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Zack & Julie

It wasn’t fair. My mother had all the luck. Newly divorced from “daddy number 4” she married someone fifteen years younger than her. My new step-father was only nine years older than me, and was very hot. My father had died when I was just a little girl and I had gone through a bunch of daddy’s. But I didn’t want to fuck any of the other daddy’s, as much as I wanted to fuck Zack.
He was twenty-seven had bright blue eyes, black hair and looked like he stepped from the cover of GQ.
“Jules, get a move on your going to be late.” He yelled into my bedroom one morning. I was in the shower and didn’t hear him. “JULES!” I saw him standing in the doorway of my bathroom.
“Yeah Zack,” I said poking my head out of the curtain.
“You, um need to get moving. You’re going to be late.”
“K, can u hand me that towel please?”
“Um, yeah sure.”
He handed me the towel and beat feet out of my bathroom.
I chuckled and started drying off.
He was back a moment later and found me standing in front of my mirror in a cami and boyshort panties.
“Oh, um sorry.” He mumbled, adverting his eyes, but not before I noticed him staring at my chest.
“Did you need something Zack?”
“Dad, your mother asked that you call me dad.”
“Ok daddy, did you need something?”
“Um, I can’t remember why I came in here.” He started to leave, but I stopped him.
“Can I get a ride today? I need to wear my cheerleading outfit, and I don’t want it to get wrinkled or stained.”
“Sure, that’s fine. I’m gonna go.”
“Daddy,” I said, “can you help me for a sec?”
“What do u need?”
“My necklace clasp is a pain for me to get, could you get it for me?”
“Sure, no problem.”
He stood behind me and I handed him the necklace. The moment he put his arms around to fasten the necklace I turned so I was facing him.
“Jules? What are you doing?”
“This,” I said, kissing him full on the mouth.
He stayed for a moment, his lips locked against mine.
His eyes were closed, but the moment they opened he broke the kiss.
“Jules, what’s the big idea? You shouldn’t have done that.”
“Why, I’ve seen you watching me, I know you want me. You can’t deny it daddy. Tell me you don’t want this.” I said running my hands down my slim figure.
“Jules, think about this, I am your mother’s husband.”
“Yeah and you know what, you’ll probably be out the door before the year’s out. She goes through men faster than a snake sheds its skin.”
“Jules that’s not fair.”
“Oh no, did she tell you that she divorced “daddy” number four just because she ‘got bored’?”
“Um, no, no she didn’t. But this is still wrong.”
“Then why daddy dearest is there a bulge in your jeans?” I asked brushing my hand against the fly of his jeans.
“Goddamn it,” he said, “this is wrong. I’m leaving.”
“Fine; leave.” I said slipping out of my cami.
“Why did u do that?”
“Need to put a bra on, cami is much to revealing under my sweater. My nipples stand straight out and we can’t have that can we?” I brushed past him and moved to my dresser watching him closely.
He stood watching me in the doorway of my bathroom; watched as I slathered lotion on my legs, watched as I started to slather my arms.
“Hey Zack, I mean Dad, can u get my back?”
He mumbled something about “this being so wrong” but came and stood behind me and started rubbing lotion into my shoulders and back.
“Mmmmm, that feels good.”
“Julie,” he said quietly, “I can’t believe I’m admitting this, your mother would kill me; you’re stunning. You’re right; I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”
“So what are you going to do about it daddy dearest?” I said turning to face him.
I squealed when he picked me up and carried me over to the bed, tossing me down lightly.
“This,” he said as he kissed me fully on the mouth, his tongue plowing the soft folds of my mouth, “and this,” he said breaking the kiss to suckle my breast, biting the nipple lightly, “and this,” trailing kisses down my belly, dipping his tongue into my navel, gently tugging at my belly button ring, I groaned as his kisses trailed lower, and lower. His mouth and tongue found the soft folds between my legs and I gasped loudly.
“You like that my dear?” he murmured against me.
“Yes,” I managed to say, “yes.”
He chuckled and continued the intimate kiss, including a finger, then two in the gentle plowing of my pussy.
I moaned again as his other hand squeezed my ass, a lone finger trailing down the rim of my firm ass.
“Please?!” I moaned, “Please?!”
“Your too impatient princess, way too impatient, I would take you slowly; deliciously.”
“Please!!!” I begged again.
“I’m not ready for you dear.” He said sliding out of his boxers.
I slid down the bed and settled myself between his thighs; I kissed the tip of his cock, my lips moistened by my tongue. My lips opened, and my tongue darted out, lapping at the head, and down the shaft.
