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Wife goes black

We had been married for twenty years, I was 49 and sheryl my wife was 39, she was a beautiful girl big blue eyes, light brown hair, a cute little snub nose and a cupid mouth. We had an idyllic marriage we were great friends and still had a red hot sex life, we laughed a lot and enjoyed our k**s growing up.
So a perfect life you might think but I had a burning desire to see Sheryl screwed by someone else we talked about it every time we fucked, both of us cumming when we talked abt it, but we both agreed it was only a fantasy afterwards.
Our oldest son was 18 and played a lot of football, he had a tournament in Essex one weekend and another one in Cumbria the weekend after where we were expected to put up some of the opposition players in our house. So the first weekend we had vigorous sex all over the house because we were alone then we looked forward with dread to having 3 teenage boys in the house the following weekend.
The weekend arrived and the 3 boys went to play their tournament on the Saturday morning from which they returned home victorious which pleased me cos the last thing I needed was 3 sulking teenagers all weekend.
They all went out that night together and arrived home about 11, I was watching match of the day when they staggered into the front room, I looked up at them with a world weary eye and went and got a case of Stella, we drank till about one am then my son and one of the boys said they had had enough and staggered upstairs to bed leaving me with a lad called usapha a black lad from Essex we chatted about football while working our way through the lager. Then Sheryl came in from a night out with her friends and plonked herself down on the couch, she drank a couple of vodkas then declared she was going for a shower and she would be back shortly.
She reappeared ten minutes later in just a purple towelling bathrobe, sat down on the opposite end of the couch from usapha and joined in the conversation.
She kept downing vodka like it was going out of fashion and every time she thought usapha wasn’t looking or he went to the toilet she would lift her robe and show me her shaven pussy or flash her tits. Now Sheryls tits were a sight to behold not just big but huge, tipped with rosey brown nipples, it was a game we played when we were horny sometimes, when we were out she wouldn’t wear underwear just so she could show me her tits and pussy in public places or I could cop a feel or finger her if the opportunity arose.
Obviously this was making me incredibly horny I could feel my cock stiffening inside my trousers so I had to shift uncomfortably. the night wore on and eventually we all fell into a d***ken stupor.
I woke up an hour later to a rustling sound I cracked open an eye and looked across at my wife she was fast asl**p sitting up on the couch with her legs slightly open and her dressing gown rucked up to mid thigh showing her lovely legs her robe gaping showing the curves of her big boobs but not quite to the nipple. I looked across at usapha and he was looking at my Mrs oblivious to anything else cos he was rubbing the front of his trousers , I nearly jumped up and said something but stopped my self at the last minute , I wanted to see how this played out I watched with a rising sense of anticipation and it occurred to me that Sheryls state of undress might be because of this big black lad. Sure enough as I watched usapha reached across and pulled at her robe exposing one huge breast it just swung into view, he gasped out loud then reached over and released the other one, my cock was rock hard as I watched him release his cock from his trousers and move his fist up and down. It was a big cock I was looking forward to seeing my big boobed sexy wife taking it, I had already determined if she was up for it she was going to take it. He reached across and took one of her boobs and gently sucked the nipple pulling it all in, my wife murmured softly still asl**p but obviously feeling it, his free hand travelled up my wife’s thigh till he reached her pussy to my suprise and elation she shifted her ass slightly parting her gorgeous thighs slightly seemingly to give him access to her clit, he didn’t hesitate and started to rub her clit this time she moaned out-loud obviously feeling his attention, he started to finger her in earnest, I could hear his fingers slurping wetly as he fingered her, he groaned noisily and she opened her eyes and looked at him he stopped and stared back in shock,
“Shhhhh” she whispered ” you’ll wake my husband” he grinned at her and carried on fingering her concentrating on watching his fingers disappearing into my wife, Sheryl looked across at me and winked and grinned so he couldn’t see then reached down and grasped his cock
And started to wank it her little fist flying up and down its length, they carried on like this muttering little cries of lust trying to keep the noise down until Sheryl stood up and motioned him to sit on the couch then she backed on to him she reached down and grabbed his cock then slowly settled down on it facing me so I could see his black cock disappearing in and out of her. I watched gobsmacked as this young black man sat back and let Sheryl ride his cock.he reached around her to grasp one tit in one hand then rubbed her clit with the other while she ground away on top of him.
I could see from her face that she was nearing the end, her face was suffused with bl**d her mouth was open and she was panting hard she was lifting herself up as far as possible so his full length nearly popped out then back down again as she engulfed him with her softness, up and down up and down until he started to twitch and cum inside her I could see her struggling to keep from shouting out-loud in her orgasm.
She leaned back and kissed him and said
” You get to bed now lovely before he wakes up”
And off he went pulling up his trousers as he went, she watched him till he disappeared upstairs then turned and said to me
” Did u enjoy the show?” She grinned as she said it standing there her robe unfastened her boobs swinging free and another man’s cum leaking out of her.
I answered the question by releasing my straining hard cock and pulling down my trousers
” oh I can see that you did ” looking at my cock hungrily she came over to me turned around and fucked me the same way she had the last guy. Slowly settling down on me then working my bursting cock up and down back and forth grinding her sodden cunt across me when I was all the way in, I could feel the other guys cum leaking out of her dribbling down my balls, Sheryl moaned out load saying
” mmmm you like other guys fucking me don’t you mmmm you love too see other guys sticking their cocks in me ohhh using me like I’m a slut”
“Yes I do I fucking love it …ohhh next time I want you to take him in your mouth till he cums” and with that I started to swell and twitch onside her my cock exploded cum into her I just kept cumming and cumming adding to the load she had already got Sheryl started to cum for the second time that night this time shouting and swearing as she did ” ohhh fuuuuck mmmmm fuck fuck fuuuuck ”
She jumped off and said “pretend you are asl**p” and ran upstairs.
She came back five minutes layer with usapha in tow she positioned him in front of me then pulled down his pants and took his limp cock into her mouth and started to move up and down its length it started to stiffen very fast soon she was having trouble taking it all in but gamely she tried, she reached around and grasped his tight buttocks to move his hips in time with her hot mouth he groaned out loud to signal his orgasm she pulled it out and let it spurt into her open mouth and over her tits, she sent him away with a slap on his ass then without even bothering to clean herself up she started to suck my already hard cock with another man’s cum running down her body, up and down she went maintaining eye contact with those beautiful blue eyes, she pulled me out and kept wanking on my cock and said
” You liked it didn’t you?” She smiled at me sexily “you enjoyed letting me be used by another man”
“Yes I did” I croaked” I loved watching you suck his cock” all this dirty talk was getting me closer and closer to orgasm as she knew it would
Sheryls fingers were buried deep in her cunt by now I could see her working towards her third orgasm I could hear her fingers slurping as she pushed her fingers further and further into herself , I leaned forward for a better veiw
” you like?” She asked smiling her cheeks were red and she was breathing heavily by now.
“I love” I said ” maybe we should go and get usapha again to stick his big cock in you while you suck me off” and with that she came again the very thought of having two men in her at the same time had pushed her over the edge I groaned loudly as I came she pointed my cock at her tits and I squirted all over her and they weren’t even dry from the last load.
She lifted one boob then the other and licked all the cum off them maintaining eye contact the whole time I looked down and my cock was thickening and swelling again “jesus “I thought “my sheryl is a dirty bitch” with a rueful smile I pulled her to her feet and we staggered upstairs to bed.

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