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Wife has special surprise for husband after 49 day

I stayed in the shower a long time this morning. Working hard to get myself very clean and ready for my big day. I paid special attention to cleaning around my cock and balls. The birdcage allowed enough access for a thorough cleaning but not enough to get any pleasure. 49 days I thought to myself. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone being locked up without an orgasm. But today was the big day! The contract with My Mistress (my wife) was very clear. The first lock up was to be 10 days with an orgasm before the 10th day. After that 10 days would be added to each lock up. 20 days, then 30 days, then 40 days. This was the fifth lock up. 50 days without an orgasm, but a guaranteed orgasm before the 50th day. Today was the 49th day. I could barely contain my excitement, but remained nervous because the next lock up was 60 days. I was so horny I was trying to bust out of my cage. I was hopeful that she would give me a full day of pleasure like she did on the 39th day. A day full of teasing, fucking, and most importantly several orgasms for me.

“Honey, please come in here. I need you right now!” I heard her say from the bedroom. This was it I thought to myself. I dried off quickly and didn’t bother putting on any clothes as I went into the bedroom. She was lying in the bed with just her sexy bra and matching thong that she teased me in last night. “I need a really good orgasm before I go to work today!”

“Why don’t you unlock me and I’ll give you an orgasm you won’t forget?” I said. “You do know what day today is don’t you?”

“Of course I do silly, but we have all day.” She pulled her thong to the side and started playing with herself. “But I feel like changing things up a bit so why don’t you just get that magical tongue of yours working on my pussy right now? I promise that we’ll take care of your problem before the day is over.” I was in pain as my cock swelled in its cage unable to escape and grow. Damn, why did I choose this short 2.5″ cage – absolutely no room to grow. “You know the rules. You must try to give me as many orgasms as I need or want, and right now I want one.”

I dutifully laid down on the bed between her legs and started gently kissing around her pussy.

“But I’m going crazy,” I whispered between licks. “I really need to cum.” I was almost crying thinking about it.

“Shut the fuck up and lick. I’ll take care of you when I’m good and ready,” she replied quite f***efully. By now I was drawing circles around her pussy lips with my tongue and feeling her move around trying to get my tongue on the most sensitive parts.

The contract came to mind – it was very clear – I was required to TRY to give her orgasms. Not required to give her any! And she was not allowed to pleasure herself. A plan formed quickly as I decided to tease her and bring her right to the edge over and over and never take her to a finish. That would teach her. She would learn what it was like to be teased and denied without an orgasm. My perfect plan would have her crazy and beside herself in no time. She would be delirious and would gladly unlock me so that she could get what she wanted – and I could get what I wanted.

I licked, kissed, tongued, and fingered her pussy right to the edge. When I sensed that she was close, I’d move off and kiss and bite the inside of her beautiful thighs. After one edge she was dripping with delight. After two her breathing was getting very heavy and you could just feel her desire. I was really enjoying myself knowing that I wouldn’t bring her off. By the fifth time I got her close and stopped she was screaming at me and pulling my head into her pussy f***efully. “Just finish you fucker,” she almost cried. It had been 45 minutes of pussy licking with no release for her.

“I guess I can’t quite get you there,” I replied. “I tried though.” You could see her figure out what was going on as I got up off the bed. “I’ve lived up to my end of the contract, now you should live up to yours. No playing with yourself and I get to cum!”

“Oh, so that’s your game,” she said between breaths. “You’re trying to test me? I’ll tell you what, you fucker, I’ll live up to the contract, but you’ll regret it.” She was clearly very mad at me. She showed no sign of moving to unlock me. Maybe this wasn’t such a good plan after all. “I’ll see you after work,” and she got out of bed and stormed off to the shower. I finished getting dressed carefully selecting the prettiest panties I had. I was hoping that she wasn’t so mad that she would alter my release date. I knocked on the bathroom door to try to get a goodbye kiss but was completely ignored. This wasn’t good!


The day passed slowly as I thought about how tonight would progress. I texted her numerous times apologizing for being so selfish and asking her forgiveness. There was no reply.


