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This is a true story. Sometimes in life, a geek like me can just get lucky…sex wise, and sometimes they pay a price for that sex. This story is about a fling a good 10 years ago. I am a young 26 year old man working at a nursing home. I work with residents and their families all the time, and its only natural to make friends with them. One lady who I visited all the time on my routes around the building, her name is Terri. I always stop in, and seemed to always bounce into her daughter, Lois. Terri was nearly 96 and Lois was just turning 60. I never knew her age, as for looks; she was amazing beautiful for 60. I found myself enjoying spending time, just the thoughts of taking her aged body and pushing it to its sexual peak. I am a guy who never thought about an older woman to have sex, as many look more older then their number. Surely the time spent with Lois was wonderful, and we got close, in till that one late night. I had given my number to Lois, and she called a few times. On this one Saturday night, she called to talk, asking to come over, and I welcomed her over. I had a nice but cheap apartment, and had to rush to clean it up. She knocked and I opened the door. Stood before me was a woman who was 5’7-8”, equal to me on height, she had her black hair nice flowing her back, but it was wet from the rain. I could see her blue eyes were in a way a window to her sad soul. I took her coat, but spotting her wet white shirt, which was showing her bra-less boobs. I caught myself staring just at them, nice big boobs. I offered her a towel and soon we were at my cheap couch. We talked, she telling me about her latest boyfriend dumping her for a much younger woman. She was more upset of him leaving then the choice to leave her for whom. She talked and talked, soon it was late, and I offered my bed to her. In bed she went, and the couch for me. Around 3 am, I felt Lois climbing on the couch with me, almost trying not to wake me up. I moved to lay on my side so she could lay next to me. As we laid there, I smelled her perfume, turning me on just enough to start kissing her neck in the back of her head. Lois giggled a bit. I kept on kissing her neck, moving closer to her ear, and tugging on it playfully. She knew by the burge in my boxers of how horny I was. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy, having to move her panties down alittle bit. My fingers slide right into her pussy, she was very wet. I kissed her more, using my free hand to put two fingers in and out of her pussy. Lois moved her free hand to my boxers, pushing through the opening. Her hand grabbed my cock, and slowly stroked it. The urges we both were having, lead to her panties coming off, along with my boxers. She guided my cock into her pussy from behind as we still laid on the couch. I moved her right leg up and leaning on my legs, so I can get in deeper to her pussy. Fucking her was different, she was older but she was keeping up with me on the paces of my thrusts. I could hear her whispering, harder, and omg, which turned me on more. I loved the way her pussy was open and still tight at places, that I moved us to doggie style. I held her hips as I pounded her pussy with fury. I leaned her back at times, taking her boobs with my hands, and kissing her neck. I knew from all the sex, I was going to cum and I wanted to plow it all into her pussy. Lois came twice, feeling her cream mixing with my cock, seeing it as I pumped away. Lois was enjoying the sex, all too much. As I was ready to pump my cum into her pussy, she asked if I had a condom. But she got her answer….she went from asking about protection, to saying oh how good it felt with my cock pumping her pussy up with cum. I pulled out, sat back on the couch, staring at her pussy dripping out cum. I looked at my cum covered cock, and smiled. Lois moved over my cock with her mouth, and started to clean it up. She first licked our cum like ice cream, then sucked on it, taking me for a oral ride. I simply closed my eyes, and just felt her mouth, her hot mouth suck me off. I lost in the feeling of her blow job, that I couldn’t tell her fast enough that I was cumming. She took my whole cock and deep throat it as my load was shooting down her mouth. After her oral skills blew my mind, we cuddle for a bit. I never noticed how sexy her body was, how well she took care of it. We started kissing, again but this time it was all french. Lois got on my body, lowering her pussy on to my cock, inch by inch. Once she was ready to go, she was fucking my cock. She was riding me, and I just was enjoying the view of her sexy boobs bouncing. I leaned up, taking her boobs, and nipples. I was making sweet love to them, and she was enjoying the extra love. Soon we locked lips again. I moved my hands to hold her hips as we continue to kiss. I was holding her tight now, so my cock could thrust in and out at my pace. I don’t know how or what about that moment, but once we got locked in kissing and me thrusting, I could feel her pussy taking all of my cum from my cock. I shot my load in her again, and felt it was natural. We steady our pace for a moment, taking in the feeling of it. We kissed, locking lips like lovers. I moved from holding Lois, to carry her to the bed. As she climbed on and laid down, I closed on to her pussy. Lois welcomed me on top, or her pussy welcomed my back inside. As my cock slid inside, our juices made for a messy but very wet place. My cock moved and we moved to kissing, her legs to hold on my hips, and her hands under my arms to hold my back. I got lost in the fucking, that I could feel her pussy just unloading more cream. I took in her body as soon my cock was ready to unload. The feeling of my cock shooting its load in her, well I was losing my mind with incredible orgazim. We finally stopped, me rolling over to her side and we fell asl**p. I woke up hours later, with a note on my pillow. Lois wrote on how the time with me felt like she was 20 again, hoped the friendship wont change because of what happened. The funny thing is, it didn’t; we talked and spent time as friends…in till two months later. Lois and I met late one night, with news. It turns out, all the sex led to her being pregnant, a feat no doctor thought she was able to do..Oh boy or girl…
More in less, she had the baby, but it turned out that her son was born from her ex boyfriend. He failed to tell her that he was taking sex d**gs which helped with the cock issue but increased the chances of health sperm to get someone knocked up. So a week before us, she was knocked up with him. Turns out to be funny ending, he paid the price with c***d support, and I got the pleasure of part of her. See before I moved away, we went back to having sex. She wanted it more while be pregnant. After baby was born, she tided her tubes, making the sex with her much more fun. I will gladly share more of us, and the many sex adventures we had.

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