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Wife owns me

My wife could not be more different than her s****r she is only five foot one a size eighteen big saggy tits and a gorgeous sexy hanging belly and a mountain of dark brown and grey pubes she turns me on immensely.
She does get dirtier the older we get she is forty three she will suck me off the odd time and if she is extremely horny she likes me to finger and fuck her arse.
But what happened last week really blew my mind
I came home from work and went upstairs and she was stood there applying her lipstick round her gorgeous lips her long dark brown hair all hanging down with nice curls in it and a gorgeous white one piece Basque that made her look amazing her tits looked great inside the Lacey top and her belly hung over beautifully under the shiny satin part she had painted her toe nails red and My cock was instantly hard “here we go” I thought to myself and moved closer to kiss her “not yet naughty boy “she said “I’ve a surprise for you tonight “and then she handed me a pair of Lacey white panties “put these on I want to see you in them” now she had never done anything like this before and to be honest I didn’t really want to wear ladies panties it wasn’t my thing at all .
“Do I have to babe they will only be coming off in a minute” I said smiling at her . “Put them on number one they won’t be coming off in a minute and number two you will do as your told OK” now my wife had never in all the years we have been together been one for dominant talk so it took me aback to be honest so I laughed and went to start caressing her tits and play with her pubes where they stuck out of the side of her Basque.”do as your fucking told get your hands off me put on the panties and shut the fuck up OK” .she pushed me away as she said it and added “put them on be a good boy we are going out it will turn me on knowing you are wearing my used oanties and you will get a better time ” then she smiled her sexy smile at I put on the panties white Lacey they were tight but strangely knowing my wife had worn them and the smell and yellow stain in the gusset and the feel of the lace around my cock and balls really turned me on .she looked at me in them and saw I was still aroused and looking into my eyes she just said “pathetic” and started to laugh.
This unnerved me slightly but I thought she was doing a little roleplay so I went along with it.
she told me to put my jeans on and a shirt then my wife just put a long coat over her Basque and red heels on “right let’s go into the car your surprise awaits ” I was so turned on now I was ready to burst we got in the car she was driving and as she changed gears the cost was riding up to reveal her pubes trying to escape the gorgeous satin Basque.
We travelled a road I know very well and I wondered why we were going that way there was no talk I just sat and wondered why this road on we went until we pulled up outside a place I knew very well and my heart went into my mouth.
We had arrived at my s****r and b*****r in law’s house I sat in the car and looked at my wife “out the car now” she said sternly i protested “why I don’t want to what are you doing” “out now out the fucking car now” she said it with an anger I hadn’t seen our years together.
I got out the car in a daze my heart pumping furiously I felt light headed what was happening I couldn’t u derstand “come on pathetic boy follow me ” and with that she led me through the gate and up the path to the door she didn’t knock she just walked in straight I to the kitchen I followed as I had been told to and stood behind her in the kitchen and then from the living room door came Jane my s****r in law .
“Hello you two how are you ” my wife said to her s****r “I’m fine Jane looking forward to tonight pathetic boy here though he hasn’t got a clue look at him ” they both laughed uncontrollably .
Jane looked great she was dressed in just a black bra and panties with black heels on “what’s happening” I said my voice trembling.”what’s happening”my wife said “is that you pathetic boy should not leave yourself logged into your xhamster account so I can read a story of what you and Jane did together that night I went to bed and let me see all your favourite videos of what my so called husband is into trannies grannies Pegging all sorts you pathetic boy” .
Jane laughed “oops I think you have pissed her off b*o in law “.”what about Jane though she wanted to do it with me ” I said “just shut up you will speak when your spoken take your clothes off “.
I didn’t know what to do I just stood there looking at them both my wife unbuttoned her coat let it drop to the floor they were both stood there in their sexy lingerie looking at me then Jane spoke “if I were you I’d do as your wife tells you take your fucking clothes off” in a daze I did just that I got undressed and then my senses kicked in and I realised why my wife has made me wear her used panties.they both stood there looking and laughing at me I felt worthless”on your knees pathetic boy and follow me “. I got on my knees and followed them both through to the living room my wife sat on the sofa opened her legs unbuttoned her Basque at the gusset and let her hairy pussy spill out.
