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Willing Ready and Able

I’ve had the same basic fantasy over and over again for a while now. It seems wrong, simply because of the nature of the fantasy, but I guess when you’re asl**p, you don’t really have any control over what you dream now do you?
My dream always begins the same way. I am walking home, my beginning location changes each time, whether it be from work or a night out with the girls or a night out shopping; but I’m always dressed the same; a short jean skirt, a tight tank top (the color varies) and heeled sandals. I’m wearing a skimpy thong because the skirt is so tight that anything else would be visible, and I’m not wearing a bra (gotta love those bra-shelf tanks).
I am model tall (around 5’8”) in my dream (in actuality I’m just barely 5’), I have gorgeous long dark brown hair (my hair in real life is short, but hey it’s my dream), my eyes are the color that I actually have (the one feature I am pleased with), an ice green-blue color, my lips are full and luscious. My breasts are full and voluptuous, a nice 38 C (another feature I’m ok with)
As I walk down the street in my dream I am aware of three men standing in front of a store front. I am not immediately concerned by their presence. They seem safe enough for me to walk past. Until I get closer, I can hear them saying things about my figure. I am still not worried and continue forward, knowing that I do have to pass them in order to get home.
“Hey doll,” one of them says as I get closer, “how about you show us a good time? The three of us have been awfully lonely tonight.”
The men are attractive enough, the first one to address me is 5’5”, probably around 150lbs, has short dirty blonde hair, a ‘you know you want me smile’, hazel eyes and is muscular from working outside. The second man is slimmer, but looks to be the most dangerous of the lot, his eyes are dark almost black in color. He’s 5’7” and around 145bs, his hair is jet black and his olive toned complexion gives him a more dangerous look than I would like to deal with. The last man of the group is the tallest and bigger than the other two men. He’s 5’10”, and probably a good 175lbs. For me to deal with just him would be laughable, but the group, I’m in trouble. His eyes are a dark green and they darken more as they rove over my body appreciatively, his hair is dark brown and the go-tee that covers his chin matches. I’m embarrassed to note that his lips are full and very luscious. However, not wanting to be sidetracked I glare at the three men and reply:
“Go fuck yourself.” I respond hotly and continue walking.
I don’t get very far; they form a circle around me eyeing me. My heart beats wildly, my legs shake and I try to figure out if I can make a break for it in spite of my precariously high heeled sandals.
“Now why would we want to do that gorgeous when we can fuck you?” the same guy (must be the ring-leader) asks
“Please, no.” I stammer.
“Now darlin’ you can go issuin’ threats or saying nasty things and not expect any repercussions, now can you?” he asks me.
“Please, don’t do this.” I’m shaking with fear but at the same time, I’m extremely turned on.
“Get her.” The ring-leader says.
“Aw come on Jake, you got to go first last time.”
“I picked this one out, you know the rules, now grab her.”
Suddenly hands are grabbing me, pushing me down an alley-way, I try to scream, but a calloused hand is placed over my mouth.
I watch in mixed horror and fascination as Jake takes off his jeans. He’s built very well, he looks like he works outdoors, his legs are muscular and he is very well endowed.
“Hmmmm,” Jake murmurs, “I think you like what you see. Don’t you darlin’?”
I don’t answer immediately, and he slaps my face gently “Answer me!” he says sternly
“I, I, no of course not, let me go.” I struggle to free myself, but can’t.
“You can’t lie sugar,” the guy on my right whispers to me, “I can see the look on your face, the fact that your breathing hard right now, I betcha your just gushing aren’t you?”
“Always were the best at reading them Mark.” Jake chuckles. “Let’s see if Mark is right.”
Jake steps closer, and even as I struggle the men manage to get me pinned tightly to the cold concrete, he kneels down between my splayed thighs, and grins cruelly.
He pulls a finger through his lips and I suck in a breath as he probes me intimately. I manage to stifle a groan and I watch as he grins.
“You’re so turned on you can’t see straight aren’t you?” he says
“No,” I try to convince him, convince myself, I shouldn’t want this, I shouldn’t desire to be fucked like a whore on the cold concrete, but I can’t deny it, he sees the look on my face, can feel the wetness between my thighs, “no, of course I’m not turned on by this, get your hands off me.”
The three men laugh and Mark, the observant one says “You shouldn’t lie, there are penalties for girls that lie. Now, think about Jake’s question and before you respond think about one of our cocks pressed deep into your tight little asshole, showing no mercy until we cum.”
