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Wife swinging turned into cuckold part 3

It had been a month since the whole wife swapping had happened and we didnt discuss much about it, sex i can say got better and she was more passionate in doing it. But lately it kinda faded away again. I came from work one afternoon to be greeted by a very happy Adriana. She pecked me on the cheek and hurried to check on dinner.

“Are we having guests over?” i asked?

“Yeah, i invited John and Roxana over for dinner, i had told John I make a perfect steak and he insisted he tried it out” “They should be here at seven”

“When did you talk to them?” ….we didnt keep in touch after the incident, at least i didnt.
“Well John dropped his bussines card when we met last so i gave him a call a week ago to touch base”.
“You dont mind do you?”

” I dont know if it’s a good ideea” i quietly said
” Why not baby?”
” Forget about it, its going to be fantastic” i said with resignation.

Seven a clock came, i was dying to see his partner and how this would turn out. Adriana got all dressed, she was wearing stockings again and a black dress on. As she passed by me, i could smell her perfume, I stopped her and ran my hands all over her dress. As my hands moved to her ass i didnt feel any underwear beneath it.

“You dont have any panties on?” i asked in amazement.

Before she could answer the bell rang and she went for the door. Surprise, surprise, John was ALONE. He had a bottle of red wine and was dressed up like a real gentleman, I have to admit he looked handsome.

Adriana gave him a hug and welcomed him in. I didnt even say hello,, just ignored him. I went to the bathroom to get ready for dinner. When i came into the dining room, Adriana was serving dinner and they were talking as she was next to him and had his hand on her ass. He didnt take it away when he saw me. Adriana resumed in bringing more plates in. We started eating and he was complaining how Roxana cheated on him, how she ran away with another guy a couple of nights before, how hurt he was. I knew it was bullshit but had to keep quiet and get him out of my house as soon as possible,

Needles to say time passed , wine got drank , he wouldnt leave. Adriana was enjoying his company…At one point I said yawning, “We should go to bed, i’m prettty tired” . That should have been the line where he would have went…”Okay i’m going home”

Instead he looked at Adriana who said “I’m not tired at all, would you mind if me and John chatted some more?”
“Have it your way” I said in defeat and went upstairs.

I threw myself in bed upset of my wifes attitude. I woke up, i was alone in bed, i looked at the clock it was 12 a clock. I quietly opened the door and went downstairs in complete silence. There was no one in the dining room, I went into the living room, all lights were out, Had they left ? Where were they? In the silence i heard a slurping sound. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could see Adriana on her knees in front of John bobbing her head. He was moaning and had his hands on her head. The sound of saliva licked and spitted was all there was in the room. I heard her whisper, ” I want you inside me”

She climbed on top of him and I heard his dick slide in her wet cunt, the squishy sound was so loud. She was extremely wet and was bouncing on his cock harder and harder untill the pounding noise was getting loud enough to hear in all the house.

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