Jane looked me up and down “like wearing your wife’s used panties ” I didn’t say anything just stood there “do with what you want Jane I’m going to be busy aren’t I” my wife said.
Jane got up went through the other door without saying anything I stood there looking at my wife she looked at me and smiled “proper little sissy boy aren’t you” “yes” I replied as Jane came back into the room totally naked “you will call your wife miss and me mistress from now on OK ” I looked at her stood there totally naked apart from her black heels “yes mistress yes miss ” I said In a quivery pathetic voice “good pathetic boy your learning quick “said my wife.
Even though I felt humiliated the sight of my wife and Jane made my cock harden in the white lace panties then Jane got in the sofa next to my wife on all fours and pulled her bum cheeks apart she had obviously just used the toilet her bum hole and hairs around it where covered in her p*o my wife looked at me “well you’ve tasted it before get on your knees and clean my s****r up with your tongue “.
“Yes miss” I said I got on all fours and began to lick Jane’s arsehole clean “don’t leave anything make sure it’s not on my hairs either ” Jane announced “yes mistress ” I feebly replied.
Just then the door from the kitchen opened in walked a black man he looked at me laughed at me and began to strip off “hi Ian I’m ready “said my wife “that’s good to hear smiled Ian” “you got the sissy have you Jane ” Ian said as he dropped his boxers shorts to reveal a massive penis it was twice the size of mine soft “fraid so” replied Jane “though I doubt a normal man like you would want to be used as toilet paper ” all three of them laughed at me I felt so small .
“Hey pathetic boy my arse is not clean yet why have you stopped” “sorry mistress ” I replied and began finishing my job at hand .
I finished cleaning Jane and was then made to turn by Jane to face my wife. She took hold of Ian’s limp cock and began sucking it whilst looking straight at me it grew massively Ian was moaning I’d never been sucked by my wife like that before she loved it it grew to eleven inches.i know because Jane made me measure it and then Jane measured mine “five a d a half is the best you can do pathetic boy ” she laughed .
“Ooooooo I’m going g to get back double what Ive got off you pathetic boy over the years thank Ian tell him how grateful you are ” “thanks Ian I’m glad my wife will get good sex for once ” I replied crushed and yet strangely turned on.jane began to rub my cock through the panties and Ian set to work on my wife.
He spread her legs and rammed his cock deep into her she howled in delight telling me how good it was to finally get a real cock inside her she then sat Ian on the sofa and rode his massive cock to orgasm after orgasm she was sweating a d shaking I’d never seen her so horny I was obviously pathetic but I was so aroused watching Ian give her his massive black cock.
Jane was taunting me the whole time laughing at my cock as she rubbed it through the panties Ian put my wife back on the sofa spread her legs and pounded her again “I’m coming I’m coming up your gorgeous hIry fat pussy” he screamed and with four final thrusts he shot his load up my wife.she shook uncontrollably her body in spasm she had obviously loved it “that’s how you fuck a woman pathetic boy looking at me Jane was playing with her hairy pussy “god s*s that was amazing”she said Ian got dressed spat on my wife’s tits and went “how bad do you feel pathetic boy your wife will let other men use her like a whore but you are her and mines bitch”said Jane .
My wife beckoned me over “clean my pussy and the spit off my tits pathetic boy ” she said . I got on my k nees and began to lick and suck Ian’s come out my wife’s hairy pussy her pussy was full to the brim I could taste her come mixed up with ians I lapped and sucked and then moved up to the spit on her tits.
As I was doing this Jane came behind me pulled my panties down and shoved three fingers up my arse no lube just dry straight up iscreamed in pain.they both laughed Jane then began to wank me with her other hand “look at me my wife said “he’s going to come Jane ” she said and Jane let go of my cock my come still came out between them they had ruined my orgasm I was totally humiliated I was made to lick my own come off the floor and my wife’s feet then Jane made me stand in front of them both and they both kicked me in the balls the pain was excruciating I fell to the ground they both left me there and began talking”that’s the way of your life now pathetic boy ” my wife said “thank you miss and mistress ” I whimpered

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