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Wifey, Pam, Asian Jonny and a cum burger for the c

Wifey loves her technology, so there are a lot of shopping trips to the local Best Buy. She flirts with all the guys (and some of the woman) that work there. I’m sure she has had some hot wife dates with some of the guys; I hear the whispers and laughs behind my back when she lets me go in with her. But I’m not privileged to her dating life so I can’t say for sure, and I wouldn’t abject if that’s what she wanted (just wish she would let me watch). It was late on a Saturday afternoon and we both had other things to do, so this trip was just supposed to be a quick in and out.

I was to drop her at the front door then wait in the car. After only a few minutes Wifey appears from the store she has with her, her friend Pam and a young very tall black Asian thug looking guy named Asian Jonny. Wifey waved me to the curb, and the three of them climbed in the back and Wifey barked “drive you fucking worthless cuck”. I pulled out of the parking lot and started down the street. Peaking in the rear view mirror I could see Wifey playing with Asian Jonny’s huge cock. Pam pushed Wifey out of the way and started to suck on his cock, Wifey started to work her yoga pants down as him and her kissed and his hand was rubbing her tits. Wifey barked again “Hey faggot take us to that spot to park”.

Doing as I was told I pulled in behind an empty office building, then backed into the loading dock. It was close to the mall but still secluded, Wifey had me drive her there many of times. Once parked Wifey screamed “walk off you faggot cuck”. So I got out and started to walk away, looking back I seen Wifey’s huge tits out and her climbing on top of Asian Jonny. I couldn’t help but to think how I wanted to be in that car, I loved Wifey to no end and I loved watching her ride black cock. I walked around the parking lot dodging dirty rubbers and broken bottles for what seemed like 2 hours, I looked up to see if they were done yet and notice Wifey driving toward me. As she came to a stop she rolled down the window and barked “in the trunk sissy cuck faggot”, I could hear pam in the back laughing. I did as I was told, climbing in the trunk and pulling it shut.

We drove for a little while and I could hear Pam moaning, then the car stopped for a few minutes, followed by a lot shaking and some door slamming. Then started moving again and then Wifey was moaning. After a few more stops Wifey opened the trunk and with a huge smile and in her sexy voice asked me to join them in the car. She opened the back door and I climbed in, both Wifey and Pam sat in the front and Asian Jonny was gone. The smell of hot nasty sex lingered in the car, there were several used condoms and a little empty bottle of lube on the floor. Once everyone was settled Wifey told me it was feeding time. She pulled a bun from a McDonald’s bag. She opened it up but there was no hamburger inside. As she held it up Pam held up my coffee cup and showed me that it had a lot of cum in it, and then poured the cum onto the bun. Wifey put the top bun back on and motioned with her finger for me to come to her saying “here baby eat this, just how I want you to have it, extra nut hold the meat”. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, I didn’t need to be told what to do; Pam was giggling and rubbing her pussy through her wet panties saying “O my god he is going to eat it”. Wifey was holding the cum burger in between the seats with a smile that would light up a room. As I bit into the bun I could taste the cum, it was cold and nasty and then Wifey smashed it into my face. A big glob of cum started to run down my chin, Pam was quick to push it back into my mouth. I sucked it off her finger and then sucked on her finger. Pam squeaked out “god I need more black cock”.

Wifey insisted that I eat every last bite, they both stared at me as I finished my cum burger. Pam held the cup up to my mouth and I leaned my head back as she tapped on the bottom to get every last drop of cum out. I took the cup and licked as far in as I could and licked my lips as Wifey had taught me many years ago. In a high pitch voice Pam said to Wifey “your one lucky bitch”, Wifey just kept smiling. Wasting no time Wifey pulled my leash out from her purse, stepped out and opened the rear door. She pointed to the used condoms and said “grab them faggot” and then to the ground and I grabbed those nasty rubbers and climbed out and kneeled in front of her. She hooked the leash to my collar and pulled up until I was starting to choke. She just stared down at me then spit in face, then again. With her spit running down my face she jerked the leash leading me to the back of the car. Pam stepped around and asked if I was wearing my cage, Wifey simply nodded. Pam ordered me to strip saying “why does he need to wear cloths if he was going too be locked in the trunk”. I looked to Wifey; she just stood there smiling, right there in McDonald’s parking lot I stripped down to nothing but my cock cage. Pam took my cloths and got back into the car.

Wifey pointed into the trunk and I climbed in. The whole time Wifey was smiling. Her little school girl giggles echoed in the trunk; she said “suck the rubbers clean before we got home my little sissy faggot cuck”. I started to suck on one as she shut the trunk, again we rode around and I sucked and then turned the condoms inside out and licked them clean. I could tell that we dropped off Pam and had made it home. But Wifey forgot to let me out of the trunk; I waited until later that night and I used the emergency trunk release. I looked around to make sure no one was around then snuck into the house.

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