His fingers laced in my honey blonde hair and held me there. His was definitely the thickest cock I’d ever serviced, but not the longest. I knew I could easily get him to the back of my throat, and I started the process. Using my tongue and teeth I swallowed him, I heard him groan loudly as he hit the back of my throat.
“Jesus girl, where did u learn this?” he growled at me.
I didn’t answer; instead I hummed gently against him, causing him to moan loudly.
“Stop, stop u wretched bitch, I’m about ready to burst.”
I stopped and looked up at him wounded.
He chuckled and said “No, no baby, you did very well. I want to be in you when I cum.”
I sat up and looked deep into his eyes, raging with passion, and slowly straddled his lap, allowing him to fill me slowly, deliciously.
I rode him slowly, teasing his cock that was deep within me.
“Bitch!” he growled pushing me on my back. Like magic he presented two satin cords, smiling wickedly, he tied my feet over my head to the headboard.
I groaned loudly, the advantage his now, he teased me with his cock. Entering me just barely, teasing me. He pushed in half way, and with drew completely.
I was unseeing, I wanted him so desperately but I could not f***e his cock in me as deeply as I wanted it to be.
He laughed as I tried to move my hips, and teased me even more, entering me half-way, pulling out almost completely and then slamming into me hard his balls slapping against my ass hard.
“Oh god,” I moaned, “please, Zack, please.”
“What did u call me?” he hissed pounding me harder.
“Zack,” I groaned loudly.
His hand made a sharp slap to my thigh causing me to squeal.
“You know what you’re to call me.” He hissed, slapping me again.
“Daddy,” I moaned. “please.”
“Please what princess, you want more?” he said amused.
“Yes, yes please.” I was unseeing, my entire body on fire.
He undid the ropes that held my feet and said “Kneel on the bed by the edge, but face your closet mirror.”
I changed positions quickly and just as quickly he slid inside.
“Watch yourself,” he said, pulling my honey blonde hair, causing my head to jerk back, “look how sexy you are; my god, what a fuckin gorgeous slut.” He hissed as he slammed into me from behind and bit my earlobe.
I stared at the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman staring back at me.
“I want more,” he hissed, as his finger gently probed my ass. “You want me here don’t you darlin?”
I could only groan; and rock back on his hand.
He slid another finger in to join the first and my entire body shook with spasms.
“Have you ever been taken here darlin?” he murmured.
I could only shake my head no as the ability to talk left my senses.
It felt unnatural and yet I wanted him there.
“Please,” I managed to whisper, “please.”
“Please what?” he demanded, “You need to be specific Jules, what do you want?”
“I want you,” I gasped, “I want you…” I broke off unable to finish.
“You want me to fuck your ass Julie?” he hissed, his cock still deep within my dripping wet pussy.
“Yes,” I managed, “yes I do.”
“Say it Julie, say it.”
I groaned, unable to speak as his fingers continued dipping in and out of my tight hole.
“SAY it!” he practically yelled, slamming into me from behind over and over again.
“FUCK me!” I screamed, “Please.”
“Who do you want to fuck you Julie,” he said pulling my head back so he could look into my eyes, “who?”
“You, daddy, you.” I sobbed
“And where do you want me to fuck you Julie?” he said teasing me
“My ass, please.” I moaned as he withdrew from my pussy, saturated with my juices.
“I’ll be gentle Julie, as gentle as I can be.” He said, positioning himself behind me.
I tensed slightly as I felt his hands spread my cheeks, and then moaned as his tongue licked me there, taking some of the juices from my pussy to lubricate me.
He kept his promise and entered me slowly. My back arched naturally as cock filled my ass.
“Jesus H Christ.” He hissed riding me slowly. “You’re amazing Jules.”
I groaned and murmured a quiet thank you as my body shook from orgasm.
“So beautiful, so sexy, and your mine, all mine.” He said, sliding four fingers into my pussy. “I’ve never wanted a woman more.” He said as he tucked his thumb under and slowly filled me with his fist.
“OH GOD.” I groaned “I can’t take much more. Please!”
“Cum for me baby, cum for daddy.” the fingers of his fist stroking my g-spot in a delicious torture.
I came, hard. Screaming loud enough to wake the dead; my body shaking so violently it shook my headboard.
He withdrew slowly, and helped me lay down on the bed. His arms wrapped around me, and he kissed me tenderly, as my body kept shaking from the orgasm that wracked my body.
“I’m gonna be late for school.” I said finally, chuckling softly.
“I already called you in sick Julie. You’re all mine today.”
“I’ve been planning this Julie, you surprised me this morning with that kiss, but I’m glad you did. Gave me an excuse to show you a real man.”
I chuckled softly, content to lay wrapped in his arms. Content to be his whore for as long as my mom kept him around.

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