It was about 6:00 when I got home and she was already home. She was in her dressing room getting ready. “I have a surprise for you today,” she sounded OK; not mad. Her next word sounded a bit more f***eful though, “Naked!” This is our code-word that instructs me to immediately strip all my clothes off and stand naked with just my cock cage. I peeled off my clothes quickly just crazy with excitement.

She walked out of the dressing room and I almost fell over seeing her. She was stunning! Wearing a dress I’d never seen before. “I took the afternoon off today and went shopping. I bought a few things to put me in the mood for tonight.” The dress was this great combination of classy, sexy, and slutty. Hugging her body tightly showing off every gentle curve. Reaching down to the mid thigh, open in the back, and revealing the top of her tits. It’s the type of dress that just makes men lust. My cock was trying to spring to attention. “Do you like it? ”

“You look fabulous. Good enough to eat!”

“But not good enough to bring to an orgasm?” she asked sarcastically. I thought about what I had put her through that morning and was feeling quite guilty. She moved around behind me and pressed her body against mine. She reached around and started scratching my chest, stomach, and thighs with her long fingernails. I was in ecstasy. She whispered in my ear, “today’s your big day honey. I’ve got a surprise lined up for you that you’ll never forget.” She reached down and started playing with my balls and my cock through the bars of the birdcage. With her other hand she started pinching and pulling on my nipples while rubbing her body on my back. “You get to cum today. But you also get to experience some other new things.”

My cock was bulging, “What do you mean?” The mystery and excitement was beyond belief. If she wasn’t careful I was going to cum right there in the cage.

“You know how we talked about me taking a lover and cuckolding you?” she whispered continuing to stroke my cock.

“Yes, but I know you’d never actually go through with it.”

“Well I’ve been chatting with a gentleman online. Let’s call him Anthony.”

I could feel my excitement level rising. “How long has this been going on?”

“Since your last release date, so I guess about 49 days. It started with just some friendly chatter, and then it progressed to exchanging pictures, and recently we exchange pictures that are a bit naughtier. By the way he has a huge cock.” Now my own cock was on fire. She was stroking it very well through the birdcage and pinching my nipple like she wanted to rip it off my body. “A proper cock that will know how to please me in ways that your pathetic little dick could never manage.”

“Are you serious? Are you actually thinking of going through this?” I feigned anger but my body betrayed me as I started shaking and approaching a NEMO (Non Ejaculatory Male Orgasm).

“Tonight you get to see your wife fucked by a real man. I wasn’t sure about this, but your little stunt this morning put me over the edge. I’m not allowed to pleasure myself but nothing in the contract says that I can’t have another man please me. Now you get to experience torture too.”

My head was spinning, experiencing waves of pleasure as my NEMO hit me.

She continued, “We are meeting Anthony for dinner tonight. That’s why I wanted this new dress. Do you think he’ll like it? When we get to the restaurant I need you on your best behavior. I’ll sit next to him and you can sit on the other side of the table.” She continued to push her body into mine and switched hands to work on my other nipple while continuing to stroke my cock.

“But what about my orgasm? You promised.”

“Oh you’ll get one. Trust me! But tonight you get to experience some other things too. How do you want to cum?” At this point I didn’t care anymore. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I wanted to cum so badly I’d do anything.

“How would you like to cum while watching me get fucked?” she teased.

“Maybe you’d like to jack off while sucking on his huge cock. I might let Anthony decide how you cum.” I could feel myself boiling up.

“Maybe Anthony shooting his load in your mouth could make you spontaneously cum.

“Or maybe you’d like to prolong it and spend the evening licking my pussy while he fucks me.

“Or maybe just maybe, you can cum as he’s fucking your ass.”

That was too much! The images in my mind and the pinching and stroking took me over the edge. And I shot load after load in the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. My knees buckled as the pleasure waves coursed through my body. I fell forward as I continued to shoot streams of cum onto the floor.

My mistress just stood over me and laughed. “Perfect! You’re in the perfect position. Lick up all that shit off the floor. Now!” I licked and savored every last drop.

“Now get up and get ready. We have a dinner date that I’m not planning to miss.

“And make sure you reset the calendar. We don’t want to miss count your next 60 days.”

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