I’m breathing hard and I swallow hard before I answer “I don’t want to answer your question.”
They laugh again, and Jake comes closer, “Let’s see if this will get you to answer our question.” He grasps my ass in his calloused hands and presses an intimate kiss against me, his tongue probing me, his lips sucking at my clit.
I can’t stifle the groan this time, and with each flick of his tongue my back arches more. Mark and the third guy (who I learn is named Steve) release my arms, they know I won’t run away now and they slide their jeans off.
“So,” Jake says pulling away slightly, “are you turned on by this? Being fucked by three strangers? Railed in an alley-way?”
I can only moan as one of his calloused fingers rubs against my clit.
“Good,” he says, “now lets see the rest of you.” He pulls out a large hunting knife and my body stiffens, he quickly cuts the skirt, the skimpy undies and the tank top until I’m completely naked in this alley-way.
“Hot damn!” Mark says taking in my frame.
“You said it Mark, jesus, I can’t wait to get those tits in my mouth.” Steve says licking his lips and stroking his erection.
I groan as Jake advances. He positions himself, the tip of his erection just barely entering my extremely wet pussy.
“You want it baby?” he teases, rubbing himself against me gently.
I groan and try to push him inside, but to no avail, he backs off each time I try to push him in.
“You gotta beg for it baby. Tell me what you want.”
“No,” I moan, “I can’t beg, it’s so wrong, I can’t.”
He continued to tease me sliding in slowly. As he did so Steve advanced and pressed his cock against my lips.
“Suck me darlin’.” Steve said, rubbing his cock against my lips, precum already forming on the tip.
I moan and for reasons I can’t explain I open my mouth willingly. As Steve presses forward Jake slams into me, and I groan loudly. I try to focus on servicing Steve, but it’s so hard when Jake is riding me, rubbing against my clit with perfect precision.
The flat of my tongue laps at Steve, teasing the length, teasing the head; my teeth graze against him gently, just enough so he knows they’re there.
“Oh damn you picked a good one Jake, she knows, ah fuck.” Steve groans as he cums, riding my face as he does so.
I swallow, I feel as though I’m expected to and moan as Jack continues to ride me, my back sore from the concrete, but I’m more focused on the sensation between my legs.
“I want my turn too,” Mark says, stroking himself. “did you remember the lube Steve.”
Steve throws a bottle at Mark and Mark generously rubs the slick substance along the length.
I groan slightly as Jake rolls the two of us so we’re on our side. I’m confused until I feel Mark behind me his cock pressing against my ass.
“No,” I whimper, but even as I protest I can feel my body giving in, “please don’t,” I moan.
“I’ll be gentle darlin’. That’s a good girl.” Mark says smoothing my hair gently before slowly entering. As he presses forward Jake pulls out.
I groan again as the two of them dance, my body moving with them.
“Damn you’re tight.” Mark hisses into my ear, pulling my hair and head back as he does so, “You don’t get fucked here often do you?”
“No,” I groan, “no, I don’t.”
“You like it don’t you?” he whispered biting my ear lobe.
“Mmmmmmmhmmm,” I moan.
“Say it,” Jake demands, “tell us how much you like it.”
“I can’t.” I sob.
“Tell us!” Mark pulls my hair harder, jerking my head back he kisses me hard on the mouth.
“Goddamn it!” I moan a thousand sensations racing through my body. “YES!” I scream
The men chuckle and Jake rides me harder, I know he’s close. I smile slightly and clench my thighs quickly and hard.
“Jesus!” Jake groans. “I’m coming.” Jake comes and withdrawls
Mark slides out of my tight ass, wipes himself off quickly with a wet nap and quickly slides into my saturated pussy.
“Sloppy seconds?” Jake teases, “Not normally your style man.”
“Fuck you!” Mark says. “Clench your thighs baby.”
“How did you know?” I said
“I guessed, the only way Jake comes that quick is if the girl is seriously tight and I’m just guessing that’s what you did.”
I smile again and pulse the muscles of my pussy around him, tightening then loosening, in rapid succession.
“Mmmm damn baby.” Mark moans.
“Yeah,” he drawls, “more.”
I quickly clench my thighs very hard, squeezing this foreign cock with all I can.
“OH god yes baby,” Mark says, “You’re so fuckin hot.” Mark moans loudly as he comes.
When I wake, I’m clothed in sweats, my tattered rements of my outfit from the evening in a bag, with a note attached “Thanks for the fuck.”
I get up, walk home slowly, sore from the evening, but smiling the whole way.

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