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workmate mark and our newfound friendship.

When I was working as a journeyman. I was often put with trainees since I enjoyed being around young guys and the older guys had no patience. I was about 28 when I met Mark. His girlfriends dad was the business agent for the union. He got him a job since he had knocked up his daughter and wanted the k** to have a descent living. I liked Marks looks. He was 18, thin, 5 ft 9 and weighed about 170. he was light brown hair and blue eyes with eyelashes that any girl would love to own. We got into a job and he was learning real quick. I had to pause several times to get a whiff of his sweat. He had me ready to blow a nut. I wanted him bad. We worked for several days and just before the end of the first week he mentioned this was going to be a tuff week since he wasn’t going to get a check til the following pay. I told him here and handed him a hundred dollars. I told him if it wasn’t enough there was more where that came from. He was so happy. I bought us lunch and informed him the following week we would be going out of town and he could bunk with me since he had no money. I also told him to bring at least 3 changes of clothes and I would take care of the rest.
Monday came and he was dropped off by his girlfriend. He was kissing her like they were never going to see each other again. I walked up and told him we better get moving. We jumped into my van and drove for 2 1/2 hours and pulled in to an old automobile plant. We were going to wire it for a new company. We unloaded and went to work. He thanked me over 10 times that day. After work I drove to the hotel and we unloaded and I jumped into the shower. I wanted to make him feel easy and went in naked and when I came out I had nothing on and was wiping dry with a towel. I told him it’s all yours and told him he was welcome to the body wash and the spray deodorant, razors and shampo and shave cream. He went in and came out with the towel wrapped around him. I figured he was shy and he was staring at my cock. I am average and I thought maybe he was smaller. Then he sat down and reached over the bed backwards to grab the remote. the towel sprrad and revealed his cock and balls. Both were huge. his cock was about 7 inches soft and his nuts were like walnuts in a low hung bag. I couldn’t resist saying something. I said Damn k** that is one huge cock and balls. He turned rred and said I didn’t think you would see. I said I guess i need to cover up since I am now embarrassed. He said why? your cock is better than average. I finally looked at him and said who’s are you comparing to? he turned red again and said he used to mess around before he met his girl. I said that’s cool cause so did I. I asked if he wanted to get a drink. he said he couldn’t cause he was u******e. I said I know a few places that will let you in with your drivers license when your 18. He turned red again and said he wasn’t 18 yet but don’t say nothing at work. I was so hot now. here was this k** naked but for a towel, and I am too. he is gorgeous and so desirable. I said how about I get some beers and we party here, He said cool. I went and bought a 12 pack and we through down 8 when he said man I am d***k. I said good you earned it for working so hard. I said your a good man and rubbed his shoulder. I lfet it lingering. He said you are too and he rubbed my shoulder and let it slowly drop to my chest. I felt him rub back up on my nipple and moaned. I returned the favor and he moaned too. I then leaned over and licked his nipple and as I did he just let out a gasp and moaned oh fuck yeah. I then licked it again ans sucked it as I laid a hand on his thigh and rubbed it slowly up and down to his balls. he spread his legs and said oh damn would you do that some more. I lowered my mouth and sucked his cock and opened his towel exposing a good 9 inches of sexy sausage. He placed his hands on my head and f***ed me down. I swung over and into a 69 hoping for some return action. He said he wasn’t sure about sucking another guy but he would love to have me finger his ass. I continued sucking as i stayed in the 69 with my finger rubbing his pucker and I licked it as I slid it into his gorgeous young ass. It slid in like it was meant to be there. He said he loves putting candles in there and wondered what something else would feel like. I asked if I could shove my cock in and he moaned and said oh please do. I sat up and pulled his ass toward me as he laid on his back and I licked his asshole and then got on my knees and slid my cock back and forth a few times while he laid there and moaned. I then pushed the head in and held it without moving. he was still moaning and said ummm do it deep now. I slid it in further and then spit and pulled back as i slid further in and soon was balls deep in him. Mark said oh fuck that feels so god. I said what would your girlfriend think is she saw this and he said she wants to watch me get fucked real bad. I said damn and shot a huge load deep in his bowels. I said k** I want you to fuck my wife while aI eat her pussyfrom underneath. he said ummm that is so hot. What else would you be doing sdown there. I said I’d finger your ass and suck on your baalls and lick your cock he said oh fuck and he shot a load of cum on his belly. We both fell over sideways and he slept for an hour until I sucked his cock hard again and then I just sucked him off til he came in my mouth. he said how doesit feel to suck off a freshly turned 17 year old.

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