robe with nothing underneath.
She sat next to mike on the couch letting her robe fall open.I asked her why she didn’t put something else on
because we have company,she said she was sorry but she wasn’t thinking cause she was d***k.she went and put
on her full robe and came back out and sat on the recliner,I noticed that she did put on her bra and panties.We
talked but not anything sexual so I said hey mike did you know marta always brings up yall’s sexcapades when she
is drinking,she said that is not true,but that got the ball rolling,she came and sat next to me and started rubbing
my leg with each rub she got closer to my cock,till she was stroking my cock thru my pants,I asked mike I bet
you wish she would be rubbing your cock like this,with that she pulled her hand away embarassed by what i said.I
nudged her towards mike and told her go ahead,She said no I couldn’t,We all laughed and she resumed rubbing my cock.
I said hey mike help me in the kitchen lets get another round.When we were in the kitchen,I told mike when you take
marta her drink have your cock hanging out of your pants,I went out first and sat next to marta when mike was in
front of her and handed her the drink,she gasp and turned her head,she said you put him up to that didn’t you I was
laughing and said go ahead and touch it you know you want to,she looked down and said no I don,t I have this right
here and squeezed my cock,When she said that I felt so good that I almost didn’t want mike with her.I told her go
ahead squeeze it and give mike a quick thrill,Mike just stood there and she finaly reached up and squeezes his cock
then starts to stroke it with each stroke she gets her head a little closer to it,she is within an inch of his now
hard cock she then turned to me and said did you want me to suck it,I quickly told her laughing no I want you to
to keep playing with my cock let him just wish you were doing it to him,She only laughed and said Really and
turned and started sucking mike’s cock,It was such a turn on to watch my wife sucking another guy,I started massaging
her tits she began moaning,I said to her that is what you wanted right,she turned to me and said honey we have to be
nice to our guest.I started undressing her when I remove her panties they were very wet,I undressed and sunk my
cock into her pussy wow it was so wet that I don’t think she even felt when I sunk my cock into her,Mike was on his
back while she sucked his cock and I had her doggy style,she started moving up on mike till his cock was rubbing on
her pussy,I was still behind her and I watched as she grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy I saw her slowly
working his cock into her pussy,Man what a site it was to see my wife stretching her pussy over another mans cock
very slowly she pumped his cock with her pussy each time taking just alittle bit more. she was moaning loud and
saying she missed his cock so much,she began moving up and down his shaft faster and faster till she began to
quiver and shudder till she began to cum I then shot my load on her back.mike rolled her on her back and was fucking
her missionary style,I went to her and put my cock to her mouth I began rubbing my cock on her lips my cock was
getting hard again,mike pulled out of her pussy and crawled up and started tit fucking her,she started flicking her
tongue on his cock head, im still rubbing my cock on her mouth,mike starts moaning loudly and she grabs his cock
and starts pumping it,he starts cumming shooting his cum all over her face and hair and I see her catching some in
her mouth and swallowing,this gets to me cause she wont swallow mine,she is now sucking his head and cleaning the
jizz off his cock with her tongue while she is doing this i am jacking my cock trying to cum,when im about to cum
I put my cock head to her mouth and begin to cum she quickly grabs my cock and starts pumping it but aim’s it away
from her mouth but not before i shoot some in her mouth,i see her spit it out, i start to protest, but decide this
is not the time to do it.After we clean up the wife and I are heading to the bedroom and the wife turns to me and
ask should we invite mike to our bed,I say no I don’t think that would be a good idea.
Well the next morning Mike left and me and the wife just relaxed for the rest of the day.That night we were in bed
talking and I asked marta I was curious about why she would swallow mike’s cum and not mine,she said she didn’t
swallow his cum,when I told her I had been watching her when she did it,she said she didn’t remember doing it that
it was probably cause she was d***k but i told her she didnt swallow mine she had spit it out,Then I told her the
first time she was with him when they were on cam together she drank his cum then to,She just said she didn’t know
why she did it and it could have been from the excitement from being on cam.She did say she couldn’t believe she
did it cause that would be gross.I just left it at that as I didn’t want to cause any friction between us.I did
during the next few days jokingly kept calling her jizz swallower,she would just go aheew stop it thats nasty I
didn’t do that.
Well two nights later we were out of town and after a night of clubbing we were walking back to our hotel room we
walked past an adult video arcade,I used to frequent these places in my younger years.
I told the wife lets go in we looked around for awhile,She wanted to leave saying it was nasty in here,I said ok but lets
go watch one of the short movies first,she agreed I went and got some tokens,we went into one i was glad
when we walked in and I saw the gloryhole,I put some tokens in and we started watching the movie my wife was ready
to leave cause she doesn’t care to watch porn,anyway I heard someone enter the booth next to ours and a few minutes
later I saw a cock enter the hole.i told my wife look when she saw it she wanted to get out of their,but I talked her into
staying after all she was a bit tipsy,I told her to grab it and with alittle coaxing she did she started pumping it I then told
her to suck it,but no amount of coaxing could get her to suck it I had been fingering her while she played with it,she ended
up playing with three different cocks and making two of them cum,I asked her if we had rubbers would you have sucked
them she said maybe she didnt know for sure if she would have.The next day she said she would never go into a place like
that again,I think she was truely mad at me for taking her into a place like that.But we have had a few other adventures
that I will write about.
PS I forgot to say the next day she had cum stains on her beautiful red dress and decided to throw it away rather
than having it cleaned

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