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Yup, in a Church – True Story

Yup, in a Church – True Story

Carmen and I had only been seeing each other for a couple of months. So, she acted a bit surprised when I invited her to my f****y reunion. In retrospect her reaction made sense. We hadn’t even met each others’ parents and here I was inviting her to a f****y reunion. Well, this was not just some yearly event, but rather a massive once-in-a-lifetime reunion with second cousins from over-seas that I had never met myself, along with every great-aunt and distant in-law that had ever sent me a Christmas card. But she was a trooper, and it endeared me to her as a serious boyfriend by extending such an offer. So, after a bit of grilling about the nature and background of my f****y, she agreed.

It turned into a beautiful spring day. We arrived at my f****y’s church, where the reunion was being held, and I dutifully began all the introductions I could remember, while making a few new acquaintances myself. It was obviously quite overwhelming for Carmen, and she needed a break after the first glass of wine.

Having given up on religion long ago, it was a bit of a blast from the past to be able to wander around my old church, noticing the changes (and lack there of, in many cases) that had occurred since the last time I had been dragged by my grandmother to Easter Vigil. So, to take a little pressure off of Carmen we started wandering around the rest of the building, where we were safely out of the fray.

I shared my trip down memory lane with Carmen as best I could remember, rambling about stories that the memories evoked. When we finally made it into the impressive main hall, I took her by the hand and led her up to the pulpit. As we lived in different cities, and usually only saw each other on the weekends, she was happy to have a little private time with me. She leaned me against the pulpit and gave me a passionate kiss. Then she whispered in my ear, “I really miss you during the week. You have no idea how horny I am right now.”

I’ll assume that the reader hasn’t read my other stories about Carmen. She was a mousey, librarian-type vegetarian academic, with a a great body and a serious taste for kinky sex. All of this to simple state, she was the kind of girl that was open to suggestions. And I know that in some people’s eyes I must be going to hell right now. But in front of the empty congregation, with sun gleaming through the stained-glass windows, I started to feel my dick get hard as I thought about the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get it on in my old church.

I brushed her hair to the side and found that perfect place under her ear that sent shivers down her spine and gently kissed her. Then I said, “What do you suggest we do about that?” She laughed and called me a pervert. Though she too was no longer a “church-goer” she still had some reverence for the institution. I continued to gently kiss down her neck and smoothed one hand over her ass as the other began exploring her inner thigh under her tweed skirt. As much as she loved a good raunchy fuck, she was not immune to my romantic approach (few are). She tried to pull away a bit as I lifted her skirt, but when I kissed her on the lips she submitted to my game, saying, “You are so naughty.”

Carmen rolled her eyes and then gave a quick look around the hall, and then down at my pants. With artful skill she unzipped my pants and pulled out my now rather hard cock, all the while protesting and repeating that I was a very naughty boy. I continued to kiss her while she got a good rhythm jerking my dick. I spun her around so that now her back was up against the pulpit. I wish I had thought of it at the time, it would have been perfect to suggest she get on her knees and pray. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what she did. She slowly lowered herself into the empty space below the pulpit, with one hand lagging behind gently feeling it’s way down my tie. She looked up at me with those bright green eyes and said, “You know that I’m a really good girlfriend, don’t you?” As she impaled her mouth on my cock, I smirked and replied, “I know. f****y gatherings are always a bit trying.”

So there I was, standing at the pulpit of my f****y’s church, looking up at the beautiful stained-glass windows while Carmen deep-throated my cock. Thoughts of Jesus Christ, and Oh God raced through my mind as a little gag echoed through the room. Just then the Deacon came though a service entrance at the other end of the hall. He saw me standing at the pulpit, probably thinking that I was having a religious moment (which of course I was). He waved and said, “Another one of God’s beautiful days.” Wow, did I know it. The voice frightened Carmen, and she stopped in motion with my cock most of the way down her throat. I waved back to the Deacon as he continued out another service door. I whispered, “He’s gone,” which she took as a an open invitation to bob harder and harder on my cock.

Having gotten past the first random encounter, we were both feeling extra bold. I pulled Carmen up to her feet, kissed her, spun her around and lifted her skirt. She looked back at me and said, “You’re crazy.” I pulled her soaking wet panties to one side and plunged my cock into her pussy. The nervousness of being caught under these circumstances had my heart beating triple time. I grabbed her shoulders and started fucking her like a rabbit, fast and hard. I knew the longer we went, the more dangerous it got, but I thought I could maintain it for a little bit longer. Of course the whole scenario had gone straight to Carmen’s head, too. She bit her lip and breathed a heavy, “Oh god, I’m cumming.” That was it. That was all it took. I plunged into her cunt three more times and then blasted my load so hard I was surprises it wasn’t coming out of her nose.

After a couple of deep breaths and giggles we composed ourselves. I put my member away and zipped up. Carmen smoothed down her skirt and smiled. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you.” Just then, the high-pitched squeal of a door opening made us both gain serious composure. My uncle came into the hall. Looking around with admiration, he finally caught us in the corner of his eye. “Ahh, there you are. It really is beautiful, isn’t it? You need to come to church more often. By the way, we’re gathering for the group photo outside. Hurry along.”

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