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Wife swinging turned into cuckold part 2

Back to reality, Reality was… i had been tricked and my wife was now getting fucked in front of me. As he fucked her from behind ,he had full control of her body and was rubbing her breast as he was slowly fucking her with steady thrust, he moved his hand and started rubbing her clit as Adriana was moaning and forgetting I was even there. They fucked like this for a couple of minutes and he laid on his back pulling her on top of him so she could ride his big rod. She wasted no time getting on top of him, grabbed his thick cock and guided it inside of her as she lowered herself onto the dick. While Adriana was slowly lowering herself onto his meat he grabbed her hips and pushed her down on it immediattely started pounding away in her cunt. She screamed as her cunt was being ripped and just rested her hands on the bed to get balance. Even doh he was heavy equipped she was taking it hard now , her wet pussy had no problem taking it all in as she was bouncing on it. The criek of the bed was very loud in the room, so wasnt moaning anymore just muffing air out. He was holding her ass/hips and was adjusting the speed on her movements. If at first I was outraged by the situation, by now my cock was hard and aching just from watching my wife being fucked. I took it out and I was rubbing it hard.

John saw me and was smiling , proud of his succesfull scheme. I noticed he had his pointing finger in his mouth, got it drooling wet and started playing around Adriana’s asshole as she was riding him. He did this several times and got her brown eye all wet, with one hand he was still guiding her bouncing speed and with his wet hand he started slowly poking her asshole. Just getting the tip of his finger at first until he had half of finger inside of her, going in and out. Adriana didnt mind, we had played like this before and was not against it. While her cunt was allready loose and he was sliding in with no problem, her asshole was tight and would wrap around his finger each time it went in. She started moaning as her holes were being satisfied, she was speeding up trying to cum on his big cock. He took his finger out and was pounding her with a steady rhytm taking her to heaven. With a few deep thrust, Adriana was shaking and cumming all over her fucker. She collapsed on her belly all spent out, i got on my knees in front of her to check on her and grabbed her hands, she raised her head laughing with satisfaction „Fuck that was intense”.

She stood there for a second and I thought…”well this is something we wont do again”. John on the other hand had other plans, he got up behind her and started smacking his stiff cock on her butt. „What about me? I wanna finish too…” he said laughing. „Of course you do, dont you?” Adriana said with like a bitchy attitude, but wasted no time in getting on all fours in front of him. I was still in front of her and she was now looking into my eyes . I could see her transfixed look as she was once again penetrated by this bastard. She was so wet after cumming…her pussy was making squishy sounds as he went in and out of her. I looked over at John and he had started playing with her ass again. He kept fucking her and then paused, Adriana frowned and turned to him „I dont like it in the ass” John was slowly probing her ass with his dick. He didnt stop and just added „George fucked Roxana’s …you dont think this is fair?” FAIR … this was far from fucking fair…John was pushing every cord possible. I was readdy to punch him when i heard Adriana „I guess so…but please go slow, you’r so big”. He was going slow but being so big Adriana was looking very uncomfortable, he didnt get all of it inside of her and was slowly thrusting. The shit smell started to surround the room, it smelled like nasty sex. She was sobbing and was unpleasent for her, he had not used lube…only his spit to widen her out. „Do you want me to finish?” John asked with giving her short thrust. „ Yes please” Adriana muttered in submission. He grabbed a flock of her hair and started going faster in her ass. „Not like thiis” she screamed as he was going faster…She pulled away „Let me suck your dick…i’ll suck your dick” .He didnt insisnt and just crashed on the bed with his hard dick. Adriana went close to him and started strocking his dick really fast. „Suck it” John demanded. She gave me a unpleasent look and still looking at me, got her closer to his dick and wrapped her lips around his big mushroom head. It was huge, he had her tongue out and was licking its full lenght. She returned to sucking his head, he had his hand behind her and was fingering her pussy . He grabbed her hair and started thrusting in her mouth, litterally using her mouth like a pussy. She wasnt looking at me , she had her eyes closed as he was going deeper in her mouth each thrust. I noticed his white cum drooling down bettwen her lips and down his cock. He was cumming inside my wife’s mouth with slow moves.

After he finished it was a bit akward, all three of us in the room, my wife with a mouth full of cum. He knew i knew and my wife had no ideea… He just dropped a credit card and said „I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did” and stormed out of the room.

Adriana was all spent , all used…” Happy now baby? Did you fuck her as good as he fucked me?” „Ohh yeah, it was great”

Hope you enjoyed it…soon to follow with new experiences.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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